Team Bundle Minimum is increasing to 5 bibshorts in March 2021

Team Bundle

The Team Bundle will be changing once more. Discount will be decreasing to 20% (from 30% and minimum bibs to buy will decrease back to 4 (from 5). Full comms here.

The Team Bundle was introduced in late 2019 in response to customers who wanted to have all their friends ride in RedWhites. Selling bibshorts in bulk allows me to ammortize fixed costs per order across each bibshort. This results in savings that were passed to customers via a hefty 30% discount.

A big challenge for RedWhite Apparel in 2020 was shortening delivery times while keeping logistics costs under control. All RedWhite's products ship worldwide at no extra cost which made shipping costs particularly challenging to manage in 2020.

Couriers such as FedEx & DHL have been excellent for RedWhite during the pandemic. Many customers have their bibshorts delivered in 5 working days or less worldwide.

However, these couriers have increased prices recently. This comes from spending more on overtime pay (reduced capacity due to social distancing means workers work longer hours) and from the inevitable higher costs in remaining compliant with COVID-19 restrictions worldwide while maintaining high service quality. Their work has enabled RedWhites to be delivered quickly to you.

RedWhite Apparel is still a relatively small business with limited negotiating power over these costs. A sustainable business needs to consider costs while also giving customers a great product at a fair price. This does mean that the Team Bundle in its current form isn't sustainable long term.

The Team Bundle will require a minimum of 5 bibshorts from March 1st 2021

For the Team Bundle to be sustainable, I will require a minimum of 5 bibshorts per Bundle order from March 1st, 2021. If you've been considering purchasing a Bundle, I recommend updating your team about this upcoming change as quickly as possible.

You will have the remainder of February 2021 to continue enjoying the lower 4 bibshort minimum before this change goes into effect.

The extra bibshort required in every Team Bundle order after March 1st 2021 will help spread out the increased shipping cost.

* * *

I hope you continue using RedWhite's bibshorts & tights. If you haven't tried a pair of my bibshorts, I highly recommend you do. Start by checking out what customers say about my work.

- Yuva, Founder of RedWhite Apparel


@MICHAEL TRACY : You’ll have to use the bundle builder page. The link is in the menu.

Yuva, Founder@redwhite February 19, 2021

Hello Yuva, I have just placed an order for five bib shorts and didnt see the 30% team bundle discount apply at the time of the order. I assume that you will adjust accordingly please?

Regards, Mike

Michael Tracy February 16, 2021

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