Crash Replacement Programme

Crashes happen. We’ve got you covered.

Crashes are a taboo topic. We try not to speak of it, to avoid jinxing our own rides. However, they are an undeniable reality of cycling. Many of us, if not all, have experienced it before. That sudden loss of control. That searing pain of sliding across tarmac or hitting the dirt hard. We understand this. We’ve lost numerous bib shorts and jerseys. Even written off bikes, thanks to the unforgiving nature of crashes.

We’re here to help.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Crash Replacement Programme (C.R.P.) only applies to owners of RedWhite Bib Shorts.
  2. The C.R.P. will cover all RedWhite Bib Shorts, purchased directly from RedWhite or from a dealer.
  3. The C.R.P. only covers bib shorts that have been damaged from a crash.
  4. Claimants must show clear images of the torn bib shorts along with a picture of any injury sustained in the crash.
  5. Each C.R.P. claim is treated on a case by case basis. A member of the RedWhite Team will work personally with you on your crash-case and offer you an appropriate discount off a replacement pair of bib shorts.
  6. Replacement bib shorts will be shipped directly to the claimant via Singapore Post. No additional shipping fees will be charged as part of our service and support to you.
  7. You may be charged import tax & duties by your country’s Customs. You are obliged to pay them.
  8. Use the C.R.P Claim form below to file your case. A member of our team will contact you shortly.

File your Crash Replacement Claim here :