United States Postal Service (USPS) COVID-19 Delivery Delay Reimbursement

**To get on the Reimbursement Plan, please fill out the Google form at the bottom of this article.

It has been a gnarly and rough few months at RedWhite Apparel. I experienced massive production delays in February 2020 and am currently experiencing an inventory shortage because of the lockdowns in Italy which just lifted in May 2020.

My customers have been bearing the brunt of this pandemic. Customers who purchased RedWhite's bibshorts and used the Free ePack Shipping service between late March 2020 and early April 2020 have endured delivery times of between 1-3 months.

RedWhite Apparel's delivery network sine 2014 was dependent on a smooth global postal system that is fragile. This fragility was made clear when the pandemic broke it and started causing delays. If you're a repeat customer of mine, you'd know how much faster your packages reached you in 2019 & early 2020 compared the current situation.

I have been monitoring my supply chain since early April 2020. When I learnt of the fragility of the postal system and of the delays, I started talks with FedEx, UPS, Aramex & DHL to lay the foundations of a new, faster and more resilient delivery system that can be counted on in times of crisis.

I am happy to report that as of June 2020, all RedWhite customers will have their packages delivered by a private courier, worldwide. This movement away from the postal network will ensure that you can always count on a fast and resilient delivery system for your RedWhite orders in future.

USPS Delays - Reimbursement Plan

While conducting my supply chain monitoring, I identified roughly 104 customers in the US whom have not had their packages delivered since they were shipped in late March / early April. Most of these packages are being held at the USPS Chicago International Mail center since April 15th (they were shipped out of Singapore on April 8th). A smaller number of US customers had their packages get caught up in the COVID-19 chaos at Singapore Post in late March 2020 and their packages have yet to be scanned into the USPS system.

While I remain optimistic that your packages will be delivered, it is unfair to keep you waiting in perpetuity. As such, I have a reimbursement plan for you.

If your order is not delivered by the United States Postal Service by July 8th of 2020, you will have the following options :

  1. A Full Refund. You can choose to place a new order from my latest batch of incoming bibshorts if you'd still like to own a pair of RedWhites. Delivery will be by FedEx for all future orders.
  2. A Discount Code. Equal to the dollar value of your order. You can use this to offset a future order from RedWhite Apparel.

What if I get Reimbursed (Refund / Discount Code) and my package gets delivered after July 8th?

If USPS manages to deliver your package after you've received a refund, please email me at : yuva@redwhite.cc

You may choose to send the package back to me or you can choose to keep it. If you choose to keep it, I only ask that you let me know. I will send you a payment link for it based on the amount reimbursed on July 8th.


To get started with your Reimbursement Plan, please fill in the form below with your order details and your particulars :