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Very well made and very comphy fit only have 150 miles so far!


I bought a Sahara top in large, my normal size, but it was far too small. I have sent it back to exchange for XL, it hasn't arrived yet. I look forward to seeing it soon.

Soooo Comfortable

They live up to their description, the variable thickness of the chamois does what it is supposed to do and more ..... no shuffling on the saddle, and no numbing.

Surprisingly warm in -10 deg C.

My long distance go to from now on.


Easy to say the best bib shorts i ever had!! These shorts sit so perfectly and the material is so soft. There can not be more comfortable bibs than these! And the price is great too! I can only recommend!!

First RedWhite Bib, very satisfied

Since I subscribed for an ultra race I got bombed with advertisements for RedWhite bibs on FaceBook. But it attracted my attention. I decided to try the KOM and Stealth Fondo. Package passed customs without extra costs. Untill now very pleased with. Comfortable and they look good as well. Conclusion: good quality for a nice price!

Super comfortable bib

Bought the bib along with a top. I got my normal size for the bib while I sized up for the top which was perfect. The bib is super comfortable and the fit is great but I just find the leg length to be a bit short. The top comes with nice long sleeves but I find the bib is cut a bit short in the leg (for me). Maybe I should have sized up with the bib as well... Apart from that, I think these are great and I'd recommend them for sure.

Great top

Bought a size larger than I would normally pick and this is perfect, still a close tight fit but good. Styling and pockets all good and I do like the slightly bigger zip it has. I forget about the top while riding - so must be good.

Confortable Stealth Fondo bib

This was my first Red & White purchase, based on the fit it will not be my last.

The Bib

Received the Bib and have had a go up the hills and around the town. They seem comfortable and fit well. Looking forward to some longer rides in them!! Would recommend them certainly.

Could not be happier!

As a multi surface rider, having a comfy bib short is key to helping smooth out those long, sometimes bumpy, days in the saddle. I have tried a number of brands over the years, and, without hestition, I can honestly say this is the best bib I have used. Good quality and great value. The bib felt comfy from the getgo and stayed that way for the duration of what became a muddy, wet ride. The bib allows freedom of movement, even during those cyclocross style running dis and remounts. I could not be happier with this product and will be a repeat customer for sure! Thanks for a great product.

The Bib

Great fitting and really comfy, exactly what you need on long rides! Recommend!

The Bibs

I would say it's the best bibs that I ever bought.


Pad is wonderful than anything!
Soshite kiji mo subarashī.
I will buy another one this year.

Soft tail

Previous purchase was the Stealth RACE comfortable, great fit so for longer rides purchased the FONDO no regrets perfect fit and gentle on the sitting bones after many hours in the saddle.
Would I recommend Red/White bibs .?you betcha

Excellent product

Does what it says on the tin

Most excellent bibs.

I purchased these bibs after long internet research. They seemed to be regarded as one of the best. The personalized fit service was something I hadn't expected. I am 175cm. tall and weigh 64 kg. I was recommended size small. Upon arrival they looked too small! but after trying them on ( with light undies) they appeared to fit nicely. I soaked them over night as suggested. I rode with them first on my trainer for 50 km. with light chamois cream. Very comfortable, the slightly larger pad did require an "adjustment" period, but not hot spots at all. Next ride was outside for 30 km. No problems . I would recommend these bibs.

Stealth Bibs

Super comfy trialled in a 100k rolling hill event and no issues so very happy with the chamois and overall fit

Fits like a........

Excellent glove. Fits well - maybe a tad small but expect they will stretch over time. Great feel. Doesn't hold sweat/water. Palm side gives excellent grip. Good value. What's not to like?


Shipped promptly


just wonderful. i love to wesr it, at least just as much as my assos. for a fraction of the price.

Excited to have them

Ordered two pairs plus the gift (gloves). Happy with the product yet only a few short rides considering it’s tough riding in Canada right now. Sizing was a bit off for me, if I make another order I’d order one size bigger. Looking forward to trying them out on a long ride.

Good, as simple as that!

Compression without being too tight, a comfy pair to wear on and off the bike!

Race bib

Super comfortable but still allows easy movement both on and off bike. Used sizing chart to select xl (to many pies ) fits very well, would reccomend

Stealth Race

Very comfortable from first ride. Quality seems good and service was excellent.

Nicely compressive without being tight around the cuff.
Arch support is a nice touch and keeps The Sock from bagging. Colour is outrageous and I love it!