RedWhite Bib shorts are made in Europe



When you slip into a pair of RedWhites, you know it’s something special. Luxurious lycra that cocoons your body. A meaty chamois that feels reassuring on long rides. A generous wide gripper that feels like the continuation of the lycra, rather than a constrictive, tacky band. It’s a bibshort that we designed and built in Europe to conquer rides such as The Transcontinental Race and The Paris-Brest-Paris.

SINGAPORE – The Idea, R&D, Product Development


Singapore the idea for RedWhite Bib shorts


It all began on an island of 5 million at the heart of South East Asia. After being frustrated with the choices available in the market, RedWhite Apparel’s team sat down and designed what would become The BIB, a flagship long distance BibShort made using top notch fabrics, built around a plush and comfortable chamois using beautiful workmanship.


Sketches became fabric pattern layouts, which eventually became prototypes. Each one composed of fabrics from all around the world – Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Italy, Taiwan, China. Each one with different tweaks. A little fabric slope here. A 20mm reduction in circumference there. A removal of seams here.


Perfected and tuned through multiple fitting sessions on a wide variety of cycling bodies, ridden to oblivion to test comfort and durability, and finally multiple harsh wash cycles to ensure the final product does not fall apart in the laundry.

ITALY – Fabrics, Chamois, Experience




We worked exclusively with Italian owned businesses to bring our bibshorts to life. We experimented with various manufacturers and found that the Italians were by far the best in producing a BibShort that was sublime, more so during long rides.


Why? Experience, experience, experience.


This is a nation that invented the Audax ride. Some of the greats of cycling – Elissa Borghini, Marco Pantani, Fausto Coppi & Vincenzo Nibali hail from this nation. Italy is home to some of the greatest craftsmen and minds of the cycling world. Their skill and experience flows into every RedWhite BibShort we produce.


Our chamois’ were designed  by a disruptive Italian company that specializes in designing and manufacturing cycling pads using a unique Thermic Moulding process.


The Fabrics are sourced from MITI of Italy. MITI has been at the forefront of technical fabric innovation since 1935. Often investing heavily in R&D and manufacturing, their obsessive attention to detail results in the luxurious matte black lycra that we are known for.


MITI is obsessive about technical fabrics, going as far as controlling pH levels of the water used in the fabric dyeing process.


Our bibshorts would never have left the design board without manufacturing experience and help from our Italian manufacturing partner. They helped us source technical fabrics, translated our BibShort designs and dimension changes into fabric pattern layouts that can be laser-cut and sewn together with minimal waste and advised us on finishings and the very latest in available fabric technology.


HUNGARY – Raw Lycra from MITI


Lycra fabrics for RedWhite bib shorts


The luxury lycra used in The Bibs start life in MITI’s factory in Hungary. Nylon and Elastane is weaved into meters of greige , raw unfinished fabric. The factory, located 6 hours away from MITI headquarters in Urgnano, churns out vast quantities of the rough fabric that will eventually be dyed, softened and finished in MITI’s Italian facility for RedWhite Apparel’s use.


RedWhite currently uses a beautiful nylon based lycra in all our bibshorts. It’s a versatile lycra that’s lightweight enough to be used in high summer temperatures or paired with leg warmers for use in cooler temperatures.


CROATIA – The Chamois


RedWhite Chamois manufacturing in Croatia


We use a meaty long distance chamois in all our bibshorts. Packed with the very latest in fabric tech and made in a new way, The Chamois is manufactured in Croatia, in a facility operated by an independent Italian designer.


Each Chamois is inspected 3 times for quality assurance prior to leaving Croatia by truck to the central manufacturing facility in Romania.


ROMANIA – Final Assembly


It all comes together here.

  • Fabrics from Italy & Hungary
  • Chamois’ from Croatia
  • Expertise from Italy
  • Product Design from Singapore

The finished technical fabrics are sent to a laser cutting firm where they’re precision sliced into multiple fabric patterns.


Finally, these then head over to another facility where experienced hands sew them all together into our bibshorts.  Each one is thoroughly inspected prior to being packed and sent back to Italy by road for a final quality check before being air-flown to Singapore.