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RedWhite Apparel makes cycling bib shorts that allow you to ride further, comfortably. Our guiding mission since 2014 has been to build plush, padded cycling shorts that help you ride ultra-distance events such as the Paris-Brest-Paris, Race Across America (RAAM) and multiple 24 Hour endurance events. Read reviews by our customers from all around the world that ride comfortably in RedWhites.
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Great Customer Service.

My imagined summer weight did not match my current winter weight and I needed a size up. The owner, Yuva, made the exchange easy. I’ll be back.

They worked

My first ride experience with them was "these feel good". I rode for 40 miles with climbs, getting off and on the seat, they were comfortable. Usually at the ends of my rides with other brands', my bottom would be sore, but this time.

I would recommend these bibs to others. They do work.

Fantastic and Durable

Done a couple of rides in these now, super comfortable and I discovered durable. Came off on the first ride on a wet slippery corner and slid across the road. No injuries fortunately and no holes in the Bibs! Great product

Just What I was hoping

I ordered these 3 weeks ago. Received them in 5 days. Have used ridden in the. 7 times on the trainer, it be cold outside. Comfortable and the fit is superb. I am 67"tall, 158 lbs., 32" waist size medium

All day rids

Best bibs I have ever owned

Life changing?

Not quite, but terrific bibs. I have 2 other pairs of the stealth and with a run of cold weather here in Seattle decided to give the thermals a try. Really nice upgrade for the cold - fits the same, still comfortable, great bib.
And arrived within the same week as ordered - impressive.

Highly recommended.


Oh what a Relief

Took the plunge and very happy with my purchase. I asked what size would be best. Based on the recommendation I order my first pair. Received them in 5 days. I wanted to ride in them immediately. My wife said no try them on. She gave me the nod and then promptly washed them. The fabric is top of the line very soft and supportive. The chamois is the best I have ever used. A little more firm and super supportive. Since it is winter here I have ridden for 3+ hours on the trainer. No sore or hot spots. The chamois covers all of my private parts which is much appreciated. Will be purchasing more. No pic this time. They are back in the wash. Gotta love my wife for taking care of me.

Perfect fit

Thanks to the extremely helpful Yuva, i managed to find the perfect fit for my bib shorts (176cm, 80kg, size L). The shorts are very effective at protecting my undercarriage whilst out on my MTB, and very comfortable. Looking forward to also adding a long distance bib to my collection in the future

My Long Wait is Over and I got what I am looking for it - Awesome Comfort Shorts

I would like to thank you Yuva for a wonderful shorts what I was searching for past 3years, My fulfilment has been accomplished. I have tried several brands and I can't feel the comfort what I have looked for it, but Redwhite shorts made my ride awesome and comfortable. Though I have sizing issue you had send me the new shorts and really happy with your service and care.
If I heard this Shorts before my PBP 2019 I would have felt more comfortable while finishing my ride.
Anyhow now I have your awesome shorts and I won't worried for my long distance riders.
Arun Kumarasamy K

Best bib shorts ever

I have bought over 6 of these - for my friends who do 1000km+ rides and they all swear by it. My personal time on this has not been over 7 hours and i had ZERO discomfort. Hands down the absolute best bib shorts I know. Beats a $150+ Castelli Enduro I own (or pretty much any other one I own). Yuva has a great product.

Bib shorts

Quick delivery considering l live in Australia and whats happening in the world!
Having already purchased bib shorts from R&W before, l had the upmost confidence in wearing my brand new (xmas present) bib shorts in a recently completed 300km ride. In my opinion these shorts are not the best for long distance but also just comfortable and a great fit for any ride👌

What they promised to be

Purchased after lots of research and consideration (and too many marketing emails). I don't regret it. Just back from a three day cross country adventure and the legs are weary but the seat is good to go again. I think they represent good value. My new favourite bibs.

