The BIB (Men's)


**This is RedWhite's most popular cycling bib short. It has been refined and updated in 2022 with 2 Inseam Lengths (Regular & 2" Shorter Inseam).

***Sizing Note : If you are a shorter and heavier rider, look for the shorter inseam version. If ever in doubt, use the Sizing Helpdesk for a personalised size recommendation.

The BIB (Men's) is RedWhite's signature long distance cycling bib short for men. This bib short is an updated version of The BIB-Stealth (Legacy). This bib short is built specifically for long-distance riding. It is a tool that will help you go further, comfortably.

This bib short has a custom fit for for shorter & heavier riders with the introduction of 2" shorter inseam size options. More details below 👇.

A Bib Short Built for Long Distance Rides

This bib short is designed to help you crush big miles in comfort. It is made for rides of more than 5 hours and has been ridden in events such as :

  • Transcontinental Race
  • Paris-Brest-Paris
  • Race Across America
  • Pacific Coast Bicycle Race
Available in 2 Inseam Lengths:

This bibshort is available in 2 inseam lengths - Regular & 2" Shorter Inseam. The 2" Shorter inseam version is a Regular Length with 2" taken off the legs. It's tailored for riders who need bibshorts with shorter legs.

For example : A 180 lbs (81kg) rider who is 5 foot 6" would need a size XL or 2XL for his girth. However, the size XL (Regular) or 2XL (Regular) will be too long for him. He will need the size XL (2" Shorter Inseam) or size 2XL (2" Shorter Inseam) for his 5 foot 6" height.

Note for Returning Customers :

This bib short has been designed to retain the same fit, feel and performance as the bibshorts you've been purchasing for years from RedWhite. The only major change is the new Silicone Macro-Dot Gripper (see photos). This gripper was chosen for 2 reasons :

  1. It is more durable and doesn't overstretch with use. It stays grippy longer than the gripper used in our older bibshorts.
  2. It grips knee and leg warmers & coolers better. You can easily slip this gripper over the ends of your knee / leg coverings and have it hold those coverings better than the old grippers.

Keen eyed customers would notice the new rubber logo stitched on left thigh. This rubber logo has been ride-tested extensively. You won't notice it while riding. It is also washing-machine friendly and durable. Please note to only wash your bibshort in a cold wash cycle and never use a dryer-machine. Heat damages lycra and rubber. 

Why We Exist:

Finding a reliable bib short supplier is strangely challenging. If you ride a lot of miles, you've likely gone through multiple brands, looking for that elusive bib short that just works. RedWhite Apparel is built to solve this problem. Our lofty goal is to become your Go-To bib short supplier. That's why we only make bib shorts and nothing else. About Us.

Bibshort Overview:
  • Available in 2 Inseam Lengths - Regular & 2" Shorter Inseam
  • Made in Romania using Bluesign® and OEKO-TEX® certified suppliers
  • Proprietary Moulded Chamois for rides over 5 hours
  • Italian Lycra from M.I.T.I (SPF UV 50+ rating)
  • Non-Slip & Comfy Silicone Macro-Dot Gripper
  • Lightweight, Stretchy & Soft Mesh Fabric (on bib-straps)
  • Full Durable Flatlock Stitching

        RedWhite's Long Distance Bibshorts are a big investment. You want to purchase the correct size to improve your riding experience. Thousands of happy customers have used this sizing service.

        There are 2 ways to get your personalised Sizing Help :

        1) Use the form below 



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          All RedWhite Apparel Bibshorts are covered by our Crash Replacement policy. Under this policy, if you experienced a crash while riding or racing and damaged your RedWhite Apparel garment, you will get 50% off replacement kit.

          To get started with your Crash Replacement, email and provide the following information :

          • Details of your crash
          • Photos of injuries 
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          • What size and model of the garment you'd like replaced at 50% of the listed price.

          We will review your information and will send you an invoice with a convenient payment link for your replacement kit.

          Do note that this Crash Replacement Policy only covers bibshorts purchased directly from this website. 

          Please also note that the 50% discount will be only applied on the identical item you purchased and crashed in. The discount will also be calculated based on the current listed price of the product on the website. If the item you are replacing is not available, the discount will be applied on a similar replacement product currently available.

          Crash replacement bibshort

          RedWhite's Return Policy is available here. Do note that Team Bundle purchases have special rules. Details at the link above.

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 1455 reviews
          Zachary Oster (Tacoma, Washington, United States)
          Amazing shorts

          I purchased these, needing some more affordable yet high quality bibs in my collection. After a month of riding them anywhere from 1 hour power efforts to 5 hour endurance ride I can say these bibs are so comfortable! The leg gripper is very secure and the bibs feel like they are made for a much higher price point. My only little thing with them is from a construction standpoint, the chamois could be stitches a little better leaving no edging flapped up to avoid little bits of rubbing. Other than that I have found my new favorite bibs.

