The Entry Bibshort (Men's)


 The Entry Bibshort is designed for cyclists who rarely ride beyond 3 hours. We drew on our experience designing long-distance bibshorts and infused that DNA into these shorter distance shorts.

Built for rides below 3 hours.

The Entry Bibshort is designed for cyclists who do rides below 3 hours long. This bibshort uses a medium density chamois (not thermic moulded) and a blend of lightweight entry level fabrics from M.I.T.I. & Effepi of Italy. This bibshort is manufactured in the same factory as our long-distance bibshorts. Fabrics used have a SPF 50+ rating.

Why We Exist:

Finding a reliable bibshort supplier is strangely challenging. If you ride a lot of miles, you've likely gone through multiple brands, looking for that elusive bibshort that just works. RedWhite Apparel is built to solve this problem. Our lofty goal is to become your Go-To bibshort supplier. That's why we only make bibshorts and nothing else. About Us

Bibshort Overview
  • Made in Romania using Bluesign® and OEKO-TEX® certified suppliers
  • Medium density chamois for rides below 3 hours long.
  • Identical fit and pattern as The BIB
  • Italian Entry-Level Lycra from M.I.T.I (SPF UV 50+ rating)
  • Same non-slip & comfy Silicone Microdot Grippers as The BIB
  • Lightweight, Stretchy & Soft Mesh Fabric (on bib-straps)
  • Full Flatlock Stitching
Sizing chart doesn't help? Use our Sizing Helpdesk.
Model is 5 foot 8 inch, 30" waist and 141 lbs. He is wearing a size S men's bibshort.
Men's Bibshort Size Chart

Dive deeper into the technical details of our Bibshorts. The article below covers information that will help you decide if this bibshort is for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
First Time Bib Buyer

I'm a first time bib buyer across any brand. I was lucky to come across Redwhite. I looked at some other companies, but for the price, and reviews, I decided to buy these. I don't regret it for one second. They have made me feel the most comfortable ever on the bike. Glad I went with bib versus just the shorts from other companies. I find the straps over the shoulders are comfortable too. I'm glad they don't dig in. So glad I found this brand. Very fair for the price. Going to buy more. Don't miss my standard workout shorts for riding for one second.
They went through US customs easily too. I'm 5'10 and 180 pounds; trying to lose more weight. I got the size large, and they fit snug, but since trying to lose more weight, I'm glad I didn't go larger. If you feel you're on the border of the height or weight I gave, you might want to the next size up.

Most comfortable shorts

I own the dhb Aeron and Rapha Core bib shorts and at the same or lesser price (in the case of Rapha), RW's are by the far the most comfortable. On my first ride I rode for two hours straight, the longest yet without getting off the bike, AND it was the first ride in a long time my sit bones didn't start hurting midway (or after)!

just nice

i have been using this bib for a month for outdoor and indoor training. my height is 163cm and 66kg, using S size as per recommendation by Yuva. i feel comfortable. so far i have had only one issue while using this bib. i need to apply chamois cream before cycling or other wise i got abrasions on the crotch. other than that is okay. i plan to buy long bib in the future. hope Yuva can give me discount for repetitive customer. cheers!

Amazing quality

Absolutely love these bib shorts. Two weeks ago I bought a set of 4 bibs and started riding every day for testing. Every day for one to three hours and they work flawlessly. Right size and very comfy. Cheap price for amazing quality !!!
Highly recommend!

Greta value for money

As many other cyclists around the world I had to be content with a lot of indoor cycling recently. I was looking for shorts that are more forgiving and comfortable towards indoor cycling and can handle more washes. The entry short was perfect as they can handle 1-3 hr rides well, wont break the bank and seems to be durable enough to handle maybe 2-3 washes a week.

Better than BIB

Labelled as "Entry", this shorts are quite comfortable and well made.

Perfect fit

Thanks to the extremely helpful Yuva, i managed to find the perfect fit for my bib shorts (176cm, 80kg, size L). The shorts are very effective at protecting my undercarriage whilst out on my MTB, and very comfortable. Looking forward to also adding a long distance bib to my collection in the future

All-round performance

I own several of the long distance 'The Bib' shorts that I use for long rides of more than 3 hours and I'm very happy with these. I recently decided to purchase the entry bib shorts to use for shorter rides and indoor rides. The entry bib shorts are high quality and super comfortable, the medium density chamois provides the perfect mix of comfort and performance.. I have used the entry bib shorts for both indoor and outdoor rides and would recommend them for anyone for rides up to 3 hours.

More than an "entry" level

Really like the quality and design of this one, also very confortable. Would not consider this as an entry bibshort as i feel confy riding it for few hours. Better quality and pricing that my Ekoi shorts which are far more expensive. Will buy some others in the future.

Entry Bib Shorts

Great service, sizing suggestions by Yuva was correct, have worn the bib shorts many times and they are very comfortable given l am 2m tall. will buy again in the future

Thank you for the very kind words Andrew. Am really happy the size I recommended worked for you. For anyone reading this, Andrew purchased the size 2XL. He is 2m (6 foot 7 inch) tall, 110kg (240 lbs) and has a 102cm (40 inch) waist.