**サイズLは現在在庫切れです。別の色を選択することをお勧めします。我々は持っています BIBネイビー または BIBステルス.

BIBはRedWhiteのフラッグシップである長距離サイクリングビブショーツで、大きなマイルを快適に粉砕できるように設計されています。 BIBは5時間以上のライド向けに作られ、次のようなイベントで使用されています。

  • 大陸横断レース
  • オーダックスの乗り物
  • パリブレストパリ
  • アメリカを横断するレース


  • ルーマニア製 Bluesign®およびOEKO-TEX®認定サプライヤーを使用
  • 独自の 成形シャモア 5時間以上のライド
  • 抗菌コーティングされたシャモア
  • イタリア語M.I.T.I.ナイロン混紡ライクラ(80%ポリアミド、20%エラスタン)により、優れた通気性を実現。
  • 長時間のライドに適した中圧縮
  • 滑り止め シリコーンマイクロドットグリッパー 
  • SPF UV 50+ Sun Protection Factor
  • 超軽量のワイドトップメッシュデザイン
  • 完全なフラットロックステッチ

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
David Waldron (Orem, Utah, United States)
Warm Bib Tights

These Bib Tights fit just like the shorts. Nice and warm. I have ridden with them around 35-40 F. I recommend them.

Dan Sloan (Nashua, New Hampshire, United States)
As usual ,great product

Discovered this company last year. Haven't been disappointed yet. Best chamois on the market, fast service and great fit and finish

Colin Lee (Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark)

These have to be the best set of tights I have ever owned, great pad for long-distance and amazing protection from the cold.
Love how the under layer of red is shown when stretched. Just finished the Festive 500 and wore these for ever ride possible. Very happy

David Holmes (Laurel, Maryland, United States)

I've own a few pairs of the regular bibs and the entry bibs. I've enjoyed the quality of the materials, durability, value for money plus the chamois has been the best I've used. I needed winter bibs so didn't hesitate to go with Red/White. I've worn the winter bibs on quite a few rides in temps from 25F and up to 60F varying in length from 25 miles up to 80. They've been fantastic. The chamois is what I've always experienced. Materials provide great support. The red fleece on the inside keeps me warm without over heating. I like the added touch of the fleece being incorporated on the inside of the front straps. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again. I look forward to continuing to have RedWhite as my cycling bibs of choice and supporting Yuva's business.

jin (Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan)
I love it!

I have ridden over 300km with this tights in this month. I hven't feel cold, the pad is good. Of course quality is also good. I love it!

Jeff (Northville, Michigan, United States)
Warm comfortable quality

I ordered these after seeing many great reviews and I was not disappointed! MANY other Winter Bibs are available out there, but not at this price point, but I'd heard/read good things about Yuva's quality so I thought I should try them. I'm in Michigan and try to ride as much as possible even through the winter so a winter bib is imperative. Yuva gave me the size recommendation, and he was dead-on! These bibs fit perfect. They stretch nice, the seams are sewn very nice ...very impressed with the quality of the garment for sure. Now, the real test .... outside on the bike. I've been on rides with these bibs from 45 degress, to 28 degrees F and I must say, they perform as advertised! I wasn't sure how the ride would go in 28 degrees, but I admit I was comfy all things considered. These bibs have the long distance chamois in them also, ...very comfortable! My longest ride so far this winter has been 30 miles and this chamois does a really nice job, very comfortable the entire ride. If you're looking for winter bibs, and you ride in approx 30'F weather ...look no further. Great quality, performance and price-point. I'll be getting long-distance bibs future also! Thanks Yuva!

take (Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan)
Very comfortable! とても快適です!

Highly recommended.おススメです!

Dan in VA (Charlottesville, Virginia, United States)
The perfect thermal tights!

I finally had the chance to put these winter tights to the test recently and they performed perfectly. They were just what I have been looking for. They are very stretchy (not always true with thermals) and have great compression. Everything was up to what I have come to expect from RedWhite. They kept me nice and warm on my rides. One ride was below 25F (-4C) and these were perfect when I was in the sun but I probably could have used another layer to keep me warm in the shade. They are a definite must-have. For reference I am 6’2” (1.88m) and 215lbs (97kg) and the XL is perfect. I saw another review from someone my size who went with a 2XL, and I could imagine that would also work for me. The XL definitely did the trick for me though. The legs are plenty long enough, which I was worried about.
I love these tights!