All-round performance

I own several of the long distance 'The Bib' shorts that I use for long rides of more than 3 hours and I'm very happy with these. I recently decided to purchase the entry bib shorts to use for shorter rides and indoor rides. The entry bib shorts are high quality and super comfortable, the medium density chamois provides the perfect mix of comfort and performance.. I have used the entry bib shorts for both indoor and outdoor rides and would recommend them for anyone for rides up to 3 hours.

Suuuuper comfy

Yuva was so helpful with sizing and was really quick to respond. My order turned up within a week of purchase and they are so comfy. Best bibs I’ve worn. Totally recommend them!

Fantastic Bibs

I had being wearing those Bibs for about a month and ridden for about 750km. They are fantastic. You just need to reach out to Yuva to get the right size and off you go. If you are getting them the first time, please bear with the 'tightness', it's normal and they will melt away after 5mins on the bike.

Love ém!

Train with long hours and plenty of weekly Kms. Red and White Bib Shorts have been sensational! Am a return customer and without doubt will purchase again.
Great quality, great ride!

The best for endurance riding!

I was only able to wear them once before the weather changed, but I can sat the fit was exact! Held together very well after a 3 hour ride. Comfort was the best thus far!

The only bibs I want to wear

<p>Hi John, thanks for leaving this review! Do you mind editing it to include information about how it performed in the cold? It would really help other people figure out if this bibshort will work for them or not. Ideally (if you don't mind), you could go into specifics such as temperature range, your riding location and how you pair it with knee / leg warmers. - YUVA, Founder</p>

Best bibs around

Hands down best bibs I’ve used in 33 years of cycling. Put them on and forget about them. And really good value for money too. I’ve done 3 hour rides on Zwift and 5 hour rides IRL and not got sore. My first pair still feels like new and have just purchased another two pairs so I can retire some other brand name bibs that just aren’t as good.

Same great stuff only better now.

This is my second pair, the first pair was bought like 3 years ago I think but it's still good from low mileage and fabric quality. Wanted a second pair and bought a pair of Assos S7 Cento to try, but ended up getting rid of it because it gave me abrasions at the spots where the chamois is stitched onto the shorts outer layer.
Was quite disgusted by that Assos experience (not only did it not made me comfortable, it gave me pain!), and so I just return to the tried and tested RW shorts.

Yuva tells me the fabric has been updated to be more compressive and that's absolutely the case. To be honest I don't have a preference/aversion with this feature, just makes it a bit harder to put on. The chamois is still the same solid piece comfortable and supportive for use with my bare carbon saddles. At less than half the price of many acclaimed shorts, there's really no good reason for me to try other brands when I know for sure these will make for a great ride experience. Feels good to support the local boys too!

Thank you for this very generous review Yong Hui. I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to sit down and write something as detailed as this - Yuva.

Super comfortable long distance bib shorts

Sizing spot on (L - 183cm / 80kg). Wearing the shorts on long rides I don’t notice or think about my bib shorts at all which means they are doing their job well! Thermal shorts work well for me in temperature range from about 8 deg up to 16/17 deg.

Great Fit and comfortable

Fits comfortably all around especially around problem areas like the shoulder. High quality and well designed. Perfect for long or short winter rides. Will be buying a second set.

Endurance riding.

Best riding shorts I have tried. Five hours of riding no problem. Slightly bulky but what do you expect.
Excellent service and delivery.
Have bought a second pair and recommended to riding friends.

Excellent Bibs and Excellent Customer Service

I really love these bibs, they fit great and look great and the chamois is extremely comfortable. I've been spending more time on the trainer as Covid cases have risen around me and I stay comfortable for about twice as long with these bibs compared to my other bibs. In addition to being incredibly comfortable, Yuva really wants his customers to be satisfied and puts a ton of effort into making that happen. It really is an excellent product with excellent customer service to match.

More than an "entry" level

Really like the quality and design of this one, also very confortable. Would not consider this as an entry bibshort as i feel confy riding it for few hours. Better quality and pricing that my Ekoi shorts which are far more expensive. Will buy some others in the future.