**新製品。 2020年3月に発売。 



エントリービブショーツは、3時間未満のライドをする新しいサイクリスト向けに設計されています。このビブショーツは、中密度のシャモア(熱成形ではない)とM.I.T.I. &イタリアのエフェピ。このビブショーツは、当社の従来の長距離ビブショーツと同じ工場で製造されています。使用されているファブリックは、SPF 50+定格です。


  • ルーマニア製 Bluesign®およびOEKO-TEX®認定サプライヤーを使用
  • 3時間未満のライド向けの中密度シャモア。
  • BIBと同じフィット感とパターン
  • イタリア語M.I.T.I.ナイロン混紡ライクラ(80%ポリアミド、20%エラスタン)により、優れた通気性とビブストラップ用の軽量Effepiメッシュを実現。
  • 同じ滑り止め シリコーンマイクロドットグリッパー BIBとして
  • SPF UV 50+ Sun Protection Factorファブリック
  • 超軽量のワイドトップメッシュデザイン
  • 完全なフラットロックステッチ

RedWhiteの長距離ビブショーツは大きな投資です。あなたはあなたのライディング体験を向上させるために正しいサイズを購入したいです。以下のフォームを使用して、パーソナライズされたbibshortのサイジングプロセスを開始してください。 何千人もの幸せな顧客 このサイジングサービスを使用しています。


    All orders ship for free worldwide. We use a mix of reliable couriers including Fedex, DHL Express & QExpress. More information here.

    Dive deeper into the technical details of our Bib Shorts & Tights. The link below takes you to our Product Deep Dives blog.

    Product Deep Dives

    すべてのRedWhiteアパレルビブショーツとジャージは、クラッシュ交換ポリシーの対象です。このポリシーのもとで、ライディングまたはレース中にクラッシュを経験し、RedWhiteアパレルの衣服を損傷した場合、 交換キットが50%オフ。

    クラッシュ交換を開始するには、メール yuva@redwhite.cc 次の情報を提供します。

    • クラッシュの詳細
    • けがの写真 
    • 破損した衣服の写真
    • 表示されている価格の50%で交換したい服のサイズとモデル。



    crash replacement programme for bibshorts and jerseys

    RedWhite's Return Policy is available here. Do note that Team Bundle purchases have special rules. Details at the link above.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 128 reviews
    Benjamin Terrill (Cathedral City, California, United States)
    Great short range shorts.

    Love these shorts - they are very well made (like all R+W products) but much lighter and perfect for that 1-2 hour rip. Will probably get a few more pairs for my weekday after work riding needs.

    Ryan (Memphis, Tennessee, United States)
    World Class Customer Service

    In addition to previous review, I must say that the customer service Yuva provides is unmatched!! The quality and customer service makes this company unbeatable.

    Ryan (Hensley, Arkansas, United States)
    Definitely would recommend

    5'10" 178cm 186lbs (84kg) I have now been on multiple rides with "the entry bib short" from Red White. I love these, my rides in them average around 1 hour and 30 minutes and they are great for that length. I wore them and rode a 100k ride lasting just less than 4 hours and at that point they were still great, but it was definitely pushing the boundaries in my opinion. I love these and would definitely recommend them to anyone. I have not yet been on a ride with "the stealth bib short", but if the quality is as good as it is for "the entry bib short" Im sure I will love them too.

    Thank you so much for the kind words Ryan. For anyone reading this review : Please note that Ryan is wearing size XL in both The BIB & The Entry Bibshort.

    Henry Hodgson (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)
    Commuter Pair

    I have an existing winter full length and a stealth pair, I needed an everyday pair for commuting, these are well priced, comfortable and sufficient quality and comfort for the price range. delivery was perfect

    Really happy you like The Entry Bib Short Henry :)

    Theo (La Jolla, California, United States)
    entry level bib shorts

    Appreciate the sizing advice. 34" waist, 6'4", 200lbs. Ended up with the XL which fits snugly but not tight. The bibs feel a little bulky between the legs but that disappears when cycling. Overall a great pair of bibs for a very reasonable price.

    Renzon M. (El Paso, Texas, United States)
    Very confortable bibs

    I am new into mountain biking and decided to order some entry bibs. I could no be happier. They fit great and chamois is really comfortable. Their customer service is excellent. You can spect a fast response to any question you have.

    Javier Estrella (Los Angeles, California, United States)

    The entry bib shorts fit nice and snug. The chamois is very comfortable on my 3 hour rides. You have a customer for life , I will be ordering from you guys in the near future .

    Matthew L. (Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada)

    This is my first foray into bib shorts and they have worked great. The advise for fit was excellent

    Steven Bennis (Buena Vista, Colorado, United States)
    The perfect bib

    This is my second pair. Bought these for shorter rides and they have worked beautifully! Service has been fantastic and super fast shipping! All my other bike shorts have been retired and these will be all I use from now on!! Thanks Yuva

    Tom M (Sherman Oaks, California, United States)
    First pair of bib shorts and I love them

    Yuva couldn't be nicer. He was extremely quick to respond and he helped me find just the right size bib short. I won't be buying from anyone else in the future. These bib shorts are excellent.