Women’s Bibshort Chamois

The Women’s Bibshort Chamois

Cycling Bibshort Chamois

We launched our new women’s bibshort – The BIB (Women) in February 2017 after years of development. While we have plenty of technical articles that cover our bibshorts in general, this particular write-up will focus on the chamois we used in this bibshort. We will be covering :

  1. The Ambition – what we wanted to achieve in the final chamois.
  2. Design Similarities – what makes it similar to our popular men’s long distance chamois.
  3. Design Differences – what makes it a custom solution for women.

The Ambition

Cycling Bibshort Chamois

Before we launched The BIB (Women), our men’s bibshorts have been bought and used by numerous women. The feedback we’ve received about the men’s chamois (from the ladies) has been consistent :

  1. “I love how plush it is”
  2. “It would be better if it were slightly shorter”
  3. “The hip-bone support could be wider”
  4. “I’d like less bumps and raised surfaces on it”

We knew at this point that The BIB’s chamois architecture worked. The game plan to take those identical foam layers and mould them into a shape that’s suited for women. The ambition was to create a chamois that felt exactly like the men’s version, but was reformed with the female anatomy in mind for a tailored solution.

This would be a far better way forward than simply obtaining a completely new chamois that would have had no reference point to any of our current products.

Design Similarity

In order to retain the plush feel of our flagship men’s bibshort, we reused the exact same chamois architecture & manufacturing process. The BIB (Women) chamois is constructed of 4 layers of fabrics & foam (of varying density) which are moulded together to create a durable and plush long-distance chamois.

Do read more about our chamois manufacturing process at the button below (article uses images from the men’s bibshort, but the process is identical for the women’s chamois as well ).

[dh_button title=”Chamois Manufacturing ” icon=”fa fa-arrow-circle-o-right” icon_position=”right” color=”custom” alignment=”center” border_color=”#ff0000″ text_color=”#ff0000″ background_color=”#ffffff” href=”https://redwhite.cc/how-we-make-our-long-distance-bibshort-chamois/”]

Design Differences

Despite using the same foam layups and materials, The BIB (Women) chamois has 2 distinct differences from the men’s version :

(i) Flatter and less contoured top surface :

Cycling Bibshort Chamois

While the men’s chamois has a more contoured top surface (contacts the rider), the women’s chamois surface is kept as smooth as possible. Contoured surfaces work very well for men, but in a women’s bibshort, they can pinch and chafe, resulting in discomfort on long rides.

What we did was to take all the necessary contouring (that helps provide support in the right areas) and moved beneath the chamois :

Cycling Bibshort Chamois

(ii) Shorter Chamois

The BIB (Women) chamois is slightly shorter than the men’s version. Without the need for additional material in front (elastic mesh cup in men’s chamois), the whole chamois could be optimised to ensure it delivered maximum support on long rides, without being too bulky.

Cycling Bibshort Chamois
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