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great feel and fit the best you can buy

Best bibs at any price

I have a leg length discrepancy that causes me to sit askew on my saddle, thus creating saddle sores on my left side. This persists despite multiple attempts to make adjustments - shims, wedges, pedal extenders, stretching and strengthening, etc. I have searched wide and far for bibs with padding that helps alleviate the excess pressure. I have spent a small fortune doing so. But it's not just the thickness of the padding - it's the padding composition, location, thickness gradation and also the type and quality of the lycra. Red/White has produced the "golden fleece" for my needs. I am 5' 10" 165-170 lbs and wear a size medium fondo bibs suit me perfectly. I just received my second pair, so now I can rotate. I noticed the new bibs seem to fit a bit tighter (a good thing) and don't seem to stretch as much, which I like. This keeps the pad in place relative to my "parts" - minimal movement is essential. The stealth look is very attractive as well. You could easily pay 2-3 times as much for Rapha, Assos and other so-called "premium" brands and still not get the comfort and performance that Red/White provides. I'm sold on this product! PS - would love to see you branch out into bib knickers, tights and winter weight bibs so I can enjoy the Red/White experience year-round here in Oregon!

Welcome back Jay! We haven't made any changes to our bibshorts since you last bought them, but the tight feeling you're experiencing is due to it being a fresh pair (your last pair is almost 2 years old). Lycra always stretches out with time as the base ingredient (rubber), experiences mechanical creep. I'm currently wearing bibshorts that are 4 years old that have stretched out to a very nice comfy point (where they stabilise and stop stretching) and I actually don't like getting a fresh pair which feels snug and new! Really glad you're enjoying them and thanks so much for returning to us. About the winter weight stuff, it's an idea that we've been working on, but don't have a firm release date yet due to unpredictable winters and climate change which is making it very hard to coordinate a release for.
Best bib ever !

Very well made, and comfort level is just different and better than everything else. Makes a noticeable difference in riding comfort.

Great shorts

Really pleased with the shorts, comfortable for lond days in the saddle and good value when compred to other shorts of a similar high quality.

Great chamois. High quality product.

I did a lot of research before purchasing my bibs. Read many reviews on line and spoke with Yuva before my purchase. With the information I gave him we both agreed an XL bib would be the correct size. Unfortunately my beer gut is bigger than I thought and the XL is a little too snug for me. It's not their fault so no point deduction on the company or bib. I just need to drop from 200lb to about 195lb for the bibs to be comfortable. Great customer service and fast shipping. 5 stars on both.

Hi Chris, we have a size XXL in the works ๐Ÿ˜‰ Why don't you shoot me an email and we'll see if I can exchange one for you when it lands. Just keep that size XL in it's 'as-new' condition and you can easily exchange it for a larger size.
California Summer Perfect!

Great cut, nice fit good materials. My go to summer jersey!

The Race Bib

My 3rd The Race bib in two years. It's always my goto bib for outdoor rides.

Best bib

My husband regularly rides 50+ miles, and his RedWhite bib is the most comfortable one he has worn--no chafing or soreness.

Great stuff again!

Bought a grey shirt, race kom bib and black undershirt โ€œ. All very fine, one thing; the M size short is very tight for me, while i usually fit a M size. Im big muscled, ok;). So it might just be me! Next time i will order large...

Great Bib!

Fantastic long distance ride bibs, great fit. My go to bibs.

The Bib

Going by the size guide I ordered a medium and found them to be a great fit unlike some other brands where I have had to return them for either smaller or larger sizes.
Comfort wise these shorts so far are outstanding.
No huge rides ridden in them so far but those o gave done I have had no issues. The pad is silky smooth which should greatly reduce any chance of abrasion and keep those sores at bay.

The only Bibs I wear these days!

The padding works great with my minimal saddle padding. I alternate between the Race and Fondos. Perfect chamois. Can be a little hot in the lower stomach area. Hoping someday they put some mesh there to make it cooler. Shipping is always impressive!!!

The mesh is a great idea! But it comes with a massive drawback. A mesh fabric doesn't last as long in the front since it comes in contact with the jersey's zipper and could snag or tear. We did explore using a lighter lycra, but it didn't feel great also.
Gold for your butt

I've waited some hundreds km before leave this review. The bibs ("The race" model) are simply the best ones I've ever had. Did a lot of >5 hours rides with them and in the end my butt was like just stared pedaling. Go and get your own pair as soon as possible, believe me!

