The 3/4 Winter Bib Tight with Pad (Men's)


**This product uses the same polar bear fur bio-mimicking thermal lycra used in our full length winter tights. The wide operating temperature makes it an incredibly versatile material.

The 3/4 Winter Bib Tight with Pad (Men's) is a warm, fleece-backed 3/4 bib tight. It is recommended for use on those warmer days in the colder months when a pair of summer bib shorts is simply too cold and full length tights are too warm.

We recommend using this 3/4 tight in temperatures between 10°C - 18°C (50 °F - 65°F). This winter bib tight uses a fleece-backed lycra that is made using hollow yarns. These yarns create an air-based insulation layer that is lightweight and warmThis 3/4 Winter Bib Tight uses  the same long-distance chamois in our popular long distance bib shorts.

To prevent riders' torsos from overheating, the upper straps on this 3/4 Winter Bib Tight is made from a lightweight mesh summer fabric. The ends of this tight is finished with our signature Silicone Macrodot Gripper.

About this Thermal Fabric :

We took care in choosing a thermal fabric that makes this winter bib tight a joy to use on your cold rides. The fabric has a wide operational temperature range, making it versatile. This fabric has the following features :

  • Recommended for temperatures between 10°C - 18°C (50 °F - 65°F)**
  • Hydrophobic Treatment - repels light rain & road spray
  • Brushed Inner Fleece for soft on-skin feel
  • Piling-Resistant
  • Contains Hollow Yarns - uses the thermal properties of air to insulate you against the cold while remaining lightweight, like a polar bear's fur
  • Polyamide on the outside of the fabric and polyester on the inside against the skin allows sweat to evaporate. Polyester yarn has a low hygroscopicity, that absorbs little water, while the polyamide yarn has a hygroscopicity that’s 3x higher. The difference of hygroscopicity between the two fibres quickly transports moisture to the outside of the fabric. Your body stays dry and comfortable
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    3/4 Winter Bib Tight Overview:
    • Made in Romania using Bluesign® and OEKO-TEX® certified suppliers
    • Proprietary Moulded Chamois for rides over 5 hours
    • Engineered Thermal Fabric from Carvico of Italy. See feature list at top of this page
    • Minimal Seams
    • Lightweight, Stretchy & Soft Mesh Fabric on upper
    • Full Durable Flatlock Stitching
    • Non-Slip, Comfy Silicone Macrodot Gripper
    • SPF 50+ UV protection

    ** Everyone has different tolerance to temperature. This recommended range is a guide and gives you the absolute max and min temperatures most riders can use these bib tights in. The closer you get to each limit, the less comfortable you'd be. Always do a weather check before riding during winter. Stay safe!

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      Model is 6 foot 1 inch, 40" Hip & Glute circumference, weighs 182 lbs. He is wearing a size XL in The 3/4 Winter Bib Tight with Pad (Men'


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      Measuring Glute for 3/4 Winter Bib Tight

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