How we started making Bibshorts.

It started with a ride (as all good things often do). Before we knew it, we were supplying bib shorts to folks taking on the Transcontinental Race, 24 Hour Mountain Bike races and the legendary Paris-Brest-Paris. Well, that’s the short version of it. The longer version of the story is below. We do recommend grabbing a cup of coffee. This could take a while.


A long ride and sore butts


It was 2014. Life was generally pretty good. So good that we actually had time to head out for a ridiculously long ride on the whim, on Saturday morning. We were excited. We had clean bikes, new socks…..and new bib shorts. A fresh new chamois! We were sure it was going to be a great day in the saddle. So we took an early turn that would take us further out. Hey, it’s the weekend, let’s live a little ok?


8 hours, 4 muesli bars, 6 bananas and a coffee stop later – we were home. The legs were smashed. Salt crusted our faces. Road grime coated our noble steeds. The average speed was great. By all accounts, it should have been a fantastic day out. Except it wasn’t. 


Our butts were sore. The sit-bones to be exact. It’s as though we’d been riding on wet-tissue paper instead of the chamois with all the modern bangs and whistles that we’d been promised. Somehow, somewhere, the chamois decided to stop being nice to us and just compressed. We were perplexed. Weren’t these bib shorts labelled “For long distance riding“?


Frustrated, we decided enough was enough. We sat down and started designing a bib short for riders like us. Riders who enjoy going the distance and those who want nothing short (pun intended) of the best technical bib short for that specific purpose. We looked at everything. The Chamois. The Gripper. Fabrics. The Cut. Compression. The Fit. Everything. We consulted suppliers to the very best technical brands, learnt, prototyped, tested and sacrificed (mainly our butts) to create our idea of what an ultra-distance bibshort should be.


6 months later, we launched The BIB. It’s a long-distance bib short that won the 2015 “People’s Choice Bib Short” AwardA year later, we launched The RACE in response to our customers who raced and wanted the plushness of The BIB, without the bulk of it’s long-distance chamois. It’s our idea of what a versatile race-day bib short can be. 


Currently, we’re working on numerous projects. A collection of Jerseys is due for a Summer 2017 release. Do subscribe to our TGIF Newsletter below to stay updated on this project’s progress.

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