The Entry Bibshort - An Overview

entry level bibshort

The Entry Bibshort is a product I wish existed when I got into cycling in 2009. Entry level bibshorts are usually a hit or miss, especially in the sub US$90 range with product designers usually creating sub-par products in the process of attempting to hit cost targets.

RedWhite's entry level bibshort is different. I adopted a trickle down approach when designing this bibshort that ensured it preserved some of the best qualities from the more expensive long-distance bibshorts. The stitching quality (100% flatlock), silicone microdot gripper, fit and fabric pattern design are lifted from the more expensive bibshorts.

Cost reductions are made by choosing affordable entry-level lycra, bib-strap mesh fabric (Made by M.I.T.I. who supply the more expensive fabrics used in The BIB range) and a medium density Italian chamois that is not thermic-moulded. A thermic-moulded chamois is more expensive because it requires investment in a hardened steel mould and heat-mouldable high density foams.

These choices result in cost savings, giving you a quality European-made bibshort that is 30% cheaper than our traditional long distance bibshorts and works really well on sub 3 hour rides. If you are a new cyclist, most of your rides usually are below 3 hours long, making The Entry Bibshort an excellent option.

If you're an experienced cyclist who's worn top brands and seeks top-end, long distance performance, this is not the bibshort for you. Do take a look at our long-distance bibshorts instead.


Entry bibshort and the bib chamois comparison