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Sizing Helpdesk

We understand that sometimes you want a human being to take a look at your body’s measurements and recommend a perfect size for you.  This Sizing Helpdesk is your answer. Fill in the form below as accurately as possible and a member of our team will reach out to you with a recommended RedWhite garment size.

We do recommend going through the pink tabs below determine what measurements to send to us for an accurate recommendation. Please include both Jerseys & Bibshorts data if you need sizing help for both products.

We require the following information to be provided to properly size you up for our Bibshorts :

  1. Height (cm)
  2. Weight (kg)
  3. Waist Size (inches / favourite jeans size)
  4. Inseam Length (cm / length from groin to top of knee caps)
  5. Any odd body features (eg : huge thighs)
  6. Tell us what your current favourite bibshort & size is (helpful for us)

We require you to provide us the following information in order to accurately recommend a Jersey size for you :

  1. Torso length (cm / measured from shoulder to waist).
  2. Chest circumference (cm / measured beneath your armpits where your chest is largest).
  3. Bicep circumference (cm / measure bicep on master arm)
  4. Waist size (inches / favourite jeans size).
  5. Your current favourite Jersey (brand) and size.

Product(s) you need Sizing Help for? (Choose more than 1 if required)