The 3/4 Summer Bib Tight with Pad (Men's)

$197.00 SGD

*Sizing Note : If in doubt about sizing use the Sizing Helpdesk for a personalised size recommendation.

The 3/4 Summer Bib Tight with Pad (Men's) is based on RedWhite's popular long-distance bibshort. It uses the same fabulous long distance pad. The legs are extended and end around your mid calf.

The model shown is 6 foot 3.5 inches tall and is wearing a size L to demonstrate what the fit would be like on a tall rider. Shorter riders will have these tights end further down their calves. The length has been tailored to fit a wide range of heights well without being too short or too long on calves.

This 3/4 Summer Bib Tight is finished with a 60mm tall Silicone Macro-Dot gripper. It is designed to grip both small and large calf sizes. If you happen to have small calves, do not worry about the gripper being loose. If you happen to have large calves, you don't have to worry about the gripper being too tight. This gripper was carefully chosen and tailored to work well for a wide range of calf sizes.

Keen eyed customers would notice the rubber logo stitched on left leg. This rubber logo has been ride-tested extensively. You won't notice it while riding. It is also machine wash friendly (cold wash cycle) and durable.

Built for Long Distance Rides:

This 3/4 Summer Bib Tight is designed to help you crush big miles in comfort. It is made for rides of more than 5 hours and designed to be ridden in events such as :

  • Transcontinental Race
  • Paris-Brest-Paris
  • Race Across America
Why We Exist:

Finding a reliable bib short supplier is strangely challenging. If you ride a lot of miles, you've likely gone through multiple brands, looking for that elusive bib short that just works. RedWhite Apparel is built to solve this problem. Our lofty goal is to become your Go-To bib short supplier. That's why we only make bib shorts and nothing else. About Us.

3/4 Summer Bib Tight Overview:
  • Made in Romania using Bluesign® and OEKO-TEX® certified suppliers
  • Proprietary Moulded Chamois for rides over 5 hours
  • Italian Lycra from M.I.T.I (SPF UV 50+ rating)
  • Non-Slip & Comfy Silicone Macro-Dot Gripper on Calves
  • Lightweight, Stretchy & Soft Mesh Fabric (on bib-straps)
  • Full Durable Flatlock Stitching
  • Well tailored leg length to fit a wide range of rider heights

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 12 reviews
        Jorge (Indianola, Washington, United States)
        Really very nice knickers

        I've ridden these only a handful of times so far. The first few were shorter training rides, a few hours each, no problems. The last ride, was nearly 7 hours. I had literally "just" healed from a saddle sore from the previous week when I wore some other bibs that cost 3x as much. I'm not blaming the other bibs per se, as there were likely a few factors, but when i had my big ride, I did not hesitate to reach for these knickers... and I'm so glad I did. No issues at all, just a happy butt :)

        Brian Rees (Plain City, Ohio, United States)
        3/4 bibs

        Used the help desk, was very helpful with finding proper fit.Got about two hundred miles on them and they fit great and right amount of padding.
        Will be ordering bib shorts on my next order.

        Don Murphey (Austin, Texas, United States)
        Lovely longish bibs

        Nice compression, nice knicker like length for sun protection, nice pad, good fit, great for 3 seasons and for summer in Texas w lots UV. Thumbs up.

        Benjamin Tan Xuan
        3/4 Bibs

        So ive bought another pair of bib shorts this time round the 3/4 pair. Equally well made and comfortable. No complaints on its quality. Mainly i bought it to help against the sun and i would say it does a really really good job. Doesnt feel hot in the sun neither does it trap moisture after youre drench in the rain it dries up relatively quickly with the win and sun. Especially for cycling in singapore and malaysia when the weather is fickle . Grade A +++ product. Yuva again definitely provides out of this world customer service and support would definitely deal with again. 👍👍👍👍👍

        N. Kraft (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
        Just what I needed !! long summer bibs against the sun

        I was so happy that RedWhite created these; it is just what I have been looking for to mitigate harmful sun exposure. I go through tons of sunblock on exposed skin, and this is the perfect solution for the legs at least. I've never been happy with any of the 'leggings' from any makers, they always slip down and I spend all my training time hiking them back up. What's more, they are usually in white, so they get really ratty looking after a short time.

