RedWhite Apparel makes cycling bib shorts that allow you to ride further, comfortably. Our guiding mission since 2014 has been to build plush, padded cycling shorts that help you ride ultra-distance events such as the Paris-Brest-Paris, Race Across America (RAAM) and multiple 24 Hour endurance events. Read reviews by our customers from all around the world that ride comfortably in RedWhites.
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The Bib

Have received the bib quite fast, probably due to the fact I’m in Singapore. So far used the bib for a couple of ride already, longest around 70km. I loved it man! Minimum pain to my butt as compared to my other bibs.. would definitely recommend others to give it a try!!

Cheers for the good job guys!

Best bikewear ever

Finally had a chance to try out my new bibshorts on a 90 minute ride. The comfort and support is unmatched.

Amazing customer service!

Had a fit issue that was quickly resolved and cannot say enough good thing about the company and its bibs!

Amazing bibs

I rate these very highly. I've done several century rides since purchasing and they're the most comfortable bibs I own. Even better than a pair from assos that cost twice as much!

Stealth bib shorts

Followed the size chart for a perfect fit, Done a couple of 100k rides and are very comfortable I will be buying more

Stealth bib shorts

I’m very happy with these bib shorts. The are very comfortable and fit well. Excellent value for money. I shall be buying more!

awesome bibs

after using for 1month ,now i know why many people giving 5star review to RW bibs, it's perfect bibs on me, good job RW, This will not be my last pair of RWs for sure.
thanks RW


First off what type of witch craft voodo magic is in these things?!
They are PERFECT, i felt like I was floating.

I’ve heard about these bibs from a few ppl for a couple years now and of course like most ppl i went for Rapha, Assos etc. i do love those and have been cycling religiously for about 20 years so I am not new to bibs. So I finally pulled the trigger and by mistake ordered a small instead of a XL, Yuva was quick to fix that issue and they quickly got to me here in NYC. The sizing chart was spot on. I hate ordering bibs online because they never get it right but this time was different.

Got my bibs, threw em on and they were perfect! My only concern was the chamois lol they kinda um valley a bit in there lol BUT once i got on the bike I was in another world. I felt as if I was born in them. The fact that they made the most unforgiving bike (Specialized Allez Sprint) feel super comfy is UNBELIEVABLE! Can not wait to get more! Cargos are next.
Thank you RW!!

Finally a pair of comfortable bibs!

So far I have ridden 400Km with these....they are just what the doctor ordered....great for rides up to 3hrs.....and maybe more!

A really awesome pair of bibs

I bought my second pair of RW bibs which says a lot. I confess i am not a loyal bib buyer as i tend to try as many brands as possible. I have tried at least 20 different brands including the prestige brands like Assos, Rapha and Q36.5 (Raphas are overrated). The RWs stand up there with the best of them in terms of fit and comfort but at a price point that is much lower. This will not be my last pair of RWs for sure.

Consistant and quick delivery

The bibs arrived to New Zealand within 5 days of ordering. They are as before, well made, a great fit and very comfortable. I am now a year into riding the first pair (which are standing up very well) and the second pair is the same high quality and comfort. Longest ride to date is 22 hours over a 415km distance. No issues at all.

Thanks for a great product.

Cheers Mark

Good materials.. comfortable bib for long rides... 130 lbs order small little bit tighter than regular small should order Medium would be perfect? Thanks RW for the ideas bib with pockets it’s so useful

Awesome Bibs!

Was introduced to Red White by a cycling friend, I have been using Castelli Men's Free Aero Race bibs for years and been satisfied with them. I placed an order for the THE BIB - STEALTH and first ride was 90 miles and was impressed with how comfortable I was after the ride, the padding on these bibs is what I like the best, even so that it's multilayer it's made all to feel like one pad and very comfortable. Already placed another order.

Awesome Bibs, better customer service

I bought these bibshorts through a team order and was really excited to use them. There were some bumps in the delivery (through no fault of RedWhite), but the customer service was impeccable throughout the process. Riding in them so far has been fantastic; they are lightweight and breathable, and they fit very well (I'm 5'5" 155lbs and I got a medium). I've taken them on several long rides already and are extremely comfortable. These are the first bibshorts that I've owned, and I expect that I will stick with RedWhite.
The bibshorts are excellent, but I really think that the customer service is even better. As mentioned above, our order did not go perfectly smoothly. Yuva worked with our order to make sure that everything arrived and that we were happy with our order. I appreciated the continued follow-up after the order arrived to ensure that the product met our expectations. I believe in the product because of the quality of care that Yuva provides to his customers.

Enjoying my "The Winter Bib Tights"

Received my winter bib tights last week and couldn't wait to try them. Since spring is being cancelled, and feels like a very long winter period, I could really use them! As all of my previous purchases, I really enjoy these winter tights (size L). The form is perfect for me, although my legs are not that long, but they are pretty muscled. As every RW tights, you have to wear them more often (and longer!), but I can already tell the fit is great and the fabric very comfortable. The only downside for me that it is very modest in its appearance, I would like a brighter or clearer logo. For the rest: great job Yuva!

Entry bibshort

I am relatively new to cycling so I don't have much for comparison other than some thin tri-shorts but these are very well made and the pad is extremely comfortable. I will certainly be buying more.

