RedWhite Apparel makes cycling bib shorts that allow you to ride further, comfortably. Our guiding mission since 2014 has been to build plush, padded cycling shorts that help you ride ultra-distance events such as the Paris-Brest-Paris, Race Across America (RAAM) and multiple 24 Hour endurance events. Read reviews by our customers from all around the world that ride comfortably in RedWhites.
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The BIB - Stealth
Gordon Abele (Melbourne Beach, Florida, United States)
Best Bibs Purchased

Just purchased my second pair of RW bibs and thought it appropriate to comment on quality of product and service. I typically write reviews in a 'pro' and 'con/could be better' format, but, it's not applicable for RW, as all I can report is 'pro'. So...the Pro
> Terrific service with good communications from order through delivery. Use of FedEx for intl delivery works like a charm...fast and everything in excellent condition
> I interacted with Yuv on my first pair of RW bibs as I was unsure of fit. Yuv's fit advice was spot on and the bibs fit very well
> First pair of bibs now in use for ~4 mos with close to 3k miles and some longer rides (>6 hrs). The fit on the RW bibs is better than any I have used in the past 40 years...simply no fatigue, chafing, or other annoying tendencies. Great product! Second pair recently purchased with a few weeks of use...exact same fit and experience as first pair!
I have had some real brand loyalty for a number of years; buying all my bibs from one large U.S. maker, in particular. After riding with the RW bibs that loyalty has just swapped with the RW bibs simply having a better price point and a far better product...best value!

The BIB - Stealth
Anonymous (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States)
Great bibs

I am riding 300 miles in 3 days this January. I needed a pair of shorts that would rise to the occasion. RedWhite bibs are it. Comfortable, extra cushion, it has all I need

The BIB - Stealth
Azhari Abas (Puchong Batu Dua Belas, Selangor, Malaysia)
Perfect 👍👍👍

Perfectly fit on me. Super comfy. Great job RW. Definitely will buy again.

The Winter Bib Tights (Men's) with Pad
Dan in VA (Charlottesville, Virginia, United States)
The perfect thermal tights!

I finally had the chance to put these winter tights to the test recently and they performed perfectly. They were just what I have been looking for. They are very stretchy (not always true with thermals) and have great compression. Everything was up to what I have come to expect from RedWhite. They kept me nice and warm on my rides. One ride was below 25F (-4C) and these were perfect when I was in the sun but I probably could have used another layer to keep me warm in the shade. They are a definite must-have. For reference I am 6’2” (1.88m) and 215lbs (97kg) and the XL is perfect. I saw another review from someone my size who went with a 2XL, and I could imagine that would also work for me. The XL definitely did the trick for me though. The legs are plenty long enough, which I was worried about.
I love these tights!

The BIB - Stealth
Im Md Yusof (Singapore, Singapore)
Most comfortable long distance bib-shorts

The Stealth bib-short is the most comfortable that i have in my collection (of 7) for long-distance riding (more than 4hrs for me). Actually, it's great for shorter rides too.
The shoulder straps doesn't bite-in and the chamois is remarkably super comfortable, while the overall fit is spot-on - thanks to Yuva's sizing recommendation!
If i need to nit-pick, then perhaps the length of the inseams can be slightly longer. Otherwise, definitely most comfortable by far.
For my height (173cm) and weight (76kg), I'm using a size L.

Hi Yusof, thanks for this generous review! I am surprised to learn that L can be longer for you. I have customers who want L to be shorter and am actually working on 5cm shorter bibs to serve that need.

Owiep (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Good quality, good price

Received these promptly. I've done some cruisey 5 hr+ rides and haven't had any trouble when paired with chamois cream - plenty of issues previously. Good quality, super comfortable.

The Winter Bib Tights (Men's) with Pad
Dane DeVetter (La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States)
Great fit and very warm for Wisconsin winter cycling

The material feels great against my skin, keeps me warm, and fits great. The chamois keeps me comfortable for hours-long rides, so I'm a happy customer!