        I've tested these now under various conditions and they are totally comfortable in all but the hottest weather. Above about 32 degrees (C) they seem a bit 'warm', but anything would be, even some of the sun-shielding products that claim to be 'cooling'.. However, up to that point, they are as if riding with bare skin, and I have used these happily in 35deg sunny conditions too. I would have preferred them to be a wee bit longer - they come about 4 inches (10cm) below the knee - I'd prefer if they were mid-calf. But they stay there - the grippers are terrific and they do not ride up with pedaling. So I wear long-ish socks and then fill the remaining few inches of calf with sunscreen. The main thing is that the thighs are protected from radiation.! I am convinced that these do a much better job at sun-shielding than even the best sunscreen product can. I don't know of any other manufacturer producing something like this; most 3/4 tights are too hot to use in summer.

        As for the design and manufacture, they are equal to all of RW's bibs - simply superb ! Workmanship and materials are top-notch and the chamois does its job admirably. It is the same pad that is in the normal stealth bibs and it does what it's supposed to do: moisture management. For those who are looking for 'cushioning' from the pad, it is also generous, but not in any way obtrusive. The pad may feel a bit 'ample' when first walking around, but on the bike it virtually disappears, never binds, pinches nor bunches, even on the narrowest of saddles, and even after long workouts, there is never any discomfort from the pad or the bibs in any way.

        In short, I am absolutely happy with these for the purpose of sun shielding and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a longer-length bib designed for warm/hot summer cycling.

        Thank you, Yuva !! N.K.

        BTW, I have been happily riding with several products from RW: stealth bibs, as well as thermal shorts and the marvelous winter bib tight. All are superb. They are far superior to anything in this price range, and in most ways comparable in function to any of the 'elite' makers, without the astronomical pricing.

        Thank you for the very detailed and incredibly kind and generous review :) - Yuva, Founder @

        Eric Onderdelinden (IJsselstein, Utrecht, Netherlands)
        Nice product and fast delivery

        Received this product as a crash replacement. Which is really nice offer from Yuva. Really helps overcoming the impact of a crash. It has all of the qualities of the bib and covers the knees. Have not used it as it is now too cold for a short bib. Not sure if I wil use it in slightly lower temperature for warmer knees or in summer as a higher level of UV protection. Or perhaps both.

        Nathaniel Peat (Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand)
        Lake Taupō Cycle challenge success

        Appreciated all the support the bib shorts have me while cycling the lake Taupō cycling challenge my first 160km / 100miler. Great fit, good timely shipping and love the attention put into it all. :)

        Brucer (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
        Fit for summer

        Because of a recent skin condition, I've needed more protection from summer sunlight than I get from bib shorts and jerseys, and I don't like to slather myself with sun cream, which does a crummy job in any case as it melts away in the heat. I bought some protective sleeves that I wear on my arms as well as a long-sleeved jersey made of a sun-resistant fabric, but my legs until now remained exposed. Now, with Red White 3/4 summer bib tights, I don't have to worry. They fit exactly like my Red White bib shorts and offer the same degree of comfort when I'm riding. My Red White bibs are my favourite shorts. I wear them in winter under my padless tights. I'm sure my Red White 3/4 bibs will become favourites, as well, but I'll have to wait till summer to prove it. It's winter at the moment in Canada, zero degrees and windy. But we'll get over it.

        Chip W (Norristown, Pennsylvania, United States)
        Enjoying my new bibs

        Great shorts and the 3/4 length is perfect for autumn riding. These are now my go to bibs.

        Graeme c (Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
        Finally found them.

        Had previously worn through a couple sets of the standard bib shorts but was always wanting a below-the-knee for warm summer temp rides. Less sunscreen to apply. Randomly ended back on the site and noticed these. Ordered straight away.

        Been on a couple rides so far with them. 9/10. The only thing I'd change is another inch added at the ends, as I have a tall inseam and femur for height. (The gripper end falls about an inch and a half below the knee when riding). 5'9.5"/34" on a Small.

        Aside from that small coverage point they are great. Will be ordering again once these need replacing.

        Thanks so much!