The BIB Cargo : Prototype #1

The BIB Cargo is a bibshort with 2 tough-mesh pockets on each leg for storing essentials on long rides. The essentials you would stuff into these pockets would typically be nutrition that you'd want quick access to. I've developed a prototype that i'd like to show you below :

Cargo Bibshort prototype

The base of The BIB Cargo is the incredibly popular The BIB Bibshort. The large continuous panels on the thighs of this short were absolutely perfect for stitching a big mesh pocket on. 

Cargo Bibshort prototype

Prototype #1 uses a tough-mesh fabric. As the name suggests, it's a heavy, tough and stretchy mesh fabric. The technical specification sheet suggests that it should be able to withstand a lot of abuse. So far, it's pretty capable of holding a fair amount of stuff without losing shape. Stuffing a peanut butter jar into the pocket was pushing my luck a bit, but a book was relatively easy. Keys shouldn't be an issue as well as the mesh fabric is tough and doesn't snag easily.

Cargo Bibshort prototype

This is still a relatively early prototype. That being said, I am surprised how well made and finished Prototype #1 is. The mesh fabric turned out really well. The pockets are 7 inches tall, which should keep stuff from falling out when you pedal.

This bibshort will be taken on several century rides to nail the final dimensions and features. If all goes well, expect to see them available for purchase in late July 2020. Expect them to cost a touch more than The BIB.

As always, I do appreciate feedback on this project. Do comment on the pockets. Also, please let me know if you need these mesh pockets on the rear panel as well. I didn't include them in this prototype as they increase cost and I just didn't see a need for pockets on my back when I have already have a jersey with pockets on.

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I like this idea very much and look forward to the finalised bib shorts. I understand the idea of the capacity that can hold a book, but for me, personally, I’d hesitate because I sweat like a racehorse and the book would become a sodden mess. LOL. My Christmas gift to me, later this year will be your long-distance Bib shorts. Best of luck with the development. Thank you, Sek Chuan

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oyedekbixuri September 18, 2020

I love the idea of mesh side pockets, and will be interested to see the women’s version of the bibs. Mesh side pockets for gels and food will be ideal for long distance rides and races (I race both gravel and road).

I currently have a pair of R&W bib shorts which are my go-to bibs for long summer rides. The length of the shorts is perfect, not too long, so I am hoping that the new bibs with pockets will remain the same length.

Thank you!

Melanie R August 26, 2020

Looks amazing! I would add a mesh cover flap at the top of the pockets to keep small things from possibly falling out. Keeping it mesh would make it thin enough to just push out of the way for a larger object.

As for the back panel, in my opinion it’s a game changer. Not noticeable for those who don’t want it, and amazing for those who want to keep it causal and ride with no jersey on.

Avi August 24, 2020

What about two versions… the “Short Haul” cargo bib shorts with only the side pockets and the “Long Haul” which adds the back pocket for all those gravel riders out there that need just one more pocket?

Stay safe everyone.

Peter Forster August 24, 2020

Love the concept. I have been in Utah riding MTB for a couple months and left my road jerseys at home. I often wear a non-bib short with cargo shorts over…comfy but gets hot. I need a way to carry my phone and some food and these look great for that. In road bike I am normally just going to stuff in my jersey (I live in AZ so not like I am fighting through layers of stuff to get to my pockets. And great book you have there. I like panels on the legs like the Proto1 – comfortable and easy to get at.

THOMAS MURPHY August 22, 2020

I like the back cargo panel.

In Michigan the outdoor season is a bit short along with my preference to ride earlier in the day and keep warm while dressed as lightly as possible I like to wear only an under armor cool weather mock base layer which has no pockets whenever possible.

I can see the value of thigh cargo panels, but stuff on the guns seems like adding extra weight right at the point of power used to stamp out a nice pace.

That’s my 2 cents as I make my plans for a new set of bib shorts.


Jay olson August 22, 2020

Great to hear you’re producing some shorts with pockets – love my Stealths for Ultras and long road road or gravel rides. Please add the rear pocket – great for keeping keys, credit card, phone, all the things I want to take and keep safe on a ride but take up valuable room in a jersey pocket. If others don’t need it they don’t have to use it but it gives more flexible options!

