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Best Chamois

I have tried both the race and the bib. I am a lighter rider at 65kg and prefer the race. the thicker chamois on the bib seems a bit uncomfortable. Both are excellent bibs and these are my go to after using Assos for years. the chamois is definitely better than anything I have used previously.

Don't Leave Home Without Them..Stealth Fondo Knicks!

Always on the lookout for comfy knicks for those long rides..well thought id give RedWhite Apparel a go. What a find, as I do many rides over 100ks or so these fit the bill no uncomfortable rubbing anywhere and just recently the weather has been poor (torrential rain) all good in these Stealth Fondo's. Finished of very well and delivered in no time. I'll Be Back!

Jersey- Plum

Nice fitting jersey and fabric is very comfortable

Very comfortable - could be more compression

The R&W Stealth Fondo is good for long distance rides. So far I have done a 160km off-road, and the final 300km of a 700km off-road ride in them. The padding is as comfortable as the more expensive Assos shorts I have worn previously. The only improvement I would like is to have a bit more compression in the shorts.

Awesome Bib for Fondo jounrey and indoor training

Compared with my other Santini bibs (Racer & Mago), Redwhite bib (The stealth Fondo) really surprises me with the proper compression of my thigh, and the stable support of my sitting bone. Normaly wearing other bibs while in the indoor training, I would like to get-off-the-bike during the first half-hour training due to the pains in the sitting bone; but wearing The Stealth (Fondo) bib, I can sustain the whole indoor training session. I am thinking of getting rid of other bibs for another Redwhite Fondo bib, would you?

The comfort of a sofa


It's Jim Thomas here. Bought this bib for my girlfriend

Loves it.

We get a lot more mileage now she feels comfortable thanks to you guys!

Many, many thanks - as always.



THE RACEの名の通りパッドは薄い。合うわけではないサドルをビブで誤魔化しながら

Great Comfort, fit, quality and service

The longest I have ridden in them so far is 4 hours and in that time they felt great. I have actually used them on indoor trainer sessions to as I have always suffered discomfort on any trainer session over 1 hour and these bibs stack up as they are more comfortable than any other bibs I have used on the trainer. I did receive one pair of bib's that had escaped quality control that the boys quickly sent out a replacement pair with full apologies! Service, quality, comfort and fit, they gave it all! I'm very happy the my purchase of two full kits!



All around excellent bib.

I have put a couple of hundred on my Stealth Bibs and I can say that they are an excellent value. Comfortable for the long haul, no pressure points from poor seams. The Chamois stayed in place and does not show any signs of compressing. The bibs were sized as expected, I am 6' with a 33 inch waist and the medium is perfect. I will be buying another pair in the near future.

Perfect quality

The BIB is very comfortable I can't say any proposal to improve it. But I think it will be good if you make other colour(s) as well.

Best wearing one!

Cool, light, just fit. I am happy to have long sleeves.

Stealth Bib

Took a bit longer to receive but I used them for the first time on a long ride >100Km - they really fit well and were most comfortable.
They fit well and I am quite pleased overall.

Great bib shorts, but they came later than expected.

I would like to tell you how great the shorts are but I crashed during the 8-hour MTB race I was supposed to use these (they came much later than I expected, after my race). I can only tell you that just trying them on you can really feel the chamois is good quality. I have to wait until the staples are out of my knee and recovered before I can try them out!

Mike, a knee injury sounds awful. Especially since you often need to crank during a MTB race. My tender roadie knees take a hammering during my rare MTB sessions (not used to dropping gears rapidly and spinning up sudden inclines on dodgy terrain). I hope you recover soon!
Clothing reiew

Bib shorts and top are well made, extremely comfortable and fit well

fits like skin

I have "The Bib" and "The Race". I prefer "The Bib" for long ride. I tested "The Bib" approx 120 km on rainy day, but I got no chafe. perfect fit.
The BibとThe Raceの2種類を持っていますが、ロングライドにはThe Bibが好みです。先日120kmほど雨の中走りましたが、股ずれはおきませんでした。シャモアクリームとかは使っていません。自転車から降りたときはパッドの違和感がすごいですが、バイクにまたがった瞬間にパッドの存在を忘れるようなフィット感です。

The Race Bib

Bibs with thick thick pads don't work for me cos they end up giving me hotspots and making me uncomfortable. So when I saw a bib from RW with a molded pad, firm where it needs to be and unobstructed in others, yet designed for distance, I was intrigued and bought one.

Several rides later, I can say that it keeps me comfortable even for long rides of up to 120km. Absolutely no hot spots or rubbing from seams, whether on the hoods or drops. The quality is what you expect from a top end bib and absolutely no complaints. I expect it to hold up well for a long time to come!



Nice bib

I started the using with two day long bike marathon. The short was continouslie confortable. It was nice purchase

Must have bib for endurance, distance and randonneuring

Did a 230 mile Arrow in a monsoon riding a single speed wearing Red White bib shorts, have never been that comfortable - ever. Even when thoroughly soaked, they were incredibly comfortable. If you do any kind of distance riding, these are simply a must have.


I purchased a set of jerseys and bib pants and got it as a bonus but the quality is high. Usually I buy M size pf cycling gloves, I bought M size of this one. It is a slightly tight fitting. I think that sewing is good.

Sooo comfortable...

Delighted with my purchase of the bib shorts. Ease of ordering & prompt delivery was a sign of things to come. The shorts themselves are a great fit & so, so comfortable for longer rides that there were none of the usual aches and pains I associate with being in the saddle for more than five hours. No complaints...one suggestion...navy blue ones?

It's fantastic bib short.

pad and strap is perfect.
Compared to other companies' bib shorts,
How about provide single pannel bib shorts like castelli's premio bib shorts.
And... I think it would be better to make the pressor of the race bib shorts stronger.

Thanks for this feedback Chulhui. We could reduce the panels, but that inevitable drives up cost without a tangible increase in comfort or performance. Our goal with our bibshorts is to create a product that supports you on ultra-long rides, while being really well priced. To do that, we selected really good fabrics and paired them with a custom moulded chamois. We chose to omit the usual bells and whistles (which you don't need in a top notch bibshort anyway) and offered something that punches way beyond it's price point.
Review of The BIB

Bought The Bib to test it out. indoor ride 2 hours, outdoor ride 80km. Both ride, cushioning is good, material especially at the thigh is good, enough friction to hold the thighs, not too much to cause skin rashes.

Would recommend if you are looking for good bib at decent price.

Comfortable bibs

Was introduced to this website by my friend.. didn’t regret my purchase. Bibs were comfy, compared to my current pair. Good investment to protect your bum.