RedWhite Apparel makes cycling bib shorts that allow you to ride further, comfortably. Our guiding mission since 2014 has been to build plush, padded cycling shorts that help you ride ultra-distance events such as the Paris-Brest-Paris, Race Across America (RAAM) and multiple 24 Hour endurance events. Read reviews by our customers from all around the world that ride comfortably in RedWhites.
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Super Comfortable and excellent customer service, Easy 5 Stars.

Can't recommend them highly enough. The most comfortable bib I've tried so far. They also went out of their way by emailing me after I placed the order to recommend I go with a different size based on my weight and height which I'm very glad I did as it fits me perfectly and the original size I picked would have been a bit small.

Best cycling shorts I have ever worn

These are by far the best fitting and comfortable cycling shorts I have ever worn. I ride over 10,000 miles a year with some doubles included. Looking forward to having these shorts to make my riding more enjoyable. The sizing recommendation was perfect.

5 stars for both products and service

I ordered a pair of bibs without doing the sizing help and was immediately contacted via email by Yuva who said my size choice was wrong and I needed to order XL instead of L. He was absolutely correct. That customer service saved a return. I am 71 inches tall and about 205 pounds and the XL fit perfectly. The construction and look of the bibs are top notch and they are my new go-to pair of cycling shorts. Thanks, Yuva!

Hi Jack. I check the sizing helpdesk before I send orders to the warehouse to be processed. Just in case any customer made a purchase before using the sizing help. Glad to know my system saved you a return. It did save me a decent chunk of change as well (paying FedEx to send a new size out does cost a fair amount of money as well).

Best bibs

Best bibs overall (the pad is better than anything on the market and i had assos,castelli,gobik and almost every other brand).
I race ultra distance and these are the best bibs You can buy,trust me.

100 Smiles and 100 Miles

The best review is when you order a second pair. I am 6'2" 210 lbs and the XL is a perfect fit. The compression is just right for a 6-hour hilly ride and the chamois is a perfect form fit with my posterior. The best quality of the chamois besides comfort is I did not have to concern myself with abrasions. Good bang for the buck.

Second purchase of Red White Bib Shorts.

My second pair as other Bib shorts pale in comparison.
Super comfortable, great fit and again superfast delivery to NZ.
Thanks Yuva for previous size guidance (Large - I'm 5'9" and 185lbs).

Great customer services

Did a team bundle and one of the bibs have a minor scratch. Contacted RW and he did not hesitate in assisting with my exchange. Gained another happy user.

So Far So Good

Have not really tried out the pockets since I am so used to the pockets at the back of the jersey. As always, having own few RW bibs, the product has never failed in term of comfort. Love the quality of the the bibs.

New favourite bib shorts

These are Goldilocks bibs - i.e. just right.
Starting at the top, the shoulder straps are a nice width that don't dig in, don't apply too much pressure and don't go wandering over your shoulders thanks to the central back element.
The body coverage is more than some of my other bibs which I prefer and avoid the Borat mankini look.
The legs could be slightly longer for me, but I have long legs, so this is a personal thing and not a reflection on the bibs. The lower edging doesn't dig in or flap about and material feels like it will last fine.
And finally the pad - wow - this is the best part, not too hard and not saggy like a nappy. As some others have mentioned you just put them on and forget about it - even on long rides.
I recommend these to anybody and have been telling all my friends about them.
Oh and the sizing is perfect - The recommended sizing for me 34inch waist 99kgs and the XXL fits great.

Honest and helpful seller

I am very happy with my purchased and the seller assisted me in great length with my exchange. I have 3 pairs of Red White bibs. This product never fail to impress me. The padding is firm and comfortable even after several wash. I must say the quality of the the bibs is good.

Warm Winter Tights for those Long Winter Rides!

The RW Winter Bib Tights are now my go-to bib tights when the temps drop, but I still want to get out on a longer ride. I've been able to take them out for a few 5-hour rides so far, and the chamois was super comfy. The brushed inner fleece was nice and warm. I like the small detail of adding the fleece to the front of the bib straps themselves, which was noticeably warmer than other bib tights with a simple strap. The outside of the bibs are black but have a red shine from the red brushed inner fleece. I was a bit concerned with the ankle zips as they initially seemed tight around my rather thick ankles (25cm above the ankle bone), but they stayed zipped no problem while out riding and weren't at all restrictive. The silicone bands around the ankle helped keep everything in place. I've ridden with them in temps down around 0C and up to 12C, and I was warm and comfortable the whole time. I'm 183cm and 73kg and the sizing helpdesk put me in a medium, which seems to be spot on.

