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Glad I bought a pair

When I first bought a pair of Fondo bibs I was surprised by the amount of padding in the shorts despite reading about them and expecting them. It felt so different to what I was used to that was unsure that these would be my go to for long rides.
I recently completed my first Gran Fondo with my RW-Fondo bibs and can confirm that they are excellent for long rides. While the finish of the shorts may not be as premium as some of my other more expensive bibs, they are built to last and go the distance. I'm 175cms, 97kgs and the XXL fit me very well. I would definitely recommend these bibs to other riders looking at reliable ,'long distance' option.

Say goodbye to discomfort

Not all shorts are made the same. No longer will I settle for the $50 short and jersey kit sets! I’m glad I took a chance for my first bib short on the stealth bib. I’m 67 inches tall, 159lb (170cm, 72kg) and the medium fits great. Went for a “short” 35 mile/2hr ride and a “long” 65mile/4hr ride to test their comfort. I didn’t feel any discomfort on the sit bones or soft tissue area. Very happy with the results.

Perfect summer jersey

I purchased this with some bibs and am very pleased. The material is perfect for the hot summer climate I live in. It wicks nicely to help cool. The fit is very tight. All of my jerseys are size large. This felt like a medium, but the material has enough give to make it work for me and remain comfortable. I’ll be looking for a long sleeved winter jersey from these folks now!

Great bibs

These are now my go to bibs for riding. Very comfortable with good compression, but not restricting. I’d purchase again and recommend them to others. Shipping and service has been exactly as stated.

Superior quality

Bought my first pair of bib in 2017. Find it very comfortable on the thigh and around the Tummy. Bought 2 more pairs to replace the older bib after 2 years of wear and tear.

Great bib for longer rides, just what I needed!

The bib is great, perfect for longer rides. I was experiencing pain and numbness down the legs with other bibs (well known brand name bibs that start with the letter P, with similar or greater price points too) during rides 25 miles and greater. I have logged two rides since purchasing this bib, both just over 30 miles, no pain at all. The ordering process, customer service, and shipping experiences were some of the easiest, most efficient I've encountered for any product, not just cycling related.


Won't leave home without my RedWhite bibs

Are you looking for style? Comfort? Reliable cycling bibs? I was too. I purchased my first pair in 2017. Since then I have ridden thousands of miles in them. I have ridden in many brands, and nothing touches the comfort except the price point. Cycling can be affordable if you find the right gear. I love the customer service. Very personable. Emails are answered in a timely manner as well.
I could ride forever in my bibs, and that is just what I plan to do.

Amazing Gloves!

I don't know how you did it, but these gloves are amazing! When they arrived, I thought they would be lame, there seemed to be no padding. I tried them on, fit was good, but too thin. I sure was surprised when at around mile 30 on my first ride with these I remembered I was wearing them. They are so comfy I had forgotten to pay attention to the new gloves. All the gloves I've worn required too much hand movement every 10 miles or so, and these were all of varied thicker padding. Maybe the redwhite is the first I've worn that had the right amount of padding in the right places, instead of solving the issues with bulk. And did I say they are comfy? I forget I have them on when I get off the bike, instead of panicking to remove the usual annoyingly uncomfortable gloves. The fingers flex independently and freely. The finger material is a good length. The cuff is comfy and unnoticeable on the wrist, and I'm enjoying not having a velcro strap there. The pull tabs are effective for removal. I don't know how long these will last, but I need an excuse to get another pair, a different color. But I'll be patient, I think they'll be good for many more miles, and I've already ridden about 800 miles in them.

Comfy Jersey

The jersey is different from any I've had before- Champion, Pactimo, Voler, Pearl Izumi, Jakroo, Louis Garneu. Only one of those brands had something unique. The redwhite is unique due to the materials used in different panels, and the amazing zipper! The zipper feels industrial grade compared to most you'll find on a summer jersey. It connects easily, no need for a magnifying glass to match the ends. It also never hesitates, or sticks, when moving up and down. The arms are different than other jerseys, and fit much more comfortably. I've only worn this jersey on either heavy sweat rides or rain rides, but it breathes nicely, withe thinner more porous main body material. The pockets are a good size and easy to access. Sizing is accurate, but is more "racey" than I expected, but I was relieved to see that it was not a loose fitting tour jersey. And I must say I love the green color! I think I should get another green one, but I'll try a different color next. The green may seem a little camo, but it stands out in a crowd.

Best Bib For Long Distance

Just completed my 6 Days cycling trip in Massif Central, wearing the Bib- Stealth definitely great help!!!!

