All RedWhite’s products ship from our HQ in Singapore. As they do need to enter your country via local Customs, you may be charged custom fees and duties based on your country’s prevailing policies. Import tax & customs duties are not refundable

RedWhite Apparel's products are competitively priced to keep the cost of your purchase affordable in the event of being taxed.

We do recommend you to check your country’s customs policy and rates before placing an order with us.

Based on our experience shipping parcels worldwide since 2014, here are some tax estimates for you :

  1. USA : You will not incur any tax for purchased goods with a value below USD $800. All our current US customers enjoy tax-free shopping from our website.
  2. Japan : Our goods are priced below the taxable threshold. You will not incur any Japanese Import tax.
  3. United Kingdom : You will incur UK VAT (20%) on purchases with a value above £15. Royal Mail will usually send you a note about taxes if you incur them. From experience the tax will be 20% VAT + £8 Royal Mail handling fee. For example, if your item is valued at £100, you'll pay an extra £28 to Royal Mail. Our prices are kept reasonable and after VAT, your RedWhite purchase would still be competitively priced. Read the official Royal Mail VAT information.
  4. Australia : Our goods are priced below the taxable threshold of AU$1000. You will not incur any Australian Import tax or GST unless your purchase exceeds this value. All our current Australian customers enjoy tax free shopping on our website as their purchases are below this threshold.
  5. New Zealand : Our goods are priced below the taxable threshold of NZ$225 (USD 140) and you will not incur custom duties or taxes as long as your purchase value remains below this threshold. Most of our products are priced below this value and all our current New Zealand customers currently enjoy tax free shopping from RedWhite Apparel. More information is available the New Zealand Customs Service website.
  6. Europe : No Customs Duty is due for goods priced below EUR150. You may incur VAT and this rate varies by EU member country. VAT is not due when the total value of all goods in a consignment (value not inclusive of customs duties or transport costs) is less than a threshold. The threshold may vary from 10 euros to 22 euros, depending on the EU country.
  7. Canada : You may incur Canadian GST/HST. These tax rates vary by province.
  8. Singapore : Our prices include Singapore Goods & Services Tax. You will not incur any additional tax.
  9. Indonesia : Products valued below US$3 will incur no tax. Products valued above US$3 will incur 15% Import Duty and 10% VAT.
  10. Malaysia : Products valued below RM 500 will incur no tax. Products valued above RM 500 will incur Sales & Services Tax (SST) of 5-10% and Import Duties of 0-25%. Typical total taxes for RW products in Malaysia at value of above RM 500 is 10% of package value.
  11. APO (Army Post Office) Addresses : You will not incur any tax.
  12. Rest of World : Each country has specific import laws. You may or may not be taxed based on your country’s laws. Please check with your country's tax revenue services of with your customs agency.