My favorite bib shorts

These are my favorite bib shorts. The pad is more substantial than any of my other shorts, and when I want to head out on a long ride, I reach for these. The leg end elastic is not restrictive, just keeps them in place.

So Far So Good

I ordered a pair of the The Bib - Navy. Sizing has been excellent - I am approx 185cm tall, 82 kgs - Large size fits nicely. I have done a number of 100+ km rides and the comfort is good. I have a 9 day ride coming up averaging over 150 kms a day. I plan to leave another review after that to see how The Bib goes over consecutive long days of riding. Postage to Australia was prompt with accurate tracking. So, overall very happy with The Bib and the service from Red White and Yuva

Great bibs

These were my first pair of bib shorts, everything else I’ve worn have just been cycling shorts. I ordered the long distance bibs, even though most of my rides are between 20-40 miles. Most comfortable pair I own. An additional pair will definitely be in my future come spring time. I asked for a sizing suggestion as 6’5” 215lbs wasn’t on the suggested chart. Got a quick response suggesting a XXL. Size was spot on, but the most impressive part was the shipping time. I believe I ordered these on a Saturday, shipped Monday from Singapore, and were on my doorstep in St.Louis on Thursday! Wow

Better Then Expected

I first ordered the Entry Level Bib a couple of months ago. Being a "newbie" I had little experience with bike shorts to make an accurate assessment. When I first wore the entry level I thought they were ok, but could not tell a big difference with what I had already been wearing. But the more I wore them, the better they began to feel, especially on the longer rides. As my milage increased I thought I'd upgrade to "The Bib". I was initially reluctant due to the price, but I took the plunge regardless and I am so very glad I did. I could not believe the noticeable difference between the entry level and the original! I went out for close to four hrs. and the fourth hour felt as comfortable as the fourth minute! VERY comfortable for the entire duration of the ride. So very glad I made the upgrade! Very rarely do I find a product is able to live up to its hype, but The Bib does and in spades!! Well done Yuva!! Keep up the good work!

Excellent shorts

First ride in the shorts was 200k. Thought may as well test them straight up. Feel rather bulky when walking about but on the bike....absolutely brilliant. Cannot fault the ride comfort in the least.

Amazing quality

Absolutely love these bib shorts. Two weeks ago I bought a set of 4 bibs and started riding every day for testing. Every day for one to three hours and they work flawlessly. Right size and very comfy. Cheap price for amazing quality !!!
Highly recommend!

Greta value for money

As many other cyclists around the world I had to be content with a lot of indoor cycling recently. I was looking for shorts that are more forgiving and comfortable towards indoor cycling and can handle more washes. The entry short was perfect as they can handle 1-3 hr rides well, wont break the bank and seems to be durable enough to handle maybe 2-3 washes a week.

Better than BIB

Labelled as "Entry", this shorts are quite comfortable and well made.

Performance gear

I ordered these shorts late last year as I was taking more long distance rides. I was impressed from the first ride in these, the compression and general fit was great. They offer support without extra bulk. I haven't tested them on a long ride yet, but look forward to testing them throughout the year.

Best Gear out There

The Bib Thermal has been perfect for me as have all items redwhite. My shortest rides are 26.4 miles and longest 108 miles. I just love my RedWhite more so than assos and other gear that I have on in the pictures. Tomorrow I will purchase redwhites new bibs with the added pockets. I will probably not purchase the new winter gear because the cold weather is disappearing in the US state of Georgia. The bottom line is that RedWhite gear is as good as any, but so affordable.

Great Customer Service.

My imagined summer weight did not match my current winter weight and I needed a size up. The owner, Yuva, made the exchange easy. I’ll be back.

They worked

My first ride experience with them was "these feel good". I rode for 40 miles with climbs, getting off and on the seat, they were comfortable. Usually at the ends of my rides with other brands', my bottom would be sore, but this time.

I would recommend these bibs to others. They do work.

Fantastic and Durable

Done a couple of rides in these now, super comfortable and I discovered durable. Came off on the first ride on a wet slippery corner and slid across the road. No injuries fortunately and no holes in the Bibs! Great product

Just What I was hoping

I ordered these 3 weeks ago. Received them in 5 days. Have used ridden in the. 7 times on the trainer, it be cold outside. Comfortable and the fit is superb. I am 67"tall, 158 lbs., 32" waist size medium