BIB-ステルスは同じです BIB 同じ長距離シャモアとM.I.T.I.生地。象徴的な赤 BIBの上部メッシュの色は黒に置き換えられ、ロゴは木炭に置き換えられ、控えめでステルスな外観を作成しています。

BIB-ステルスは5時間以上のライドに対応し、以下のようなイベントで使用されています :
  • 大陸横断レース
  • オーダックスの乗り物
  • パリブレストパリ
  • アメリカを横断するレース


  • ルーマニア製 Bluesign®およびOEKO-TEX®認定サプライヤーを使用
  • 独自の 成形シャモア 5時間以上のライド
  • 抗菌コーティングされたシャモア
  • イタリア語M.I.T.I.ナイロン混紡ライクラ(80%ポリアミド、20%エラスタン)により、優れた通気性を実現。
  • 長時間のライドに適した中圧縮
  • 滑り止め シリコーンマイクロドットグリッパー 
  • SPF UV 50+ Sun Protection Factor
  • 超軽量のワイドトップメッシュデザイン
  • 完全なフラットロックステッチ
  • Bluesign®およびOEKO-TEX® 
      サイジングチャートは役に立ちませんか?私たちの ヘルプデスクのサイジング。
      Men's Bibshort sizing chart

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1116 reviews
      Ian F-R (Austin, Texas, United States)
      My 6th pair of RW bibs

      Purchased L. I'm 6'2" (188cm) tall and 177 lbs (80kg). Good fit, snug but comfortable.
      I love the Stealth bibs for my long distance rides. I have worn them for 3+ years, on brevets from 100 km to 1200 km, and I have never had problems with them. I like the pad thickness, which I feel is not that bulky, given how comfortable it is. I wash them immediately after riding and air dry, and they are lasting me well through two long seasons. I also appreciate the quality of communication and customer service that RedWhite/Yuva provides. Highly recommended.

      Patrick Lynch (South Haven, Michigan, United States)
      Hand washing

      I’m totally convinced hand washing the bibs after every ride and air drying them but NOT in the sun, greatly extends the life of the product.
      Thank you for providing a quality bib at a great price !

      John C. (Cincinnati, Ohio, United States)

      Excellent quality and superior customer service. According to the size chart I should've purchased a medium Stealth Bib but I was hesitant because I wear a large in every other brand. I sent an email to Yuva and after supplying additional measurements he recommended a large (I am 5'10" 157 pounds but apparently have large thighs). The fit of the large is perfect. The length is ideal and the chamois has proven itself on 100+ miles rides. I will definitely be purchasing another pair!

      Ramsey Hanna (Arlington, Virginia, United States)

      This is by far the most comfortable bib short I’ve owned, and this is coming from someone who regularly does double and triple centuries. These are much more comfortable than my more $$$$ pactimo and asaos bib shorts, I don’t think I’ll ever buy another. I bought the medium for the stealth and the large for the cargo bib short. I am 511 and size 34 waist and I went with medium for stealth and large for cargo. They both felt tight initially but once on the bike they’re perfect.

      Dave Chin (Singapore, Singapore)
      Awesome bib short.

      This is the best bib short I even owned. Very comfortable and fit me well. It is the best bib short for long distance ride.

      Yasir Khan (Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
      The 'Bona FIde' Long Ride Shorts

      You want to do a long ride without chafing and discomfort from being in the saddle for longer than three hours (those are the times I do) these are the shorts for you. I have bibs from many renowned brands but they haven't lived up to the amounts they charge and the quality I have received in the products. I have done three rides of three hours plus in the simmering summer heat of Dubai and these have really lived up to the specs stated in the hours you can spend in them. I will be buying more! More than happy with the product!!!

      Raymond (Singapore, Singapore)
      Best pair of bib shorts I've ever owned

      Fantastic shirts. Dont let the thin cushion fools you, it provided more than adequate support for long rides. Done a few >70km rides and absolutely no saddle sore or discomforts. Will definitely get a other pair I can poison another 3 friends to get it together for the discount.

      RForrister (Equality, Illinois, United States)
      These are Tough and Long Lasting

      I purchased my first pair of bibs last year. They became my favorite bibs and when I went to order more... oh no... pandemic... yikes. They became available I purchased 2 new pair. On my very first ride in my new Bibs I crashed and slid right across the road over gravel. Glad to say not even a blemish on my new bibs. Not so much for my leg, hip and back or my jersey. Now for my original bibs. I have over 1000 miles in those and they are still going strong. Will purchase more as soon as my wife gives me back my credit card.

      Muhammad 'Ashri Zainal (Singapore, Singapore)
      Love the anti slip on the thighs!

      Bib shorts are not irritable, they wash easily (low temp, tumble washed) and the seams are awesome. saving up for my 2nd pair!

      David Murphy (Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand)
      Excellent bibs with improved materials

      This is my second pair of stealths and my third bib short from red white. I am pleased I used the size selector as the fit has changed a little from my last purchase a few years ago. The feel of the material is nicer and the seams are less noticeable. The pad feels better while riding and the bibs move less on the saddle when going from standing to sitting. So less adjustment while riding to get that perfect sit on the saddle. Very impressed and well done with improving a product that I already was a huge fan of.

      Welcome back David. Yes, I changed the fabric to something more compressive and the shorts got tighter in the hips because of that. It helps to keep the pad in place better as the shorts age as well. Always improving my flagship bibshort ;)