RedWhite Bibs are designed for long-distance riding & racing, and a tremendous amount of technical design & technology has gone into making our bibshorts a firm favourite amongst riders tackling events such as The Transcontinental Race & The Paris-Brest-Paris. This article will give you an overview of the specific components that go into RedWhite’s bibshorts and how they help our athletes and customers ride tremendous distances in comfort. 

This Article covers tech detail in both our Men’s and Women’s bibshorts.

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RedWhite bib shorts chamois back


The chamois was selected after a detailed analysis of all offerings from the top European chamois manufacturers. We chose a chamois from one of the most innovative designers currently and one that fits the bill. The first thing you’d notice about any RedWhite chamois is how plush it is.


The chamois is constructed primarily from Italian open-cell foam of multiply densities.  The rear of the chamois is kept extremely plush to allow you to roll back onto your sit-bones – a position that’s common on long rides.


To accommodate the needs of more aggressive cyclists, the chamois is elongated and firmed up at the perineum area to provide ample protection and comfort when an attacking rider goes into the drops and rolls forward onto the saddle. 


The chamois manufacturer we chose uses a very unusual and disruptive manufacturing process.


Typical chamois’ are built in an old fashioned way. A 4mm low density foam with a top layer that contacts the skin is laid down. Next, a 10mm high density foam layer is pasted using a polyurethane celluloid strip. The third layer uses a 2.5mm foam with another polyurethane celluloid strip. The entire construction is then warmed up to 190°C to fuse the layers together. The layers are pre-cut before this into the desired chamois shape. This process stresses the materials and cause hardening and reduction of breathability. Also, with age and use, the layers tends to peel apart as the celluloid strips age.


The chamois we use is manufactured using a modern process that ensures the resultant chamois is one solid, formed piece with maximum breathability and durability.


The chamois’ layers are laid together and the entire fabric layers (called a laminate) are put into a cutting machine which cuts out the chamois’ rough shape. The pre-shaped cutouts are put into a Carving machine which further refines the chamois’ shape and removes all excess material which is recycled.


The Carved foam structure is then fused to a perforated super-elastic lycra fabric. This is a critical step. The lycra backing helps the chamois move effortlessly with your body despite being subject to friction by your saddle.

Finally, entire layered chamois is put into a shaped mould and placed into a Thermic Moulding machine which gently fuses all the layers while shaping the 3D features of the pad without stressing the used materials.


This creates a 1 piece, modern chamois thats perfect for:

  1. Repeated use without typcial “chamois fatigue” where the chamois loses its shape after hours in the saddle and ceases to work.
  2. A long lasting durable chamois that can be hot washed at 60 deg C.
  3. A soft breathable chamois with all foams and fabrics unstressed.


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RedWhite Bibshorts Silicone Microdot Grippers


A bibshort requires some form of gripper to ensure it stays in position. RedWhite Bibs go one step further by ensuring the grippers provide the necessary grip without constricting your legs on a long ride. We call this a “Silicone Microdot Gripper“


We use a lycra fabric that’s overlaid with hundreds of microbeads of silicone. Each dot works together to give an even and non-tacky grip on the skin, while the lycra base (which we oversized) ensures your skin still breathes and doesn’t overly constrict your thighs.


 The Silicone Microdot Gripper uses the theory of surface area. By using microdots across a wide gripper, you achieve 2 fantastic results: 

  1. Increased surface area between the dots that allow the skin to breathe
  2. Increased gripping surface area through the dispersed dots that ensure a “gecko” like grip on the skin. Works well with hairy legs, even better with shaved legs.


When paired with the main lycra body, you get an even compression all round.



The RACE BibShort by RedWhite Apparel



RedWhite Bibs use Italian fabrics from MITI. Again, this is carefully selected. Many prototypes with various combinations of fabrics were experimented with before finding the perfect one. The fabric on The Bibs is a 220gsm matt black fabric with 20% Lycra POWER (an elastic fibre with compressive qualities) and 80% nylon.


There is a reason for this choice.


The RedWhite bibshort achieved a natural next-to-skin feel, with soft, supple and highly breathable lycra, which also provided superior anti-abrasion properties as opposed to polyester based lycra.

We are often asked why we chose the color black for our Bibs. Why don’t we have beautiful graphics on our Bibs? This too is a conscious decision.


Graphics are printed onto stretch fabrics commonly used in cycling bibshorts using a process called sublimation printing. The ink based graphics are printed onto a paper, from which they are heat pressed onto the fabric to allow the colors to adhere to the individual fibres within the fabric. This process is only possible with polyester based fabric. Nylon fabrics simply deteriorate when subjected to heat from the sublimation printing process.


The top mesh is also one of the finest from MITI. It iis incredibly stretchy, lightweight and soft. These 3 properties increases the body area covered by the bib-straps, without causing overheating during warm days. The increased coverage by the mesh results in the bibshorts feeling almost like a 1-piece suit, rather than a pair of shorts held up by straps.


PART 4 OF 5 : Fit

RedWhite BibShorts


Getting the right fit means that the bibshort should disappear on you when you ride. No flapping excesses to remind and annoy you. Getting the right fit was a priority. Apart from different sizing needs, the fit boiled down into making independent panels work into fitting both the length and width of riders.

The two main pain points for most people when getting a BibShort:


  1. Fitting the gut. Lets face it, not all of us have bodies like Chris Froome. Most of us carry a slight belly, sometimes more.
  2. The bib-straps fit great off the bike, but when tucked into an aero position, they sag and flop about.


To address the issue with fitting for regular people, an oversized front panel of lycra was added, just below the navel. This panel avoids cutting horizontally below and into the belly and gives a generous amount of room for the belly to expand out. This results in increased breathing room as we tend to breathe with our diaphragm whilst exerting ourselves. On top of this, the design doesn’t make a RedWhite bibshort any less fitting for people who want a tight, well fitting pro-cut bibshort. 

The top mesh is patterned to follow the curves of the lycras opposed to horizontal add-ons seen in other shorts. The design intent was to create a mesh that hugs the body all around and remains like a skinsuit even when the user goes into the drops. All our bibshorts should remain snug throughout your ride, on and off the bike.



Flatlock stitching is employed throughout the bibs. This increases durability even with regular rubbing across the contact points. Flatlock stitching is a high density flatlock stitch that requires experienced hands and special stitching machines.

The Flatlock stitch also lies flat against your skin, preventing fabric chafing and improving comfort on long rides.



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