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THE BIB bibshort by RedWhite Apparel

When we started RedWhite in April 2014, we wanted to create a no-compromise BibShort for everyone.

We had returned from an long tempo ride and our sit-bones were sore, and we couldn’t get back onto the bike the following day. We thought to ourselves, ” we could do BibShorts better.”


We thought to ourselves, “we can do BibShorts better.”


Many months later after countless design iterations and chamois and lycra samplings, we had in our hands what would become our flagship long distance model – The BIB. Why The Bib? Because this is meant to be your Go-Tos from here on.



the chamois

The BIBS Chamois - Official

The heart of a BibShort, the chamois. The contact point between you and your saddle is so important that we spared no expense in working to achieve a chamois that not only allows you to sit on the saddle longer, but one that ensures your 100% is focused onto your legs.

Key Highlights :

1) Italian Open-Cell Foam for increased breathability.

2) 3-layer multiple density foam architecture.

3) Anti-bacterial outer fabrics, developed in Italy.

Each chamois is Thermic Moulded (a proprietary chamois moulding process) to ensure the chamois remains plush and retains its shape during long days in the saddle.





The traditional silicone band isn’t breathable, has excessive compression and often results in the “sausage leg syndrome”. Something had to be done about that. 


Introducing the oversized Silicone Microdot Gripper.


Soft lycra fabric overlaid with hundreds of silicone microdots. What you get is an all round compression compatible with your main lycra.

Something that makes you forget you are even wearing a bib. Truly a gripper for the 21st century.

luxury lycra & mesh fabrics

RedWhite Bibs Material and Stitching.

MITI of Italy provided the luxurious matte black lycra and ultra lightweight soft mesh that RedWhite is known for.

Using a nylon based lycra as opposed to polyester which can be found in almost all other bibs, we get a bib that provides a supple, second skin feel that is so breathable, you forget you are even wearing them.

Ideal for long distance rides where such qualities ensure you focus on the ride ahead of you.




The best fabrics and chamois count for nothing without an equal obsession and focus on fit.

A long distance bib has specific requirements; the right amount of compression without being constrictive, a close to body fit as possible to prevent fabric movement and a nice stretchy oversized top mesh to prevent any pressure points.


Key Highlights:

1) A low cut front panel that expands for lower belly comfort.

2) Zero inner-thigh seams, reducing chafing and eliminating a common Bib weak spot.

3) Wide cut mesh-straps.

4) A large posterior lycra panel for maximum cooling and breathability.




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