a sponsorship programme for your cycling team / club.


The Team Sponsorship Programme is RedWhite’s support for members of cycling teams and clubs that regularly participate in races or mass-cycling events. Through the Team Sponsorship Programme, every member of your cycling team or club will be eligible for up to 2 bibshorts each at a special subsidised price every calendar year. Details are below :


Who is Eligible to Apply? 

  • Your cycling team / club must be active and regularly participate in races or mass-cycling events (gran-fondos, AUDAX etc).
  • Any discipline is eligible – Road, MTB, Cyclocross, Fixed-Gear etc.
  • Clubs or Teams with existing sponsors are welcome to apply. The only requirement for a successful application is regular participation in races & mass-cycling events.


What do Successful Applicants Get?

  • All members of your team / club will each receive up to 2 bibshorts each per year at a subsidised price.


How to Apply?

Application Form


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