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 We love music. We love it especially when we’re riding the turbo trainer or when we’re having breakfast and need to get pumped up for the ride ahead. Rule No.10 is a collection of 30 songs spanning various decades. We’ve pulled awesome tracks from ACDC, Meatloaf, Lorde, Dire Straits & more. We hope you enjoy this. Do give it a follow (the playlist will be automatically synched to your own personal Spotify account this way, making it easy to find again. You also do need a Spotify account to listen to this playlist. Get it! It’s worth it.) 

Access Rule No.10

Cavendish : The wheels of change.


“The gentleman’s agreement is gone now,” he says. “You used to get the GC guys dropping back and letting the sprinters get on with it. It’s not anything to moan about, just that times have changed. – Mark Cavendish

Covering racing, family life & sprint controversies, this article provides a glimpse into the mind & life of the Manx Missile. Enjoy.


Read on Rouler

FUEL : Sous Vide Tenderloin Beef.

This meal’s all about good lean protein that’s also super tasty and makes you feel like you’re cheating on your cycling diet (except you’re not). This meal isn’t exactly the easiest nor the cheapest to do. Tenderloin cuts do cost a pretty penny and you’ll need a sous video cooker (costs roughly USD 150 ish). You could opt for a cheaper cut and use an oven instead, but trust us – sous vide cookers give super predictable results and you won’t even need to watch your meat.


Ingredients :

  1. Beef tenderloin cut (roughly 1kg – we assume you’re hungry)
  2. Oil for searing (avoid olive oil and choose an oil with a high heating temp like regular vegetable oil)
  3. Butter
  4. Thyme sprigs
  5. Rosemary


Recommended Tweaks :

  1. The seasoning is really upto you. What we gave above is almost a purist’s approach to cooking beef. You could try a beautiful bourbon glazed sous-vide recipe  instead.
  2. Don’t have a sous video cooker? Use an oven. See here. 
  3. Don’t fear adding and experimenting with spices such as allspice and cinnamon. Remember to taste, taste, taste!
  4. Feeling indulgent after a 300km ride? Finish off your dish with a beautiful bourbon glaze. Recipe here .


See Full Recipe. 

redwhites in action : aussie mermaid.

An aussie mermaid. @deathpenguins
Haiqal Anwar poses rather alluringly in The BIB Bibshort.


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