Base layer

Really good baselayer. Im big 6ft5 and 105kg.2XL Fits well.really happy with purchase


Well what can I say these bibs do what they say I recently did a 240 mile gravel ride in 24 hours The Damn day across Minnesota. RED/White bibs kept me comfortable and brought me home. I will be buying more very soon

Bliss on a big ride

Ok. So it took a while to got here (the full 14 working days as described), and I had to pay customs duty (again, as described) but it is certainly worth the wait! 60 miler straight out the bag on a Fizik seat and it’s as comfortable as you like. Fits in all the right places and cushions everything that needs cushioning. They are the bib shorts that all other bid shorts aspire to be!

Some good some not so good

I wanted to make sure I gave the bib a chance to break in before writing this review. So far I have put in four rides of about 45 miles each wearing these shorts . They were pre soaked and air dried as per the instructions prior to the first ride and have been hand washed and air dried after each ride. The good: Great lightweight material perfect for summer. Silicone leg bands are very comfortable. Bib sits nicely on body.
The not so great, shorts and or bibs are a very personal choice and fit, for me the padding does not live up to the billing especially after a couple of hours of saddle time. My favorite shorts in this regard are the most popular bargain basement ones sold on Amazon that, although they do have shortfalls, are still the best padding wise shorts I have worn and after all padding is any pair of shorts main function. As I have said we are all built differently and If the padding had worked out for me these would be a great pair of shorts.

Hi Edward, thanks for leaving this detailed and thoughtful review. I do agree with you that padding is highly personal and such is the nature of clothing. I'm glad that everything on the bibshort except for the chamois worked well for you. Do you mind letting me know exactly what about the chamois wasn't to your liking? We'll be using this information for future product iterations.
Great bibs

Been on a few rides and they give more comfort than my other bibs.
Speedy delivery and good help with sizing.

Awesome bibs !

Ordered the stealth bibs for a 715 km bikepacking event in southern Ontario , Canada called the BT 700. I can easily say no other bib I have ever used could compare , not even close ! After 43hrs of saddle time the padding still feels thick and cushy ! At first I thought the chamois was positioned too far forward but after a while I realized it’s 100% in the right spot. Thanks RedWhite ! Awesome product !

Comfortable Gloves

These gloves are comfortable to wear and good value as part of a bundle.
They quality is good, but the finger tabs are quite useless and become an irritant. This part of the design could do with an update.

Stealth fondo

Very happy with my purchase !!!! Been out on a few century rides in them & defiantly feel more comfy than any of my other big name bib shorts ..... sizing from the help desk was spot on too !!

The best

My order arrived exactly like your instructions.
The size of the jersey and the bib is exactly the same for me as it is customized ...... ^^
Your sizing advice has been helpful.
I look forward to your better design.
Introduce RedWhite to my friends.

First Pair of Red White shorts

I have a couple of rides in the shorts and about the only thing that could use some improvement is the shoulder straps. When you get hot and sweaty they aren’t the smoothest on shoulders. I am used to my Pearl Izumi Pro Pursuit bibs with the laser cut smooth tops. Very nice! Other than that they’re great!

2nd Opinion

Decided to purchase 2 more after my original purchase. Just come back from a 600km Audax with temperature varying from 13C at night to 28C through the day. Base layer worked great both in hot and cold conditions. Very pleased with the purchase. Have seen identical baselayers for sale here in Brazil for 2x the price so I am happy with the price paid.

Great Shorts

These bibs are awesome. The material is soft but not loose so there is no rubbing on long rides. The padding felt too thick when I first tried them on but right when I sat on the saddle it didn’t bother me at all. Overall very comfortable shorts. I highly recommend them.

The only downside is slow shipping times. It took at least two weeks to receive them.

I like it

I checked the product for a long time and bought it. I bought S size at 174Cm/64Kg and fit well. The pad was so thick that it didn't hurt to ride a bike more than 100 kilometers away. I'm willing to buy it again next time.

Tested on 90mi 12K ft climb ride 10 hours riding time

The bib was very comfortable on the butt. I rode the whole time without thinking about how sore my "ass" was! They look very cool on! Stealth black and nice snug fit. I ordered the medium, but cannot wonder if I should have ordered the large. I'm about 5'11" and 165lbs. The bib fit snug, but I did not think it was too snug. My "private part" was NUMB for the ride and several hours after. It was hard to tell if I was actually peeing. Why would it go numb? Is it the material?, too tight? Please advise. I love the bib! so very comfortable, except for the numbness in my private part.

I'm still giving it 5 stars even though the numbness was very apparent. I feel the overall butt comfort is worth it!

Hi Dean, at 165 lbs, a size M bibshort is the best fit for you. A size L will be too loose around your legs and hips. The bibshort will season up and loosen with time, but that being said, you shouldn't get numbness. Numbness is often a result of pressure on your perineum that can be alleviated by using a short nosed saddle with a cutout like the PRO Stealth saddle and Specialized's Power range. I personally have had a lot of success and comfort using these type of saddles. You should be able to go to a local dealer and get one on a free trial and then make a purchase if it works for you.
Awesome bibs

Love my red&whites - super comfortable, great fit. Thank you!