          Andrew Trevelyan (Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand)
          The Bib + awesome customer service

          I am now the proud owner of 4 pairs of these fabulous bib shorts. The first 2 pairs have been well thrashed and I have travelled around 10,000 km on them. This included 2 x 3,000 km (plus training rides) Tour Aotearoa trips in New Zealand. One pair's stitching started to come undone on my thigh, so I decided to get a couple more pairs. Yuva spotted my order and came back asking how I arrived at the 'large' size. This is what I had previously, no our sizings have changed. I was encouraged to go up a size and I am glad I did. In short I have been riding bikes for many years and have recently got into bike packing. The Men's Bib is the ultimate in comfort and durability, I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

          Jimmie (Phoenix, Arizona, United States)
          Best customer service!

          Purchased a size large but had issues with them riding up my leg and creating discomfort. Originally rated a 2.5 stars. However Yuva reached out right away to replace them with a size medium. Size medium fits perfect. The customer service is top notch.

          The good:
          Material feels and looks premium.
          Pad is thick and well made.
          I really like the cup up front and found this added comfort.
          Also the stitching is very nice.

          The possible SoSo
          I worry the silicone gripper will get stretched out and not hold up. However this was just updated on the current bibs and look forward to trying them.

          For reference I am 6’2” 175lbs.
          Rode on a specialized power saddle and a fabric alm saddle both on drop bar bikes.

          Hi James, thanks for taking the time to write this review. I suspect you own a bibshort that's a size too large which explains why the gripper slides up and the pad position feels off. You are 6 foot 2 and only 175 lbs. A size M might work better for you. I can check this for you if I can get the following measurements : 1) Thigh Tan Line Circumference (measure this 2 inches above your knee cap). 2) Hip & Glute Circumference (measure this around your lower groin and run the measuring tape around your haunches and the maximum curvature of your butt cheeks).

          - YUVA -

          William Mcgucken (Cookstown, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)
          Best ever bib shorts

          I have tried different bib shorts none have had the comfort and fit like RW bib stealth. I knew from the first fitting just the comfort and feel that these shorts were quality. I am a leisure cyclist retired now and like to cycle 3 times a week, with my friends we get in around 100miles. I can say I never had a moment of discomfort with RW bib Shorts. I highly recommend these products and have also RW winter bib tights.

          Brian Hayman (San Diego, California, United States)
          2nd review for my second bibs

          This is my second set of bibs from RedWhite. As a clydesdale (240#+/-), it is difficult to find bibs that fit (hold everything where it should be) and maintain that shape ride after ride after wash after wash. These are that bib. They are well crafted. If I had a complaint, it would be... I don't have enough kits! I will likely buy a third set after the first of the year.

          A. (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
          Never Buy another brand again!

          After purchasing a pair of Entry bibs and loving them I decided to get a pair of The Bib. OMG are they best Bibs I've ever owned,so good I got a second pair!
          Yuva is fantastic to deal with,returned my email question in 10 minutes.
          Highly recommend to anyone wanting a quality made,comfortable Bib.

          Caleb Lim (Singapore, Singapore)
          Worthwhile purchase

          The higher level of comfort justifies the price increase from the entry level bibs. Highly recommended for anyone who is seeking for comfort during long distance rides.

          H. (Papendrecht, South Holland, Netherlands)
          Ordering my next bibs

          I am not joking, these are the best cycling bibs ever used. They fit perfectly to enjoy riding longer rides even more.
          The fabric stays as new when treated well. Over several years when the silicon tips disappear and the edges become a bit wobbly, you know it's time to order a new one. Enjoy your ride!

          Cliff Corder (Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States)
          Wonderful chamois!

          Yuva is correct they do run a little on the small/tight side. However they are now my go to bibs for longer rides. The pad keeps its shape and provides the kind of plush firmness that helps on long rides. I did have an issue with one pair but Yuva replaced no problem so the customer service is top tier! Highly recommend and will buy again!!

          Ady Short (Merriott, England, United Kingdom)
          Smiles for miles

          After suffering from some serious saddle sores this year from a few longer rides, and this despite many years of pain free cycling, I started to hunt around for some better shorts that would offer an improvement over some of the main brands that I've worn in the past, typically hundreds of pounds/dollars for a single pair of bibs in the belief they might offer better comfort. My search for better bibs came after trying lots of different saddles in conjunction with different shorts which is a bit of a rabbit hole in itself, I'm sure many of us have been down that particular hole. Anyway after finding Red White via a recommendation then reading enough reviews along with the reasonable cost and great sizing information I decided on some Stealth Bibs initially. I now default to these shorts on any Audax's that I do and have managed, in the last two months alone, eight 200KM Audax's and a couple of 300KM rides, the longest being a 17 hour day in the saddle and all these have been without any lasting discomfort post ride or any serious soreness, after doing over 200 miles in day you can expect some slight soreness but the Red White bibs seem to be night and day better than my previous experiences. I can't recommend these shorts enough although they can be a bit more difficult to pull down a bit when you need a pee :-) as the Lycra is not as stretchy as some.