The BIB - Thermal

RM649.00 MYR
*Due to redundancy (less useful than Winter Tights), this product will be discontinued after it sells out. This product has been replaced by The Winter Bib Tights with Pad.

The BIB - Thermal is a warm, fleece-backed lycra bibshort that is based on The BIB. It keeps your hips, lower back and thighs warm, while allowing the rest of your legs to enjoy the sun. It is designed for Spring & Autumn rides when the temperature is low but not cold enough for full length winter tights. This product is designed for use during the winter fringe seasons. It pairs well with your favourite knee and leg warmers for a versatile multi-season bibshort.

This new bibshort uses a fleece-backed thermal lycra that is made by M.I.T.I of Italy. This fabric is slightly water repellent and will easily handle light drizzles and road spray. 

The BIB - Thermal is made for Spring & Autumn (fringe seasons) and will carry you through rides of 5 hours and more.

How to use this Bibshort:

Start your chilly morning ride in The BIB - Thermal with leg / knee warmers on. As the sun comes up, you will inevitably heat up. Remove your leg / knee warmers when this happens. The thermal fabric will keep you warm enough for the remainder of your ride without causing you to overheat.

Why We Exist:

Finding a reliable bibshort supplier is strangely challenging. If you ride a lot of miles, you've likely gone through multiple brands, looking for that elusive bibshort that just works. RedWhite Apparel is built to solve this problem. Our lofty goal is to become your Go-To bibshort supplier. That's why we only make bibshorts and nothing else. About Us.

Bibshort Overview:
  • Made in Romania using Bluesign® and OEKO-TEX® certified suppliers
  • Proprietary Moulded Chamois for rides over 5 hours
  • Warm Fleece-backed Thermal Italian Lycra from M.I.T.I (for Spring / Autumn cold rides)
  • Non-Slip & Comfy Silicone Microdot Grippers 
  • Lightweight, Stretchy & Soft Mesh Fabric (on bib-straps)
  • Full Durable Flatlock Stitching

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 28 reviews
      Patrick Marren (Dublin, Leinster, Ireland)
      Perfect bibs for cooler temps

      80 kgs, 194cm.. Xl size
      Lovely bib shorts, perfect fit. Weight of the material warm enough for Irish temps outside of winter
      Very versatile when paired with leg warmers. Quality product.

      N. Kraft (Aurora, Ontario, Canada)
      WONDERFUL SHORTS for off-season training !!

      I just received these thermal bib shorts yesterday so have not had a chance to test them thoroughly under the conditions in which I would most use them - in the 'shoulder seasons' when temps are around 5 to 15 deg C. As it is still -10 to -20 deg. C here in Canada, where I live, I have been using my RedWhite winter bib tights down to even as cold as -15 deg., and have been delighted with their thermal qualities, and moreover with their wicking and moisture release, which is where most winter gear fails. The thermal bib shorts seem to be made from a similar material as the winter tights, only lighter in weight, as they are not intended to handle sub-zero temperatures. The inner side is a sort of fleecy material while otside is a smoother fabric, both of which work together to insulate as well as wick moisture, just as the tights do, but just with a slightly less dense fabric than the tights.

      On a brief ride in them, they were actually sufficiently warm in the -8 air. At these temps one would use leg warmers as well, or better yet, the winter tights from RW. But I felt that as a short test ride in very cold conditions, these did a terrific job of keeping my 'essentials' warm, and the whole area around my butt, hips and upper thighs too. I am certain that in the conditions I will use them, they will be perfect. The chamois is very comfortable. As with the tights, the pad seemed a bit bulky just walking around at first, but absolutely disappears on the bike. never pinching, bunching or binding, and most of all does an outstanding job of moisture control while working hard. I have been using thermal shorts from a famed Swiss manufacturer and always found them useful for these chilly months surrounding the main summer season, and it looks like these RW thermal bibs will replace those, at least on the colder end of the spectrum, as they seem better made for the purpose.

      It's a pity that RW has decided to discontinue them, but I guess sales numbers did not justify their production. I wonder if just keeping a stock of the more common sizes would be a practical consideration? A lot of cyclists I know never even think about a colder weather short, but I find them a godsend on cooler days. Why suffer with cold rear and thighs? Those days when leg warmers are needed, these thermal shorts keep the rest of you warm, right up to the waist..

      In short, I am delighted with my purchase, and needless to say, the pricing at RW belies the superb quality of hteir products !!


      Rob B (Willowbrook, Illinois, United States)

      I own 2 different thermal bibs. These are far better than my Italian ones. The fit was spot on from their charts. Longest ride has only been just shy of 2 hours and I have never been so comfortable riding gravel. Cannot wait until snow melts to get more miles in. My last ride was windy, damp and falling temps below 40 to about 36 at end. I found them to be spot on. Most would wear tights in these conditions.

      Sai Sunku (Jersey City, New Jersey, United States)
      Perfect for fall and early winter!

      My first bib and it's perfect for fall and early winter. Can be combined with leg warmers for colder temperatures.

      James Regensburger (Katy, Texas, United States)
      Comfortable and warm

      Since I own both The Stealth and Entry bibs, I decided to give the Thermal bibs a try. They are every bit as comfortable as the Stealth bib with fleece lining. I have worn them twice now on rides starting at 42 and 45 degrees. They provided the warmth and comfort that I was looking for. I am very happy with this purchase and are another great value from Red White. I'm sorry to hear that they are the worst selling product ever, but not everyone needs thermal bibs. Will need to find another solution eventually, but I expect these will last for a few seasons.

      nori (Kagoshima, Kagoshima, Japan)


      Compo & Cleggie (Franklin, Tennessee, United States)
      1st try RedWhite bibs

      Based on price I put off purchasing RW bibs for months "to good to be true" my thinking. My desire was a pair of The Bib Navy, and having waiting so long my size (XL - I'm 6'1" at 205lbs) was out of stock. Summer gone and fall/winter coming I rolled the dice with The Bib Thermal. I'm two rides in (about 4 hours) and thrilled with these things. Warmest temp 61F and coolest 44. Used with leg warmers I've found them not too hot and not too cold - Goldilocks! Fit is good, leg has good grip - holds well but not too, everything else goes unnoticed, which is as it should be. I love Rapha Cargo bibs but at $270 - RW is a twofer. My only disappointments:
      1. I didn't order sooner, but the Navy will be for Spring.
      2. Thermal, per newsletter is discontinued, but at least there's Winter Tights.
      All round pleasant experience order, shipping, product.

      This is only pic while wearing RW.

      Many thanks Yuva!

      Rick Dorrington (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
      Perfect for those spring/fall season rides.

      These bibshorts pair well with leg warmers for those morning or evening rides where the temperature fluctuates and the legs get a bit chilly. The fit/function is typically RedWhite amazing and of course the customer service is second to none. I'm very glad that I've added these to my closet. If you have 4 seasons where you ride you should get a pair while they're still available. (Now that they're being discontinued)

      Scott Gemmill (Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand)
      Winter just got a little better

      The thermal bibs are ace. Perfect for our winters in New Zealand. As expected, comfort and fit are world class. Absolutely a must have for the cooler months.

      Really happy they work as intended Scott. Do you pair these with knee warmers?

      Trent (Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia)
      Great performance and fit

      I'm writing this review as the temperatures in Canberra, Australia start to drop into sub-zero C for my morning commute. Combined with good warmers they are living up to expectations - which simply put is great thermal performance without compromising on fit. Personal advice from Yuva on fit was greatly appreciated. I'm 172cm with large quads, so sizing can be problematic. Based on my previous purchases we got it right first time, size L fits just right.