Free Shipping (ePack) has slowed down.

tracking information

An example of an order shipped in late March using Free Shipping (ePack) that has yet to be delivered.


Since 2014, RedWhite Apparel's free shipping service has been continuously upgraded, refined and made better. Most customers who shop with us choose Free Shipping with deliveries happening between 9-11 business days to most matured markets (North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand).

As reliable as it is, the Free Shipping service is not pandemic-proof. This service is utilises the global registered small parcel postal network. During the good times, packages enter your country via the customs office linked to your postal network. The customs office clears the package and hands it over to your postal network for final delivery to you.

As the pandemic worsens, international packages like RedWhite's, shipped using the global registered small parcel postal network are de-prioritised. What is prioritised and sent first through customs and the postal system are essential goods from abroad, perishable items, medication, PPE etc.

De-prioritised international packages ends up languishing in the holding area before Customs and stays there until someone scans it.

Below is an example of a typical delivery to the USA during normal times. Please compare it to the image at the start of the article. It will give you an idea of the delays happening at this moment should you choose to use Free Shipping :

full tracking

If you have placed an order using Free Shipping in March 2020 or later, you can expect a similar 4-5 week delay on top of the standard delivery time. Because of this, I have made UPS Express Shipping available at subsidised rates for most major markets. I highly recommend customers to use this to avoid a lengthy wait for your bibshort.

If you need help getting more information about your package, please email Yuva (the Founder) at I am experiencing a high volume of email during this pandemic and will aim to respond within 24 hours.