The BIB - Thermal
James Regensburger (Katy, Texas, United States)
Comfortable and warm

Since I own both The Stealth and Entry bibs, I decided to give the Thermal bibs a try. They are every bit as comfortable as the Stealth bib with fleece lining. I have worn them twice now on rides starting at 42 and 45 degrees. They provided the warmth and comfort that I was looking for. I am very happy with this purchase and are another great value from Red White. I'm sorry to hear that they are the worst selling product ever, but not everyone needs thermal bibs. Will need to find another solution eventually, but I expect these will last for a few seasons.

ridinRazorback (Dallas, Texas, United States)
Excellent value!

Overall, The Bib is an excellent value. The materials and the way they are put together are testament to outstanding craftsmanship. The chamois padding, grip of the elastic around the legs, and shoulder straps have excellent fit, even after a multi-hour ride in the Texas heat and humidity. That said, beware they do run on the small side! Definitely take advantage of Yuva's sizing service. I am 6’2” and 255 lbs: he recommended the XXXL, which feels more snug than my Pearl Izumi's XXL. Incentive to ride more and lose a few lbs for an even better fit I suppose …. I would definitely recommend them to any serious (amateur) rider looking for an excellent value bib.

The BIB - Stealth
Erik Omana (Los Angeles, California, United States)
Worth every dollar!!!!

The fabric feels really nice and soft.. fits well, and does not move.. The straps are wide and comfortable.. I was in the market for a good bib without out breaking the bank.. after YouTube and online reviews.. I have found the redwhite bib and could not be happier!!! Just rode a century tour ride and in comparison to my economical bibs I could not have made a better choice.. i was hoping to get a deal during the holidays to purchase more.. but understanding the demand, I went ahead and purchase 2 more bibs.. definitely worth every dollar!!!

Hi Erik, i'm really happy you like the bib shorts. Thank you for purchasing more pairs. Your patronage of RedWhite helps me continue doing what I do everyday. I maintain fair pricing on my bib shorts all year, so you are getting a great buy anytime of the year and never need to fear that it would get cheaper during a holiday sale. I have run sales in the past, but it was always strictly to clear inventory for a product that would be discontinued. For example, I used to sell jerseys and had a massive 50-60% sale to clear those as I wanted to derisk the business and focus my limited resourced on bib shorts. I also used to sell a bib short called 'The RACE' which went on 30% sale in 2019 as I was discontinuing it and needed to free up capital from that for other projects. This year, I have items that are being discontinued, but due to better inventory management there has not been a need to clear them at sale prices. This is also fair for customers who would have purchased items at the full listed price and placed their trust in RW. I can't thank you enough for continuing to purchase from me and I hope you remain a long term customers of my bib shorts.

The BIB - Stealth
Thomas Hodges (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
Good Bibs

The fabric the bibs are made from is really nice, it's quite soft and stretchy. The shoulder straps feel really nice, not too stiff, just the right amount of stretch. The chamois is good, I feel it fits more snugly around the sit bones than the really cheap one I started with. It is very comfortable for the rides I do. The leg grippers also do a great job, I never notice the bibs riding up my legs.

The Winter Bib Tights (Men's) with Pad
N. Kraft (Aurora, Ontario, Canada)
Best bib tights ever !!

I waited a month or so before posting this so that I could test them under various weather and riding conditions. I am primarily a road rider/racer, but also do some gravel biking.

Simply put: these are fantstic cycling tights regardless of price (but a great bargain as well). BUY THEM !! For more details, read on:

The fit I am 6'2" and 160lbs (188cm / 72kg) and size L fits perfectly. I usually take XL in my usual bike brands, but according to the fit page and also Yuva's advice, I went for the L and it is a good fit - enough compression with no bunching, yet easy to get on and off. I should add that Yuva's personal accessibility and knowledge were exemplary; a rarity in today's world..!! The material is quite stretchy and there are no bunching issues in the usual spots such as the inside hip joint/groin when the legs flex upward. Altogether they are very comfortable in every riding position - relaxed or aero. I discovered that pulling them on, it is best to roll up each leg first, rather than pull up from the waist as this might distort the fabric over time. I'm not sure that the cuff zipper is necessary, given the stretch in the fabric, but the zips have stops so they can never come open by themselves. Overall this is a wonderfully designed garment from the ergonomic and comfort standpoint.