If used for racing

It does not shift even light and intense movements
I think that it may be better to sell it to the world
I want to promote to many people


Very comfortable bib knicks

These knicks are very plush to ride with and I anticipate no problems riding in them for a long time (I haven't done that yet, but will soon). I really like the wide grippers, they hold the leg very reliably.

Seriously good shorts for distance rides

Iโ€™ve used many top line bibs over the years for long rides - anything from 20+ hour MTB trials to multi day rides such as the HT550 and the Tour Divide. I thought I had found my favourite shorts, and then I tried the Stealth Fondo based on the good reviews. Having broken them in on a few local shorter rides I then used them in anger on a 400km on / off-road Audax and was in them for about 30 hours all told. And they were utterly brilliant. I was using a pretty racy saddle on this bike and the bibs were still astonishingly comfortable. No aches, no pains, no chafing from stitching or anything.
I was initially unsure on sizing but after good comms with the founder he assured me they are true to โ€˜normalโ€™ sizing, ie not Italian sizing and they were spot on. I found a medium fit me perfectly (5โ€™9โ€, 76kg, 32โ€ waist); for reference I tend to use large or even XL in the usual Italian brands.


pretty good the glove. good padding.
i would like a strap to loodrn or attach the glove around the wrist.
keep up the good work!

Thanks for this feedback Maarten. Having a strap vs non-strap on gloves is quite a hotly debated topic. Some riders like it, and some don't. We took the option of not including it because straps generally tend to lose their velcro with age and the strap stops doing what it's meant to do. Our strap-less design ensures the gloves last longer and also fit better.
Stealth Fondo

The chamois is way too thick, walking in it was really not comfortable. Riding on it for the first 15 mins was super nice as there was zero discomfort. But, coming up to 30 mins, the heat built up (it was during a night ride).

I also bought the Stealth Race, it was way better in fit and I was able to wore it for a century race.

Hi Raymond, Glad you found The STEALTH Race a better fit. We created it for riders like yourself who prefer a slightly thinner and more compliant chamois. The fondo chamois is thick and it isn't designed to be walked about in, which you noted. Heat buildup is something we rarely hear about. Could you drop me an email at yuva@redwhite.co? Do let me know where you're experiencing the heat buildup.
Summer Sleeveless Base Layer works just fine in winter too

I used the base layer under cold weather gear with my RedWhite knicks which are also excellent for the long rides. The base layer stopped me getting cold even when I was sweating under the warm gear. The base layer dried quickly to stop wet clothing making me cold. Perfect for all conditions.

Wondeful Color

I satisfied your good product! I introduced to my friends of my riding club.
They almost don't know your brand.
Specially, jersey color is very good. And the quality of jesey and short is good too.
If possible, I think, you'd better advertise your brand in korea.
The price is reasonable, I think.
Thank you~ good luck!~~

RedWhite bibs

True to size ordered a large fit was great 36 โ€œ waist wore them several times longest ride 100 miles,vary comfortable.

Excellent bib knicks

Very promt delivery, and well worth the money. Will be buying more in the very near future.


ไปŠใพใงๅฑฅใ„ใฆใใŸใƒ“ใƒ–ใงใฏใ€ๅณ ่ถŠใˆใ‚’ๅซใ‚€้•ท่ท้›ขใƒฉใ‚คใƒ‰ใงใŠๅฐปใŒ็—›ใใชใ‚‹ไบ‹ใŒใ‚ใ‚Šใพใ—ใŸใŒใ€ใ“ใกใ‚‰ใฏใใ‚“ใชไบ‹ใชใๅฟซ้ฉใชใƒฉใ‚คใƒ‰ใŒๆฅฝใ—ใ‚ใพใ—ใŸใ€‚

No more saddle pain

This is the first bib that still feels comfortable on 180+ km rides with no saddle sores. Normally with other high end brands I have saddle sore. Especially when getting back in the saddle after a coffee stop. Will order another pair!

The Glove

Comfortable pair of glove for long and short ride.