The Cargo Bibshort (Men's)

*This product fits tighter than our regular bibshorts around your hips and upper thighs. Please refer to the sizing chart. It is not unusual to pick a size that is larger than other RedWhite bibshorts. If unsure about size, please email :*

The Cargo Bibshort (Men's) is designed to help you ride further than ever before. 4 large pockets allow you to store large quantities of nutrition, inner tubes, tool kits, spare clothing and more. These pockets are made from a tough & stretchy nylon fabric that is snag-resistant.

This bibshort is identical to our popular long-distance bibshorts (The BIB range). The only difference is the inclusion of the 4 cargo pockets. It is perfect for events such as :

  • Transcontinental Race
  • Paris-Brest-Paris
  • Race Across America
What can these pockets carry? :

The model in these photos is wearing a size Small Bibshort and is carrying the following items, with room for more :

  • Samsung Galaxy S9+ phone (thigh pocket)
  • 3 cereal bars, with room for 1 more (thigh pocket)
  • Banana & MTB inner tube (lower rear pocket)
  • Sleeveless bad-weather gilet (upper rear pocket)
    Why We Exist:

    Finding a reliable bibshort supplier is strangely challenging. If you ride a lot of miles, you've likely gone through multiple brands, looking for that elusive bibshort that just works. RedWhite Apparel is built to solve this problem. Our lofty goal is to become your Go-To bibshort supplier. That's why we only make bibshorts and nothing else. About Us.

    Bibshort Overview:
    • 4 Cargo Pockets made from tough & stretchy nylon mesh
    • Made in Romania using Bluesign® and OEKO-TEX® certified suppliers
    • Proprietary Moulded Chamois for rides over 5 hours
    • Italian Lycra from M.I.T.I (SPF UV 50+ rating)
    • Non-Slip & Comfy Silicone Microdot Grippers 
    • Lightweight, Stretchy & Soft Mesh Fabric (on bib-straps)
    • Full Durable Flatlock Stitching
    Sizing chart doesn't help? Use our Sizing Helpdesk.
    Model is 5 foot 7 inch, 30" waist and 141 lbs. He is wearing a size M men's cargo bibshort. 
    cargo bibshort sizing chart
    Dive deeper into the technical details of this Cargo Bibshort. This article is detailed and requires at least 15 minutes to read : Cargo Bibshort Deep Dive

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Amazing customer service!

    Had a fit issue that was quickly resolved and cannot say enough good thing about the company and its bibs!


    Good materials.. comfortable bib for long rides... 130 lbs order small little bit tighter than regular small should order Medium would be perfect? Thanks RW for the ideas bib with pockets it’s so useful

    Nice option for long unsupported rides

    I bought these on a whim, and really like having them in the quiver. As noted, the fit is tighter than the regular bibs, probably 1/2 to 1 full size. I sized up as recommended, and am happy with the fit.

    The pockets are good. The side pockets are plenty for a phone or 2 energy bars, and after a couple of minutes I forget that stuff is in there. The big rear pocket is weird at first, but actually great once I got used to it. It falls below my jersey, so I can get to it easily. The 2 upper pockets are not so accessible, but I guess they are ok for an ID or something that I don't really need to get to without stopping.

    Awesome product as always!

    I've used RW since The BIB era few years back and it is still comfortable until today. Purchase The Cargo Bibshort earlier this year, and it just fits and feels right from the very first use! I will have enough pockets (2 side leg pockets, 2 upper back pockets, 1 lower big pocket) to carry lots of things for my long ride. Those 2 upper back pocket really useful to my opinion, as I can store more valuable items in a more secure (less movement) and discrete (high up under my t-shirt) way.

    Padding was also spot on and feels very comfortable for 120++ miles ride.

    Any cargo bib short tends to feel a bit tight at first use, especially when putting the bib on for the first time. This probably due to the design with pockets which require the bib to have several tighter stretch at several points to make the pocket stable enough when it's filled with stuffs. This is normal and acceptable for me.

    Great pricing point as always, especially for the quality they deliver!

    Fantastic cargo bib shorts

    Finally get to ride this bib shorts for the first time, 100km and around 5 hours. Works fantastically just like the long distance bib shorts. Extra pockets work well except I didn’t have carry as much this time. Put my cap in the left pocket and no discomfort at all.
    Great price and good quality/performance, value for money compare to more expensive brand. Excellent custom service from Yuva is another reason that I kept coming back for purchase.

    Too many pockets? Nah!

    Like others reviewed, I definitely should have ordered a size larger! However, they forgave a little after the first few rides (as is usual with most bibshorts) and I can deal with the tightness - more aero, right? I previous got “The Bib” which fits me just a bit snug, and I would probably have preferred to have a size larger, so my thought that “Cargo” mean’t a bit looser... nope! The stitching is much less forgiving, which I think is why it’s so tight in the hips, but damn is that stitching stitched! I have no concern at all that these pockets/mesh will unravel and I’ll have these shorts for a long time (just need to lose some weight so they fit nicely!).

    I love all the pockets, which is why I opted to not return for a larger size instead hop right in them! The thigh pockets are perfect for storing all of my cockpit gear in as I walk down from my apartment to my garage and I leave a small gel in for my first snack of the ride. The pockets wrap around the side, so the gel sits slightly below the thigh and is quite comfortable. Also, I’m looking forward to having a large back pocket to store my jersey in after the day heats up! Talking about those 2 small upper pockets... I initially wasn’t sure what to store there, but one is actually the perfect size for my cards/cash and the other fits my keys very securely (just gotta be careful of snagging the keys on the mesh).

    Great product

    First time purchase a bibshort with plenty of pockets. It can carry everything you would normally stow away in a jersey pockets. Suitable for those who do not like wearing jersey or on your daily commute, pair them with your favourite t-shirt for a more relaxed look. Size fits me well. Was curious why my bibshort have two small upper rear pocket instead of a large one?

    Hi WS, thanks for this review! The product specification does require 1 pocket and I believe my manufacturer made a small error when making these. When I was developing these, I made prototypes that had a split rear pocket and it is possible that some of the older specs could have made its way to the final product. I will have this fixed in the next batch (dropping in April 2020). The Cargo Bibshort is a new product and it will get better as I make more of it. When I first manufactured The BIB range in 2014, the first batch did have small issues. Through a multi-year iterative process, the product got better with every production batch. You can expect a similar iterative improvement to The Cargos over the coming years. Manufacturing is something I take very seriously and it is a job that is never done. Every product and every batch can always be improved and I do it through a slow iterative process that compounds quality over time.

    Butt's Best friend

    Going from Decathlon's bib shorts which are decent for 1-2 hours, these RW Bibs were great for way more hours on the saddle.
    Perfect for an RTI or two!
    Yet to use all of the pockets in a single ride but having the option to gives me a huge sense of assurance

    Excited to crush a few more RTIs before mid 2021! Thanks again Yuva!

    H: 173
    W: 67
    Body Type: Lean
    Bib Size: M
    Fit: PERFECT

    Initially a little tight.

    The first time I wore the Cargo Bib they appeared a little tight and appeared to make like slight noise when I put on for the first time. However after wearing for a couple more rides they fit like all my red/white bibs, just perfect. I’m glad that I trusted your fit system, if not, they would have been too small. Again another great bib from you guys that I now wear with my assos gear. I now only wear red/white bibs.

    So Far So Good

    Have not really tried out the pockets since I am so used to the pockets at the back of the jersey. As always, having own few RW bibs, the product has never failed in term of comfort. Love the quality of the the bibs.