The KOM (Fondo)


The KOM (Fondo) is based on The BIB Bibshort. It features the same long-distance chamois & M.I.T.I. fabrics. Featuring the iconic polka-dots of the Grand Tour Climber’s Jerseys, it’s a bibshort that’s made for riders who enjoy long days in the mountains.

The KOM (Fondo) is tailor made for rides of more than 3 hours :

  • Transcontinental Race
  • AUDAX rides
  • Paris-Brest-Paris
  • Race Across America
  • London-Edinburgh-London
  • Race Across Britain

This product is Made in Europe



The tabs below are a summary of technical information about The BIB. We have extensive writeups for each Bibshort that can be found under Product Details.

RedWhite cycling bibs use Italian fabrics from MITI. The fabric used is a 220gsm matt black fabric with 20% Lycra POWER (an elastic fibre with compressive qualities) and 80% nylon.

As a result of this choice, the cycling bibshorts achieve a natural next-to-skin feel, with soft, supple and highly breathable lycra. Furthermore, the nylon based lycra provides superior anti-abrasion properties as opposed to polyester based lycra.

All RedWhite bibshort chamois, including the RACE chamois, are purpose built for long distance riding. A quick look and feel will tell you how much thicker and denser it is than the norm.

However, the thickness and densities are defined in the right areas to allow you to cycle further and longer without the dreaded onset of saddle sores. In addition for the race chamois, dimples are added to enable better heat dissipation.

Also, the chamois is constructed from Open-Cell foam of multiple densities.  The rear of the chamois is kept extremely plush to allow you to roll back onto your sit-bones – a position that’s common on long rides.

To accommodate the needs of more aggressive cyclists, the perineum area is elongated and firmed up to provide ample protection and comfort when an attacking rider goes into the drops and rolls forward onto the saddle.

A cycling bibshort requires some form of gripper to ensure it stays in position. RedWhite cycling bibs go one step further by ensuring the grippers provide the necessary grip without constricting your legs on a long ride. We call this a “Silicone Microdot Gripper“

A lycra fabric that’s overlaid with hundreds of microbeads of silicone is employed. Each dot works together to give an even and non-tacky grip on the skin, while the lycra base ensures your skin still breathes.

Getting the right fit means that the bibshort should disappear on you when you ride. No flapping excesses to remind and annoy you.

As a result, the bibs pattern was constructed to follow the curves of the lycra. The design intent was to create a mesh that hugs the body all around and remains like a skin-suit even when the user goes into the drops. Furthermore, a belly panel was added to provide further abdominal support.

Additional information

Weight 0.210 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 533 reviews

Very well made and very comphy fit only have 150 miles so far!

Soooo Comfortable

They live up to their description, the variable thickness of the chamois does what it is supposed to do and more ..... no shuffling on the saddle, and no numbing.

Surprisingly warm in -10 deg C.

My long distance go to from now on.


Easy to say the best bib shorts i ever had!! These shorts sit so perfectly and the material is so soft. There can not be more comfortable bibs than these! And the price is great too! I can only recommend!!

First RedWhite Bib, very satisfied

Since I subscribed for an ultra race I got bombed with advertisements for RedWhite bibs on FaceBook. But it attracted my attention. I decided to try the KOM and Stealth Fondo. Package passed customs without extra costs. Untill now very pleased with. Comfortable and they look good as well. Conclusion: good quality for a nice price!

Super comfortable bib

Bought the bib along with a top. I got my normal size for the bib while I sized up for the top which was perfect. The bib is super comfortable and the fit is great but I just find the leg length to be a bit short. The top comes with nice long sleeves but I find the bib is cut a bit short in the leg (for me). Maybe I should have sized up with the bib as well... Apart from that, I think these are great and I'd recommend them for sure.