**サイズLは現在在庫切れです。別の色を選択することをお勧めします。我々は持っています BIBネイビー または BIBステルス.

BIBはRedWhiteのフラッグシップである長距離サイクリングビブショーツで、大きなマイルを快適に粉砕できるように設計されています。 BIBは5時間以上のライド向けに作られ、次のようなイベントで使用されています。

  • 大陸横断レース
  • オーダックスの乗り物
  • パリブレストパリ
  • アメリカを横断するレース


  • ルーマニア製 Bluesign®およびOEKO-TEX®認定サプライヤーを使用
  • 独自の 成形シャモア 5時間以上のライド
  • 抗菌コーティングされたシャモア
  • イタリア語M.I.T.I.ナイロン混紡ライクラ(80%ポリアミド、20%エラスタン)により、優れた通気性を実現。
  • 長時間のライドに適した中圧縮
  • 滑り止め シリコーンマイクロドットグリッパー 
  • SPF UV 50+ Sun Protection Factor
  • 超軽量のワイドトップメッシュデザイン
  • 完全なフラットロックステッチ
サイジングチャートは役に立ちませんか?私たちの ヘルプデスクのサイジング。
Men's Bibshort sizing chart
Dive deeper into the technical details of this Winter Bib Tight. This article is detailed and requires at least 15 minutes to read : Winter Bib Tight Deep Dive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Andrew from Australia (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Toasty warm!

Wore them for the first time on a chilly morning ride in the Dandenongs. It was 4 degrees C and I was warm as toast. The fit is as good as the bib shorts and they offer as good value for money.
Another great product from Yuva!

Stephen P from New Zealand (Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand)
Comfortable and Warm for spring riding

First time I've used winter bib tights. They should be perfect for riding early spring where temperatures range for freezing up to 16 degrees Celsius. Very comfortable on the centuries I've been out on. Sizing is perfect.

Dave Turner (Usk, Washington, United States)
Great for cold weather

Great Red White chamois as in "The Bib". Best chamois I've ever tried and all that I use now for road cycling. Fit is race style; tight-close fitting, just like I like, no flapping in the wind for lost watts. RedWhite's "fit chart" worked perfectly for me again Zippered ankles greatly improve ease of donning / doffing. Insulation material is thin but warm, and seemingly very efficent. Sweat is wicked away from your skin. These have replaced my prior cold weather setup of The Bib and a pair of soft shell/insulated tights, for a more streamlined affair. I have used these in temperatures ranging from 45*F to 37*F and have stayed warm, but not too warm. Below 40*, I do bunch up a pair of poly underwear/briefs to better insulate my "package" groin area.

Summary: Another winner from RedWhite! I highly recommend this product as-well-as "The Bib". A plus, this is a great company. I feel like I'm doing the world some good by purchasing their products.

John Hayne (Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia)
Long John in winter

Got new Medium Winter Bib Tights and Yuva was very helpful found the fit great but a little tight that I am sure once worn a few times they will be perfect. Normal issue I find with medium tight the legs length is a little short but these if anything are a little long but nothing to worry about for my long legs. As usual the comfort is great and am sure once out of lock down and can do long rides they are going to be amazing especially in the cold and windy weather here in Canberra's winters.

John (Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand)
Super Comfy, super warm

Got these in the same size as my standard red/white bibs. Fit was perfect and once again was very happy with my purchase. Performed excellently on my first ride and couldn't be happier!!

Matt Nadolny (Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada)
Bibs for the colder weather

Bought the longer bibs for colder weather and they did not disappoint during a recent wet and damp period

Lloyd Lee (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Comfortable Bib as always

This is my second bib from redwhite and still the most comfortable bib. This is the only bib where I do not use chamois cream.
The winter bib is really warm. Legs are warm from the time you wear it until the end of the ride.
Delivery was fast as well. Mine came 5 days after purchase.

Andrew Pipkorn (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Winter Bib Tights

I previously purchased the entry level bib shorts, and with the introduction of 3XL I purchased the winter bib tights. What a great product, perfect for winter here in Victoria, made perfectly, 3XL is great for a 200 cms person like me, and with an early winter they are so warm and comfortable.

Harm Van Donk (Wijk bij Duurstede, Utrecht, Netherlands)
Enjoying my "The Winter Bib Tights"

Received my winter bib tights last week and couldn't wait to try them. Since spring is being cancelled, and feels like a very long winter period, I could really use them! As all of my previous purchases, I really enjoy these winter tights (size L). The form is perfect for me, although my legs are not that long, but they are pretty muscled. As every RW tights, you have to wear them more often (and longer!), but I can already tell the fit is great and the fabric very comfortable. The only downside for me that it is very modest in its appearance, I would like a brighter or clearer logo. For the rest: great job Yuva!

Avrom Caplan (New City, New York, United States)
Been waiting for these for a long time

The winter bib tights are my third pair of Red/White Bibs and they are very good indeed. The strengths: warm, cover my legs well and the same great chamois as my short bibs and great fabric. The overall fit is very good but a bit snug and very tight around the ankles where they are zipped. These are minor concerns compared to the overall fit and finish of the bib - great product and worth the wait.