BIB-ステルスは同じです BIB 同じ長距離シャモアとM.I.T.I.生地。象徴的な赤 BIBの上部メッシュの色は黒に置き換えられ、ロゴは木炭に置き換えられ、控えめでステルスな外観を作成しています。

BIB-ステルスは5時間以上のライドに対応し、以下のようなイベントで使用されています :
  • 大陸横断レース
  • オーダックスの乗り物
  • パリブレストパリ
  • アメリカを横断するレース


  • ルーマニア製 Bluesign®およびOEKO-TEX®認定サプライヤーを使用
  • 独自の 成形シャモア 5時間以上のライド
  • 抗菌コーティングされたシャモア
  • イタリア語M.I.T.I.ナイロン混紡ライクラ(80%ポリアミド、20%エラスタン)により、優れた通気性を実現。
  • 長時間のライドに適した中圧縮
  • 滑り止め シリコーンマイクロドットグリッパー 
  • SPF UV 50+ Sun Protection Factor
  • 超軽量のワイドトップメッシュデザイン
  • 完全なフラットロックステッチ
  • Bluesign®およびOEKO-TEX® 

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1400 reviews
      HowardP (Mundelein, Illinois, United States)
      Great Investment

      I recently ordered my 2nd pair of bibs. My first pair has held up well. The chamois still feels like new after dozens of washings and hundreds of hours sitting between me and my saddle.

      Can’t beat the quality and price

      Steven Dahlgren (Bolinas, California, United States)
      My first bib!

      Initially I wondered why a bib is even necessary. After all, I have had the same bagged out REI bike shorts for years and they work OK. But trying out new gear helps me stay motivated and moving forward in biking, so I bought these based on a social media ad I saw...

      I'm glad I tried the stealth bib, for the following reasons:

      - padding is excellent, with different zones where you need more or less of it
      -bib makes you feel like a pro, keeping shorts from shifting during long rides
      -super lightweight material
      -great leg grip, also keeps them in place all day
      -reasonable overseas direct shipping time, with great follow up and service, including interesting weekly email posts featuring current and historic bike news...

      Worth a try!!

      Danny Blaylock love these bibs will definitely buy more (Thomasville, Georgia, United States)
      Great Bibs

      The best bibs I own wish I had found out about them sooner. I will definitely be buying more in the near future

      Ed Fallon (Pardeeville, Wisconsin, United States)
      Great new shorts for an old(er) man

      I'm a Wisconsin rider, our spring was cold and it took me a while to put any miles on my R&W Bib's. I have something over 500 mi on them now and I really like them. I'm 71, 6'1' and 183 lbs. Historically I liked doing 5 to 7 day supported rides, 70 mi daily. Because of family and Covid issues I've been riding 40 mi rides from home. Some of you may think these shorts are overkill for my current riding but they are not, they are very comfortable and will allow me to ride comfortably several days a week. I had been a PI shorts guy but I don't like their current laser cut suspenders. And while the Bib fits quite different than the PI after the seventh or so ride they became my preferred short. I was concerned the Bib's chamois wouldn't breath well but I've got to say it's been very comfortable and actually more comfortable than the PI's. Definitely follow Yuva's advice for sizing, mine are tighter than I thought I'd like but I've come to really like them. Hope to have a few thousand miles on them by the end of the WI season.

      Brenton Finklea (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States)
      Truly excellent quality

      For a solid price point, these bibs have held up to some serious abuse and miles, and been comfortable along the way. Strongly recommended as your go-to for daily training rides or your weekend centuries. An easy 5 stars.

      KenG (Naperville, Illinois, United States)
      Best yet

      Got the stealth bibs and first ride was over 50 miles on my road bike and wore them yesterday on my tri bike and they were great. Next up is a fast century ride (100 miles) They are so comfortable and don't move at all especially with the correct sizing based on the chart. I have dealt with Yuva in the past and he is super super helpful and makes sure you're getting the best fit for you. Highly recommend these to anybody and for the price it's excellent value!

      STEPHEN CLAYTON (O'Fallon, Missouri, United States)
      RW shorts at Unbound 2022

      First time at Unbound 200. RW shorts were awesome! No issues and great comfort through 15 hours in the saddle on the roughest 200 miles I have ever traversed. We were rained on for half the day - no issues. I have done PBP and 200-600 KM Brevets etc. - Best pair of Bibs I have ever worn.

      Really honoured you chose to ride RWs at Unbound 200! - Yuva

      HING (Singapore, Singapore)
      Very nice

      I have the entry bib which is nice. The chamois on the bib - stealth is better than the entry bib in terms of fit and comfort for longer rides. My third pair of bibshorts from Red White so that's saying a lot about satisfaction!

      Paul Buss (Plano, Texas, United States)
      As Advertised

      Bought the Steath bib shorts two months ago and think they fit and wear as well as any I have owned. They run a little tight but not a full size down so a Medium for me (33" waist - 6') is a snug but not uncomfortable. Have not been on a super-long ride with them yet but 20-30 milers are feeling great.

      Bevan Basham (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States)
      The bibs are great!

      A friend suggested RW bibs when we were discussing long rides are staying comfortable in the saddle. I had one pair of bibs from a competitor, but didn’t want to spend close to $200. These bibs are very comfortable. The padding fits well and there is no need to worry about where the seams fall. I also like that the suggested size worked out to be just right. My next purchase will be the bibs with the cargo pockets.