Introducing ePack Tracked Airmail by Singapore Post

We're always looking for ways to improve the free shipping service that RedWhite Apparel offers to every customer who spends at least $50 per order.

When RedWhite first started in 2014, we used Singapore Post's registered airmail service to send packages all over the world. Delivery times were lengthy. Average delivery times were 2-3 weeks worldwide. Tracking updates were spotty at best or non existent at worst. Customers in far flung locations such as South America almost had no tracking and deliveries took a month. USA customers were luckier. Thanks to USPS' strong delivery network, packages were delivered in 14-20 days with a decent level of tracking.

In 2017, we signed a contract with DHL which gave us access to their brilliant eCommerce network. This was a hybrid delivery solution. DHL collected packages from our warehouse and sorted them onto flights to Asia, Australia and Rest of World (USA included). Packages that were bound for the US, UK, Europe and South America went to DHL's Germany sorting facility before being rerouted to the western hemisphere. This system worked really well. Packages were delivered promptly with a relatively granular level of tracking. 

There was 1 small problem. Because packages to the western hemisphere (North America, Europe, South America) had to first go to DHL's Germany sorting facility, packages took an extra 2-4 days to be delivered.

We spent a year trying to figure out a way to bypass Germany entirely without adding extra cost to the business or to customers. In late 2019, we found a new delivery solution by Singapore Post called ePack Tracked Airmail. This was a direct delivery option that was designed by Singapore Post to allow merchants like RedWhite to ship small packages worldwide, efficiently and affordably.

We've been testing this service since mid November 2019 during the peak Black Friday and Christmas periods. This is peak parcel delivery worldwide that stresses almost every delivery network. The new ePack Tracked Airmail solution was robust and maintained an on-time delivery rate of over 90% during this entire period.

As of 24th January 2020, the ePack Tracked Airmail shipping option is available for every RedWhite Apparel customer located anywhere on earth. It replaces our old DHL eCommerce solution which has been discontinued effective today.

If you're purchasing a pair of our popular Long Distance Bibshorts or picking up a bang-for-buck Bundle, ePack is offered at no extra cost to you. More information on all our shipping solutions is available here.

Browse our website and add something you like to cart and checkout to see ePack and various other shipping options.

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Dear Nathan. I ran a check and your package has transited through the US Customs office at the USPS facility in Chicago on April 15. It has to be moved into the postal network itself, and this will take time unfortunately. I do apologise for missing this comment by the way. It would be much better to email me directly at : I will be able to respond much more quickly (within 24 hours in most cases)

YUVA | Founder@REDWHITE.CC April 24, 2020

Good Evening,
I’m inquiring about my order for the long distance bib shorts placed on April 3rd. Could you please provide some insight if the order has shipped or if there are any issues?
Nathan Matsui
Huntington Station, NY, USA

Nathan Matsui April 16, 2020

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