The SOCK – Pink


The SOCK is an all-round piece of kit that’s ideal for your epic Gran-Fondo rides or for your local fast crit. Like every RedWhite product, The SOCK has been thoughtfully designed and extensively tested to ensure they become your Go-Tos.

Features :

  1. Free Size (fits US Foot Sizes 8 – 12)
  2. Woven from 57% nylon & 43% spandex yarns
  3. Stylish 7 inch cuff height (pro-length)
  4. Top-foot mesh weave (keep those feet cool!)
  5. Mid-foot power-band weave (keeps the footbed secure)

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Like all RedWhite Apparel products, The SOCK (Pink) is the product of thoughtful design and extensive ride-testing. Woven in 1-piece on an automated weaver, every pair of The SOCK features an mesh weave on the foot-top and a woven power-band on the mid-foot to keep it well secured and cool on long rides.

The SOCK also features a stylish 7″ cuff length.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 cm

Shipping Information

Free Worldwide Shipping on all Gloves. No minimum spend required.

Sizing Information

The SOCK comes in Free Size. They fit US Foot Sizes 8-12

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Best cycling socks I've used.

Purchased pair of these socks with my Bibs order. Snug fitting but very comfy, nice thickness. Will definitely get a couple more pairs with my next order.

Great colour range

They're a good fit and length. I bought a pack of 4 different colours and really like them

Goldilocks of Socks

I have tonnes of cycling socks in the top drawer. Some are too short, some too long, some are just right. Some are too tight to get on, some are to loose when on and some are just right. Some get too sweaty and don't breathe enough and some breathe so much my shoes get wet and some are just right.

These socks, for me, fall into the 'just right' category. Great price for what you get and I will certainly be buying more!

All good.

Bit hard to get excited about a pair of socks but these fit and grip well plus dried off quickly the other week after being caught out in the wet. Good price point a bonus.

Fantastic Bibs!

I just wanted to say, very quick delivery. Beautiful cut and fit to the kit i bought,particularly the fondo bibs. They feel Fantastic in use, and i'm looking forward to many miles use from them.
Definitely will be back for more in future.....Thanks so much Yuva!!