The BIB (Men's)

RM633.00 MYR

*Sizing Note : If you are a shorter and heavier rider, look for the shorter inseam version. If ever in doubt, use the Sizing Helpdesk for a personalised size recommendation.

The BIB (Men's) is RedWhite's signature long distance cycling bib short for men. It is a tool that will help you ride further, comfortably.

This bib short has a custom fit for for shorter & heavier riders with the introduction of 2" shorter inseam size options. More details below 👇.

A Bib Short Built for Long Distance Rides

This bib short is designed to help you crush big miles in comfort. It is made for rides of more than 5 hours and has been ridden in events such as :

  • Transcontinental Race
  • Paris-Brest-Paris
  • Race Across America
  • Pacific Coast Bicycle Race
Available in 2 Inseam Lengths:

This bibshort is available in 2 inseam lengths - Regular & 2" Shorter Inseam. The 2" Shorter inseam version is a Regular Length with 2" taken off the legs. It's tailored for riders who need bibshorts with shorter legs.

For example : A 180 lbs (81kg) rider who is 5 foot 6" would need a size XL or 2XL for his girth. However, the size XL (Regular) or 2XL (Regular) will be too long for him. He will need the size XL (2" Shorter Inseam) or size 2XL (2" Shorter Inseam) for his 5 foot 6" height.

Note for Returning Customers :

This bib short has been designed to retain the same fit, feel and performance as the bibshorts you've been purchasing for years from RedWhite. The only major change is the new Silicone Macro-Dot Gripper (see photos). This gripper was chosen for 2 reasons :

  1. It is more durable and doesn't overstretch with use. It stays grippy longer than the gripper used in our older bibshorts.
  2. It grips knee and leg warmers & coolers better. You can easily slip this gripper over the ends of your knee / leg coverings and have it hold those coverings better than the old grippers.

Keen eyed customers would notice the new rubber logo stitched on left thigh. This rubber logo has been ride-tested extensively. You won't notice it while riding. It is also washing-machine friendly and durable. Please note to only wash your bibshort in a cold wash cycle and never use a dryer-machine. Heat damages lycra and rubber. 

Why We Exist:

Finding a reliable bib short supplier is strangely challenging. If you ride a lot of miles, you've likely gone through multiple brands, looking for that elusive bib short that just works. RedWhite Apparel is built to solve this problem. Our lofty goal is to become your Go-To bib short supplier. That's why we only make bib shorts and nothing else. About Us.

Bibshort Overview:
  • Available in 2 Inseam Lengths - Regular & 2" Shorter Inseam
  • Made in Romania using Bluesign® and OEKO-TEX® certified suppliers
  • Proprietary Moulded Chamois for rides over 5 hours
  • Italian Lycra from M.I.T.I (SPF UV 50+ rating)
  • Non-Slip & Comfy Silicone Macro-Dot Gripper
  • Lightweight, Stretchy & Soft Mesh Fabric (on bib-straps)
  • Full Durable Flatlock Stitching

        RedWhite's Long Distance Bibshorts are a big investment. You want to purchase the correct size to improve your riding experience. Thousands of happy customers have used this sizing service.

        There are 2 ways to get your personalised Sizing Help :

        1) Use the form below (Glute Circumference is optional)



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        Dive deeper into the technical details of our Bib Shorts. The link below takes you to our Product Deep Dives blog.

        The BIB Deep Dive

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        All RedWhite Apparel Bibshorts are covered by our Crash Replacement policy. Under this policy, if you experienced a crash while riding or racing and damaged your RedWhite Apparel garment, you will get 50% off replacement kit.

        To get started with your Crash Replacement, email and provide the following information :

        • Details of your crash
        • Photos of injuries 
        • Photos of damaged garments
        • What size and model of the garment you'd like replaced at 50% of the listed price.

        We will review your information and will send you an invoice with a convenient payment link for your replacement kit.

        Do note that this Crash Replacement Policy only covers bibshorts purchased directly from this website. 

        Please also note that the 50% discount will be only applied on the identical item you purchased and crashed in. The discount will also be calculated based on the current listed price of the product on the website. If the item you are replacing is not available, the discount will be applied on a similar replacement product currently available.

        Crash replacement bibshort

        RedWhite's Return Policy is available here. Do note that Team Bundle purchases have special rules. Details at the link above.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 1491 reviews
        Aussie Rider (Los Angeles, California, United States)
        This new version of bibs gets 4.5 stars

        Thus far I've spent approximately 30 hours in them (I rotate several pairs).

