Gary Ervin (Houston, Texas)

texas long distance cycling

Words by Gary Ervin. Customer since July 2019.
Gary is wearing The BIB

I rode my first pair of RedWhite bibs in July outside Houston, Texas. Coastal Texas is flat. I’ve ridden most of my life on flat, windy roads.

Friends of mine suggested that I enter The Fort Davis Cyclefest, a two-day event including a 76 mile ride climbing almost 4,000 feet in the mountains of west Texas and a 6 mile time trial (climbing 1400 feet) to the McDonald Observatory outside Fort Davis, Texas. The event was in September.

By that time, my RedWhite bibs had a few centuries in them, and I knew that while I may suffer during the climbs and be timid about the descents, I would be comfortable on the saddle because the bibs rock. (I’ve since ordered two more.) I was so comfortable that I posted better times than I expected in both events. I am convinced that the bibs provided the comfort I needed and enabled me to concentrate on my form and not a sore bottom.

Above is a picture of me and my friends after the second event. I’m the one in the middle.