The chamois: The pad is an ingenious multi-layered design, which does its job supremely well. At first blush, walking around the house, it seemed that the pad was a bit bulky, but as soon as I got on the bike it virtually disappeared - no binding or feeling like I'm wearing a big diaper. The main job of the pad of course is moisture control, and this was superbly handled even in the most energetic of workouts. I never felt any chaffing or 'squishiness' due to perspiration.. The pad is not there to give comfort or compensate for a bad bike fit or saddle, but for those looking to relieve pressure points, this pad is quite generous in that sense, yet I never lost the feeling of contact with my bike at all. Full marks for the chamois as most makers really fall short in this area, which can make or break a quality garment, not to mention destroy a bike ride. My favourite (Swiss) shorts maker has been evolving their chamois repeatedly over the past 20 years that I have used them, and Red White seems to have hit the nail on the head with no complaints. BRAVO !!

The fabric: The most difficult job of cool and cold weather cycling clothing is to wick away moisture while still keeping the heat in; a very delicate balance. Most jackets and tights have various wind blocking areas in front combined with more perforated areas in underarms or back to carry away moisture. At first I was concerned that there are no wind-block panels in these tights and thought they might be too chilly on quick rides in the cold, but not so. The fleecy nature of the fabric forms a good insulation layer against the skin, and yet seems to draw moisture away efficiently so there is never any temperature transfer due to convection. It seems that the outer 'skin' is enough of a wind/cold barrier, yet lets enough air pass to the inner layer for evaporation, but not through to the rider's skin. Brilliant ! These tights are best used between 5 and 16 degrees Celsius (40-60F), depending on the workout exertion, wind speed, etc. - quite a wide range really. I have ridden with them as cold as minus 4 and also warmer than +16, but this is beyond the 'comfort zone' of this piece. I also tried using a light nylon overpant at -6 deg on a gravel-bike ride and I was totally comfortable. So some layering options can be explored for extreme conditions.

All in all, this is a wonderful cycling tight, I can think of no negatives. Every functional aspect seems to have been thoroughly thought out and the manufacturing (fabric, stitching, etc.) is of the highest quality, at least on a par with the best in the industry, some of which cost 2 or 3 times as much as these tights. This is the first product I have used from RedWhite, but I will be ordering my summer shorts from them this season. based on the quality of these tights. Thank you, Yuva !

N. Kraft,
Toronto, Canada

The Winter Bib Tights (Men's) with Pad
Newt Zanes (College Place, Washington, United States)
New Favorites

These are really comfortable and my new favorite bibs. Living in the Pacific NW, I have been enjoying the extra coverage and thickness now that temperatures are dropping on my rides. I am between 6' and 6'1" tall and about 205 lbs. The 2XL winter bib fits great.

The BIB - Navy
Damian Vendy (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Happy as

Excellent bibs. My go to bibs now. Long or short rides doesn’t matter. They make cycling more enjoyable. First class customer service as well

The BIB - Stealth
Stu (Singapore, Singapore)
Awesome comfiness

This is my 2nd stealth bib. Fits great (with help from Yuva on sizing - excellent customer service!), been great on all sorts of rides - long, short, gravel, etc. and chamois is comfy. Great piece of kit to have in your cycling wardrobe!

The Entry Bib Short (Men's)
Daniel (Singapore, Singapore)
Comfortable and great fit

First time buying a bib and i decided to try the entry level bib from RedWhite. Execellent fit to size and chamois was very comfortable.

Will definitely come back for my 2nd purchase!

S Tully (Lindisfarne, Tasmania, Australia)
The Bib- my new ultra long favourites :-)

I've had these Bibs only for a short while so cant give an extended review but I've put about 1000klm into them with each ride around the 200klm mark.
Obviously fit size is going to be a very personal thing due to everyone's different shape but the original BIB fit me just great I'm 6'4 and got the XL size as advised through
there sizing questionnaire..... by the way there customer service and helpfulness is excellent. Overall the quality and fit is supurb and especially the chamois, I have had no issues
sor far and will be purchasing a second set for rotation soon.
Very happy customer

The Winter Bib Tights (Men's) with Pad
Rich B (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
Warmth and Comfort