Dane DeVetter (La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States)
Great fit and very warm for Wisconsin winter cycling

The material feels great against my skin, keeps me warm, and fits great. The chamois keeps me comfortable for hours-long rides, so I'm a happy customer!

N. Kraft (Aurora, Ontario, Canada)
Best bib tights ever !!

I waited a month or so before posting this so that I could test them under various weather and riding conditions. I am primarily a road rider/racer, but also do some gravel biking.

Simply put: these are fantstic cycling tights regardless of price (but a great bargain as well). BUY THEM !! For more details, read on:

The fit I am 6'2" and 160lbs (188cm / 72kg) and size L fits perfectly. I usually take XL in my usual bike brands, but according to the fit page and also Yuva's advice, I went for the L and it is a good fit - enough compression with no bunching, yet easy to get on and off. I should add that Yuva's personal accessibility and knowledge were exemplary; a rarity in today's world..!! The material is quite stretchy and there are no bunching issues in the usual spots such as the inside hip joint/groin when the legs flex upward. Altogether they are very comfortable in every riding position - relaxed or aero. I discovered that pulling them on, it is best to roll up each leg first, rather than pull up from the waist as this might distort the fabric over time. I'm not sure that the cuff zipper is necessary, given the stretch in the fabric, but the zips have stops so they can never come open by themselves. Overall this is a wonderfully designed garment from the ergonomic and comfort standpoint.

The chamois: The pad is an ingenious multi-layered design, which does its job supremely well. At first blush, walking around the house, it seemed that the pad was a bit bulky, but as soon as I got on the bike it virtually disappeared - no binding or feeling like I'm wearing a big diaper. The main job of the pad of course is moisture control, and this was superbly handled even in the most energetic of workouts. I never felt any chaffing or 'squishiness' due to perspiration.. The pad is not there to give comfort or compensate for a bad bike fit or saddle, but for those looking to relieve pressure points, this pad is quite generous in that sense, yet I never lost the feeling of contact with my bike at all. Full marks for the chamois as most makers really fall short in this area, which can make or break a quality garment, not to mention destroy a bike ride. My favourite (Swiss) shorts maker has been evolving their chamois repeatedly over the past 20 years that I have used them, and Red White seems to have hit the nail on the head with no complaints. BRAVO !!

The fabric: The most difficult job of cool and cold weather cycling clothing is to wick away moisture while still keeping the heat in; a very delicate balance. Most jackets and tights have various wind blocking areas in front combined with more perforated areas in underarms or back to carry away moisture. At first I was concerned that there are no wind-block panels in these tights and thought they might be too chilly on quick rides in the cold, but not so. The fleecy nature of the fabric forms a good insulation layer against the skin, and yet seems to draw moisture away efficiently so there is never any temperature transfer due to convection. It seems that the outer 'skin' is enough of a wind/cold barrier, yet lets enough air pass to the inner layer for evaporation, but not through to the rider's skin. Brilliant ! These tights are best used between 5 and 16 degrees Celsius (40-60F), depending on the workout exertion, wind speed, etc. - quite a wide range really. I have ridden with them as cold as minus 4 and also warmer than +16, but this is beyond the 'comfort zone' of this piece. I also tried using a light nylon overpant at -6 deg on a gravel-bike ride and I was totally comfortable. So some layering options can be explored for extreme conditions.

All in all, this is a wonderful cycling tight, I can think of no negatives. Every functional aspect seems to have been thoroughly thought out and the manufacturing (fabric, stitching, etc.) is of the highest quality, at least on a par with the best in the industry, some of which cost 2 or 3 times as much as these tights. This is the first product I have used from RedWhite, but I will be ordering my summer shorts from them this season. based on the quality of these tights. Thank you, Yuva !

N. Kraft,
Toronto, Canada