The SOCK - Dark Blue


The SOCK is the perfect way to complete your RedWhite Kit. Each sock is woven in a single piece on a 3D weaving machine and features a mid-foot power band weave and a top-foot mesh weave that keeps the sock secure and cool on your feet.

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Features :

  1. 3D woven in Taiwan
  2. Free Size (fits US Foot Sizes 8 - 12)
  3. Woven from 57% nylon & 43% spandex yarns
  4. Stylish 7 inch cuff height (pro-length)
  5. Top-foot mesh weave (keep those feet cool!)
  6. Mid-foot power-band weave (keeps the footbed secure)

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Just My Size!

After wearing the red ones and the black ones for a few weeks, I ordered all the other colors! I have never been a sock connoisseur, I've only had favorites because of logos or images or stripe patterns. I had never had socks that fit so well that I looked for them over any others. The redwhite socks have changed everything!

After a few rides, they felt so good I thought I'd try them running, and they are great! I don't have odd size feet, but these seem to be made to fit my my size 42's. I even wear them to the office!

Having every color made allows many color mixes also! The bright colors are holding well, I'm even trying to kill the white ones, but haven't yet succeeded in making them permanently brown. The height is perfect, don't know if it passes the UCI rules, but these pass all my requirements.


Nice fit and very soft. Will wear during cooler weather.

The socks rock!

Got 2 pairs of these socks and frankly, I love them. They breathe really well, stay upright and don't twist, rub or feel soaked - even in Korea's 10000% monsoon humidity. Not as tall as some, but that's a bonus. Tan-lines shouldn't start at the knee IMHO. They seem to hold up well, and maintain the slight feeling of compression so far (about 26 hours or 700 odd km of use) yet avoid any cuff squeeze etc. Definitely buying more in the future.


You won't find a better sock for the price! I was skeptical of the one-size, but they are super stretchy and fit my size 10 US / size 44 EU foot perfectly.

Good, as simple as that!

Compression without being too tight, a comfy pair to wear on and off the bike!


Nicely compressive without being tight around the cuff.
Arch support is a nice touch and keeps The Sock from bagging. Colour is outrageous and I love it!

Love the feeling

I was glad to find out they fitted! (big feet)
The texture feels so nice and they don't move while in a shoe.
The only little thing: the spandex is in white so the top looks kind of ugly but in a shoe you can't see it and it doesn't bother me. Although, it seems like the spandex has weak spots and comes out in little wires. I mean very little wires, not performance damaging or anything. This doesn't seem to happen to the blue en pink ones, so maybe take this as a point of interest?
Overall, amazing socks!

Best cycling socks I've used.

Purchased pair of these socks with my Bibs order. Snug fitting but very comfy, nice thickness. Will definitely get a couple more pairs with my next order.

Great colour range

They're a good fit and length. I bought a pack of 4 different colours and really like them

Goldilocks of Socks

I have tonnes of cycling socks in the top drawer. Some are too short, some too long, some are just right. Some are too tight to get on, some are to loose when on and some are just right. Some get too sweaty and don't breathe enough and some breathe so much my shoes get wet and some are just right.

These socks, for me, fall into the 'just right' category. Great price for what you get and I will certainly be buying more!