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Great Product

Wrote in for advice on sizing. Glad I fits perfect. Great value! My go to bibs!

Great bibs

Super comfy, Probably the 2nd best bibs I have used and I have used lots.The best are the Race bibs, wish you guys still sold them

Love them!

Extremely comfortable with beautiful fabric. I can't fault them at all.

One of the best, at a great price.

These RedWhite bib’s are one of the best I have ever tried, and that includes very expensive bib’s from ‘premium’ brands. Chamois looks thick at first, but is very comfortable and not too thick when you are riding. I already ordered my second pair.

will fit you like a second skin

I have ridden 100 miles at 10'000ft 3 times 100 miles 6 times and a 126 mile ride this year. grinding out these kind of rides are never pain free but without these bibs I don't think I would have done as many repeat rides. they are the most comfortable bibs I have ever owned.

Never wearing anything else

I have a few, Kom, Bib and stealth, love ‘em. I’m slow but I like AUDAX and long days in the saddle, for days like that, these are exactly what you need.

Bib Stealth

Purchased these bib shorts to give more comfort for longer rides, having now completed two longish rides these shorts have certainly lived up to my expectation. I have now purchased an additional pair for myself and a apair of ladies bibs for my daughter. Highly recommend.


very comfortable to ride in.


Why would the bibs make me feel so comfortable? No sore and painful any more. Amazing! Btw when will I have change to buy tights of redwhite? If it can, please email me.thanks

Best long ride bibs ever!

I've ridden just about every major brand of bib-shorts, including PI, DeMarchi, Giro, Castelli, Gore, Craft, Sportful, Assos, POC, etc. all the way back to when chamois was really made from chamois, and these are the most comfortable I've ever ridden. I've only got about 250 miles in these do far (I ride about 9K miles/year), including one century, so I can't comment too much on durability yet, but confort? ...not an issue! Fit for me is perfect in a size small (I'm 5'10" and 145lbs), with the nice wide shoulder straps just the right length and degree of elasticity. The leg grippers keep the legs in place, and they are just the length that I like them-- about 2" above the knee. The degree of compression is fairly mild compared to some bib-shorts, but they are nice and snug all over, without bunching up anyplace. While I wouldn't call these bibs inexpensive, they are the best value I think I've gotten in a pair of quality bibs in a long, long time! Definitely my "go-to" bibs for the foreseeable future :-)

So far so good

Have worn them on several occasions albeit just short rides and they are very comfortable. I judge all shorts against Assos which in my experience are by far and away the best available. These do seem to compare well in terms of quality of materials and fit. My only gripe is that it is slightly absurd to have a product made in Europe shipped to Singapore and then sent back to Europe! Not an environmentally friendly way of shipping goods.

First Pair

While this is my first pair of RedWhite bibs it will not be my last. First ride in them was 3 1/2 hours and they feel awesome. Great product for a great price. I’ve definitely paid more and got less. Thanks guys, cheers !!!

Long lasting

Great fitting bibs. ..use for both road and mtb ...they wear well and the quality of the product means they last..this is my third pair. ..all are going strong

Fourth pair

My fourth pair of red whites. I bought these as they are great value and are the most comfortable chamois I have found. Will buy again and again.

Stealth Bib

Bought the RACE previously. Simply love it. Bought the BIB now for an endurance event that's coming up in November. Superb customer service as usual and ultra fast delivery. Trusted and comfortable bibs.

Sizing is not consistant

This is the second Jersey I've purchased in a size medium. The first was a tight race fit but the second is so tight it's not wearable. I'm very disappointing in the lack of consistency in sizing. I guess I should have ordered a large.

Hi Tim, More than happy to exchange it for a larger size that fits. Are you saying that the second jersey's size isn't the same as the first? Could you shoot me an email along with a picture of both jerseys. It looks like you may have unfortunately encountered a defect. We control quality well but sometimes, things do slip through and I am sorry about that. If it's a defective jersey, we'll ship you a replacement for free. I do need the images first, so please email them to
Best bibs ever

Amazing bibs super comfortable! Literally forget you are sitting on a bike. Customer service was first class! I will be a returning customer

Best Bib but tired of customs

By far the best bibshorts I've experienced. So I'm very satisfied. Also, unfortunately, used the crash service. Great communication and service.
Only problem is customs. My package is held by customs for like 2 weeks every time and extra (high) costs as a consequence. It makes me doubt if I'm going to order again.

Hi Barry, we can't thank you enough for making 2 purchases from us. I am glad you enjoy our bibshorts. Regarding taxation, it is an unfortunate reality of the Eurozone. We ship from a warehouse in Singapore and our products don't get taxed in a majority of markets like Asia, US , Australia, New Zealand. This isn't the case for Europe as there is VAT which is collected from the importer. We will look into ways of making this process less troublesome for EU customers.
Soft and Squishy

I've really enjoyed these bibs! I rode 30 miles to break them in, and haven't used another pair since. These are now my go to bibs for any riding activity.

Stealth Bib

Very happy with the fit! Padding feels less than others I have used but does a good job. Went straight into 60 to 100+km rides off road and no problems. Would buy again.

Hi Max, really glad you're enjoying the bibshorts we sent you :)

I bought this jersey in the anticipation that it would be as good as the bib and brace I bought. However, I was disappointed. I found the size was true to size but the material is not of the high quality that I expected. The colour was also not as vibrant as the the internet indicated. I will use this jersey as it is functional but it won’t be the “go to jersey” as I was hoping for.

Hi Kate, thank you so much for leaving this review. I'm glad you enjoy our Bibshorts and I wish the jersey had been to your liking as well. May I ask if the jersey you received had issues with the fabric or if there was any defects? Do send me pictures if possible and i'll check it against our specifications to see if you received something defective. You can send the pictures to :

The sizing for this jersey for me, even at the biggest size, was too small. At 188cm tall and 90kg, it stood little chance. However, the return and refund process was simple and professional, and impressive. I really wanted this jersey to work out for me and match my stealth RW bibs...perhaps in the future. Thanks, guys!

Hi Dan, thanks for leaving this review. We're looking at introducing larger sizes in 2020, so keep an eye out for that.
As advertised

I received my bib about a week before I had a 70.3 triathlon, so I wasn't able to try them before my 760km 4 day Memorial Ride 3 days after my tri. When I first put them on, they felt bulky in the chamois, but it wasn't too long after that felt fitted. By 206km the first day, I was very impressed. At the end of 760km, I was as sore as I usually am on this ride, but I am really impressed with the quality of these shorts.

A little tight

Nice gloves but a little tight when going by the size chart. The gloves cut into webbing between fingers when you are down on the drops going down hill and feeling for the brakes. Wonder if this problem could be resolved with trying the next size up.

Heaven sent.

Have now been riding with the bib for 10 days and the comfort level is heaven sent. The customer service is outstanding