The RACE & The BIB are RedWhite Apparel’s flagship bibshorts. Each bibshort features a custom chamois that is purpose designed for 2 kinds of long-distance riders. In a nutshell, these bibshorts are each for :

  • The BIB : Slighty beefy chamois for riders who enjoy long Gran-Fondo / Adventure style of riding at a moderate pace
  • The RACE : Slightly slimmed chamois for riders who enjoy long & fast rides. It’s still a pretty beefy chamois relative to what’s common on the market.


This Article will cover the nuanced differences between the 2 chamois choices we offer to all RedWhite’s customers. Do check out the first video below for a 6 minute overview of the differences before reading further.

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Video Comparison by Subjective Cyclist





RedWhite’s mission is to create bibshorts for long distance cycling. We started in 2014 with one bibshort – The BIB and have now introduced a 2nd bibshort – The RACE


These 2 bibshorts cover the 2 distinct styles of riding that our customers do.


The BIB & The RACE are designed to be complementing bibshorts that cover all your riding needs. We’ve identified 2 broad styles of riding that most cyclists do :


1) Low-to-Medium paced rides. These tend to be done in varying positions on the bike, ranging from a relaxed posture on the hoods and handlebars to the occasional speedy section on the drops. The cyclist tends to be more relaxed, often sitting on the centre to back portion of the saddle. Distances vary from short to ultra-long distance.


2) High paced rides. These are often done with the rider positioned further forward on the saddle, with a higher cadence and power output. Typical scenarios include Time-Trials, Road Races & fast training rides.


For the first style of riding, The BIB is a natural choice. The chamois is overbuilt and extremely plush, making it a great all-round bibshort that works for both short and ultra-long distance riding. The overbuilt nature of the chamois does not become an issue due to the lower intensity of the ride style.


For the 2nd style, The BIB tend to be slightly too bulky. The bulk becomes noticeable, especially in aggressive positions on the saddle ; more so when going into off-the-saddle attacks. There was a need for a chamois that was more minimal & retained the plush ride of the long distance chamois in The BIB. The RACE was designed for this purpose.



The BIB’s chamois is constructed from 3 foam layers :

  1. Base Layer – made from dense backing foam
  2. Mid Layer – made from ultra-high density foam
  3. Top Layer – made from high density foam


The RACE uses the same architecture as The BIB.The overall plush feel of The RACE Chamois is maintained by using the same foam densities as The BIB’s Chamois for the base and top layers of the 3-layer foam construction.


The key differences that give The RACE its lightweight and racier character is the dimpled finish & a mid-layer that uses a high density foam that is 30% less dense and 16% less thick than the ultra-high density foam used in The BIB’s mid-layer.






The BIB & The RACE bibshorts are made from the same luxurious Italian fabrics produced by MITI. Both bibshorts are constructed in identical ways using the same 100% flatlock stitching throughout. They also are identical in sizing and fit. 

The only differences are the graphics and colours used as well as the different chamois.


which bibshort is best for me?

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