(Men's) The JERSEY - Lilac


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    The JERSEY (Red) is a lightweight cycling jersey designed for long summer rides.

    The Jersey was constructed using 2 fabrics – a semi-mesh fabric for the torso area and a light lycra fabric for the sleeves, side panels & tapered collar. The rear pockets are large, to allow for storage of long-ride essentials and fuel. When not in use, these large pockets lie flat.

    An oversized Resin Zipper is used that is smooth and locks in place. This allows for easy adjustment of the zipper’s position on the fly.

    Tech Features :

    • 135 gsm semi-mesh fabric (torso)
    • Lightweight lycra fabric (sleeves & side panel)
    • Close cut ergonomic collar
    • Rust-resistant resin zipper with lock feature
    • Three reinforced cargo pockets (easily fits 700ml water bottle & large smartphones)
    • Silicon waist gripper
    • Full flatlock stitching
    • Antibacterial and fast wicking treatment
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        Technical Information :

        Crash Replacement

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 32 reviews
        Perfect summer jersey

        I purchased this with some bibs and am very pleased. The material is perfect for the hot summer climate I live in. It wicks nicely to help cool. The fit is very tight. All of my jerseys are size large. This felt like a medium, but the material has enough give to make it work for me and remain comfortable. I’ll be looking for a long sleeved winter jersey from these folks now!

        Comfy Jersey

        The jersey is different from any I've had before- Champion, Pactimo, Voler, Pearl Izumi, Jakroo, Louis Garneu. Only one of those brands had something unique. The redwhite is unique due to the materials used in different panels, and the amazing zipper! The zipper feels industrial grade compared to most you'll find on a summer jersey. It connects easily, no need for a magnifying glass to match the ends. It also never hesitates, or sticks, when moving up and down. The arms are different than other jerseys, and fit much more comfortably. I've only worn this jersey on either heavy sweat rides or rain rides, but it breathes nicely, withe thinner more porous main body material. The pockets are a good size and easy to access. Sizing is accurate, but is more "racey" than I expected, but I was relieved to see that it was not a loose fitting tour jersey. And I must say I love the green color! I think I should get another green one, but I'll try a different color next. The green may seem a little camo, but it stands out in a crowd.


        Makes you feel good on the bike!
        Great value for little money. Just keep in mind that customs rates (Belgium) are not to be underestimated. But all included great quality for a fair total prive (part of bundle with bibs, base layer and socks). Lovin’ it!

        Great jersey!!!!

        Super happy with my buy, jersey fit perfect the fabric and fit excellent , my first option was the lilac en blue unfortunately all sold out but I'll be back to buy them thank's!!

        Surprisingly awesome jersey!

        I got my jersey as part of a bundle, and wasn't sure what to expect. I LOVE Red White's bibs, but I have always hard a hard time getting jerseys to fit well. I have a short trunk, big chest and long limbs, so usually end up with a bunch of material folded and twisting around the belly when riding. Not this time! Finally a jersey that fits nicely in length and chest. The larger than normal resin zippers seemed 'clunky' when I saw them, but...in sweaty humid Korea, they hold up really well, seem smooth, easy to use and honestly, I haven't noticed their size causing anything bad. The semi-mesh panels are very effective at wicking heat and sweat away. Maybe not good for our sub-zero winters here but...as a 3 season jersey, these semi-mesh panels are great. The sticky sleeves stay in place well, are very 'aero' and unlike many recent brands don't come all the way to the elbow. These respect the old school tan lines pretty well, about mid bicep (or maybe that's just my long arms). The pockets are deep. This needed me to spend some time getting used to them. At first it was hard to get stuff back in, but definitely would help keep a mini-pump secure. Superb value for money compared to similar quality/ materials in other brands.