Perfect bibs

Fast delivery - high quality

The entry bib short

The fit was good as per recommendation by Yuva. I want to try RW bib after reading all the review and thought of trying with the entry bib short. I have been using it for ~4 weeks, did 70+km on my last ride and it was still comfortable. This is the bib I reached out to everytime I am going for a longer ride. Great quality and value. Will be looking to add the BIB for longer ride.

Used it for 200km Audax

I first found out about the cargo bib after seeing a friend of mine, who is a loyal RedWhite customer, posting about his new cargo bib on Instagram. I was in search of a pair of good cargo bib for my first Audax in Jakarta so I thought it might be a good idea to try the one from RedWhite. After talking about it more with my friend and then consulting Yuva about the sizing, I decided to get a pair.

I can say that the bib is the best bib I've tried so far. I have tried bibs from different brands, both local and big name international brands, and the RedWhite cargo bib is the one that is the most comfortable for me, in terms of size, length, materials, and padding. And it's not easy finding the right fit if you're a woman!

People may have different experience and I know it's not wise to wear new clothing on the day of your race/event but I wore it for my first 200KM Audax after only wearing it once for a short test ride. I'm glad I did because the bib performed really well throughout my ride. On that day I rode through all sorts of tropical weather changes: from scorching hot and humid day to drizzling afternoon and heavy rain in the evening. I did make a few toilet stops during the ride and putting the bib back on after going to the toilet wasn't so bad . I'm happy to report that despite those conditions, in the end I didn't get any chafing. I also like the subtle RW logo printed on the hem.

I highly recommend the cargo bib for you adventure riders! And I look forward to your future innovation!


Very great bibs. Have 5!!

The Bib Navy

I’m practically a newbie to the cycling world, so for me personally purchasing from what I understood to be “good quality”brands of cycling apparel was important. However given my limited knowledge, I feel Ive failed miserably in my selection process as even in relatively short distances I was beginning to experience some discomfort. That is until I discovered the redwhite bibshort!

From my initial enquire. The communication was extremely efficient and prompt. My original choice was for the entry level bibshort but Yuva provided me with some good comparison articles to review. One of the articles outlined the positioning of the pad in that one chap intimidated that pad was was a tad forward. In response I learnt that the pad on the redwhite bibshorts are optimised which in Layman’s terms means it’s not unnecessary long and that you can’t see the pad through the rear of the bibshort. In essence the extra material does noting to support the rider. That said, I appreciate we are all put together differently so for my own size and weight the location of the material is where it’s meant to be!😀

“SOLD” So I opted to spend a little bit more $$ and go for the Bib Nav in a medium. Delivery to Australia was around 7 days from the date of purchased. The package was received in good order and the bib shorts were packed securely within a ziplock bag.

It’s probably worth noting that the returns policy was somewhat satisfactory in that as long as the tags were attached and a clean pair of underwear. You could easily return the shorts if you didn’t like them. My only comment I would make it that maybe proving a pre-paid envelope to assist with the return may be advantageous.

Now down to the Bib shorts themselves. Like all new clothing, they will need some bedding in!! BUT the initial feel was extremely comfortable and natural. The Lycra felt really soft and flexible The wider shoulder straps provided good support as apposed to that digging in feeling! The chamois pad felt quite lavish especially around the bone areas and I can appreciate the location of the pad at the front giving you that additional protection.

I have now worn the shorts a few times. They wash exceptionally well but I wouldn’t want to stray from the instructions for the fear of them failing to fit properly. Overall I wouldn’t hesitate to commit to a 2nd or even a 3rd pair. In my opinion they are particularly good value for money and outshine their competition by a country mile!! 👌🏻

Hi David, you left review #1000 for The BIB range. Thank you so much for making it a long, detailed and very informative one. I really appreciate you and everyone who takes time out of their busy day to write a review about their RW bibshort. - YUVA, Founder

My new standard short

I purchased a stealth bibshort a few weeks ago and I've ridden several hundred miles in them. After getting used to the bibshort style, which I had never ridden before, I really like them and I have already purchased two more pair. I'll be retiring all of my Pearl Izumi shorts in favor of the RW bibshorts, since I have found that riding the same chamois design every day on long rides (double centuries and 1200Ks) minimizes chaffing. These shorts are designed for riders on the lunatic fringe.

Really confortable

I received very quickly my order. I just wanted to try one entry bibshort. My first ride confirmed that confort is a key for this attire. I will order new ones soon!

Understatedly Fantastic

I've been wearing my RW bibs for a good few months now and done some grab fondo with it. I find that the fit from Yuva was spot on, the sizing for RW was smaller than what I'm used to with Rapha. In terms of quality, I would have liked it better if there was stronger leg (thigh) grippers, like what I'm used to with other premium bib shorts. But what suits me well I think was the chamois... And for that I'm giving it 5 stars. Wearing this bib shorts allows me so much comfort to push longer distances

Oh wow!

I bought the bib-stealth. It is definitely on par with the big brands' bibs. In fact, this is better in terms of price and comfort. More importantly, the customer support and response far exceed that of big brand names. You get an almost immediate reply from the owner himself when you ask questions. I used the "message us" as I was uncertain about sizing. The response came back within 10mins and I got my sizing advice. Very happy with the product and will definitely buy again. Keep it up!