I live on the West Coast of Canada. Riding here in the winter means dealing with cool temperatures (typically 2-8°C) and lots of rain. On the coldest and wettest days the Winter Bib Tights have exceeded my expectations. I own other tights and they don't compare. Even when riding while wet, I have stayed warm. I really appreciate how the material through the upper bib, and the fit through the low back and kidneys, contribute to keeping the body core warm. Although I haven't yet ridden in sub-zero temperatures, I am confident these Tights will be more than up to the task. On the flip side, I won't wear these Tights if I am going out on a hard (shorter) ride and the temperature is 10°C+ - I get too hot. The fit: I am 5'7" / 75kg and purchased large. Although the legs are a touch long (I expected this), I very happy with the fit and all-day riding comfort of the tights. I also own a pair of the latest Cargo Bib Shorts (size L) and the fit is comparable. I have other brands of bib shorts, but when I get ready for a ride, I reach first for my Cargo Shorts or these Tights. No other manufacturer can match the comfort, utility, customer service, and value of R&W bibs.

The Winter Bib Tights (Men's) with Pad
David McCready (Gananoque, Ontario, Canada)
Top gear!!

Have purchased 4 bibs...this is my first winter bib. Very pleased with fit quality and value. Highly recommended. Dm

The Winter Bib Tights (Men's) with Pad
Luke (Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States)

Comfy, warm. Ride these in just above freezing temps up to ~50F. Same great quality as other RW shorts. Keep up the great work.

The BIB - Thermal
nori (Kagoshima, Kagoshima, Japan)


Dave B. (San Jose, California, United States)
Awesome long-distance bibs!

I battle saddle soreness every year during riding season while training for centuries. I purchased The Bib earlier this summer based on the claim that they are designed for long distance rides and all of the positive reviews. After wearing them on my longer training rides (i.e., 3-6 hrs), my saddle soreness essentially went away after about two months. Don't get me wrong, there was still some discomfort after being in the saddle that long, which is to be expected, but I no longer had those painful little "bumps". Worked so well I bought another pair and plan to keep buying them as long as they continue to work for me. I'm just hoping that Yuva doesn't change the design/materials ;-) !

Really happy you like them! I actually make small changes to the bibshorts every 1-2 years based on feedback. These changes keep improving them over time. I'd say the 2021 bibshorts are better than their 2014 versions. You can expect these to get better over time.

The Cargo Bib Short (Men's) with Pockets
Mark Skidmore (Culver City, California, United States)
Cargo Bib = Comfort + Functionality

I'm writing the review which I do very rarely because I feel strongly about sharing my story. I came across RW site by chance while looking for a new pair of Assos shorts. I started reading the reviews, read the story, watched the cool video of the 3-D chamois creation and decided to take a chance on a brand I never heard of. I ordered a pair in my my size from the sizing guide (Large as I'm 6'1" and 200#s) which fit very nicely. Did 15 mins on the trainer to confirm they fit and then two days later on Veteran's Day was a holiday for me I decided on short notice to ride 100 miles down to pay my respects and visit my Dad's marker and the US National Cemetery in San Diego. After that over to the famous birthplace of the Triathlon marker before having a beer and taking the train back north in Irvine to my parked car. The pockets are massive as they are functional. I couldn't believe how comfortable the bid is. I'm a new megafan waiting now for some shorts to be released in the future since there is no more work to be done on the cargo bib to make perfect!

The Entry Bib Short (Men's)
Michael (La Jolla, California, United States)
You can ride in comfort all day long wearing these bibshorts!

I ride my road/gravel bike 20+ miles daily and own a half dozen bibshorts. Most of my riding time is spent climbing. The Red White Entry Bibshort felt tight at first, however, after 1,000 miles, they are the most comfortable bibs I have worn to date. You can't go wrong with the price when compared to big name brands. I will definitely buy again!

The Winter Bib Tights (Men's) with Pad
Patrick Naughton (Denver, Colorado, United States)
Excellent fit and very comfortable.

Excellent fit and very comfortable. I was worried being overdressed while climbing but they were perfect

Really happy you like these. The Winter Bib Tights are incredibly versatile because of the fabric choice. I'm discontinuing the thermal bibshorts (The BIB Thermal) because if you buy The Winter Tights, you don't need them. Pairing thermal bibs with leg warmers is combination that easily replaced with good quality tights that can handle a wide range of temperatures.