John Russell August 21, 2020

Oooh, just saw your prototype #2 with mesh pocket on the rear panel. This will be a “killer app”, perfect complement to a normal T-shirt and attractive to MTB and gravel riders. Suggestion – the width looks like you can have a divider in the middle. Thanks.

CS August 21, 2020

Cargo bibs are where’s is at these days. Please include the rear pocket – huge value for the gravel riders and mtbers that want to wear a t-shirt that doesn’t have pockets

Rob Saunders August 17, 2020

Never thought about this before but it does offer some value for longer rides, slipping in gels or bike touring for phones and wallets.

James Holley April 25, 2020

I am really hoping that you also release a women’s version, there are really no options for women’s bib shorts with pockets except for the rapha bib

Kim April 11, 2020

I have two sets of your bibs. They are excellent. I Just received another brand that have two thigh pockets and a rear pocket. Have put 200 miles on them and have played around with using pockets. The pockets are useful for sure esp with extra stuff needed on gravel rides around here in Texas that are self supported. I use the back pocket for wallet that I always carry. Even messed around with soft 250 cc and 500 cc Solomon soft wetter bladders on both sides. Still learning. Not sure how they will be in an intense gravel race. I have crashed in road races over the years and the lateral thigh can take a real beating sliding on the road. Not sure if I would want anything solid in the pockets. Hey keep up the new ideas. Why can we not have simple jerseys like I raced with with front and rear pockets in the 60’s and 70’s. So easy to get stuff out of – they no longer exist. Some companies make a recumbent Jersey with front pockets and no rear. !! Just some thoughts. Be safe! Alan

Alan March 31, 2020

These have to happen! I haven’t even received my first pair of bibshorts from you guys, but I know they will be phenomenal! I’ve wanted cargo bibshorts for awhile. I just did the White Rim in Canyonlands, Utah and they would have been perfect. No back pockets needed. It looks like the side pockets are perfect size. Ooooo boy this is exciting! Navy ones? I hope by me purchasing my first pair yesterday, I start my collection of amazing bibshorts. Thanks Yuva, you’ve been great so far (since I’ve bought my first pair yesterday)

Sam March 31, 2020

Can not wait for these to be available, as an Ultra rider I use the ones by a competitor in the UK but I hate the bid straps and I the chamois in them! These will be my go to for Ultra and the Indian Pacific Wheel Race next year after CoViD stopped this year’s ride.

Matt Donaldson March 30, 2020

I hope this cargo shorts will have a women’s version! It’s frustrating to see other bike apparel brands make cargo bibs for men but not women!

Jing Wen March 20, 2020

Great idea for long rides!

I have stuffed gels into the leg of my normal bibs for ease of access and to save room in my jersey pockets for bulkier items like energy bars and extra bottles. The pockets would make it a lot easier to store the gels. I would not over stuff the bib pockets as I think it would be uncomfortable over a certain point.

If a pocket was added to the back of the bibs, I would probably put my keys and a credit card back there, things I don’t need during a ride but handy when stopped.

Jim Palistrant March 19, 2020

Only appeal to me of cargo bibs is for casual rides with a T-shirt instead of bike jersey. Think vacation time riding with kids etc. so – for me – I’d be more interested in cargo pockets in a recreational quality bib/short.

David G March 19, 2020

What a fantastic idea, I just completed a 230km ride and having side pockets on my RedWhites would have been so much easier than dealing with jersey pockets, especially with wet gloves.

Suggestion – one side – have segmented pocket for gels, the other side a single pocket. Having the segment means a simple way to pull one item out at a time and not drop things whilst on the move.

No need for a back pocket.

Great job, wish this had been available when I ordered my last set of RedWhites as I would have grabbed them instead.

Simon McCormack March 19, 2020

Awesome! At this moment I can’t see a need for a rear pocket, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful!
If the cost is say 10% more to add it, my opinion would be to skip it, but if it’s less than that, worth considering for sure…

ET March 18, 2020

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