        The current version has improved on one of the only flaws of the previous bibs; The leg gripper. The newer version is grippier and I suspect will last longer. A fair comparison to these bibs would be the Rapha Core, which are $6 cheaper. Unfortunately I haven't tried them so can't give an honest opinion. Perhaps others might. Nevertheless at $140 they're a lot less expensive than other bibs. And I think they are priced fairly.

        I ride ~15 hours a week. Last year I went through four pairs of RW bibs, that's 5-6 rides a week, washing on delicate cycle and air drying. Some rough math would suggest each pair of bibs lasts 150-180 hours of ride time.

        The lycra holds up very well (the old gripper did not). The chamois compresses with time, which is to be expected. The first thing to go is the chamois stitching. And in my experience it goes early. To the point where with this round of bibs I expect to take them to a seamstress at first sign of wear. This is an issue I've shared with Yuva, and I know his working on a solution. The only other observation I have is the red dye in the chamois will run, for a long time, I'm talking a dozen washes in and the water will still be tinged with red. In fact I was surprised and how much the old pairs had faded when compared to the new. It's cosmetic, nobody sees it, just keep your white socks away.

        In summary, I'm invested just as much in Yuva as I am his bibs. He's a good, honest, hard working man who makes a great product. He deserves our business. Are the bibs perfect? No. But they're also not $300. And when you ride as much as I do I'm not interested in investing $1200 a year in bibs. Highly recommend.

        * 6' (183cm), 160lbs (73kg). I was fitted with the medium but prefer the large. The extra length in the shoulder straps gives me some more breathing room.

        ** Seeing this is the new (and improved) version I think it would be more accurate to exclude reviews from the older version. This is, after all a different product.

        Thank you for the very kind and detailed review Aussie Rider :)

        Adam Tay Chong Buan

        Very helpful on the bibs size recommendation and model selection. Very comfortable on my 79km ride with it. No abrasion too. Recommended and will get the cargo bibs next

        Michael Capshaw-Taylor (Aspen, Colorado, United States)
        2nd Pair, Incredible Shorts!

        We are all different and require different things from out shorts. My sit bones are quite boney and am often sore with any other bike short I’ve tried in my 30 years of cycling. These have transformed my time in the saddle. I’m able to do as long of a ride as I want with no issue. My rides vary from one hour to 6, close to home. I don’t feel sunk in to the padding which I was afraid of. The suspenders also sit on my body perfectly and keep their shape. They have enough stretch to pull down for a pee. The are stylish and the ribbing at the thigh hasn’t stretched out (a lot of other shorts have done that eventually 👎).

        If you’re on the fence, try em. I paired these with three other companies that promised the same and was not a fan. These are incredibly well thought out.

        At the end of last summer I took a digger and put a couple small holes on the side of the leg. I’ll be retiring those to go under my mtn bike shorts. Bought a second pair for road cycling only.

        Kenneth Cravillion (Appleton, Wisconsin, United States)
        Found my bibs

        I got my first serious road bike back in August of 2020 and didn't know much about proper clothing like bibs and jerseys. Finally got serious about it in late 2021 finishing with 5k miles with cheap bibs. Went insane in 2022 cycling nearly 15k miles and riding 100 imperial centuries. Still with cheap bibs. The ends of rides were usually not too pleasant on my rear whether riding in or outdoors but I dealt with it. At the end of 2022 I started doing a bit of research and came across RedWhite bibs. And seeing as they're made for distance rides they're just what I needed for my many 100+ mile rides. I got my first pair at the beginning of the year and immediately put them to work riding 31 so far 100+ mile rides as of now. The ends of my rides are much nicer and my rear end is much happier. Way less pain and sores are nearly a thing of the past. My first few rides I thought that they were a bit too tight. Come to realize that's how bibs should fit and my other cheap bibs were probably too big. The only current problem I have is I only have one pair which means I'm doing wash quite often with all of the rides I'm doing and noth wanting to wear anything else. My next pair will likely be the cargo bibs for when it warms up from the cold Wisconsin winter and I can start doing 100's outside again.

        Richie Ricardo (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
        Awesome bib

        My go to cycling bibs. Great product and excellent customer service. Thanks Yuva

        Garret Smith (Busanjin-gu, Busan, South Korea)
        Superb Bib Shorts with Great Value

        A friend and fellow randonneur of mine recommended these bib shorts to replace my aging Assos Bib Shorts with an exorbitant price tag.

        These bib shorts from Red White Apparel are a near perfect replacement offering similar function at a quarter or less of the price. They offer a good amount of compression, are solidly built, and the pad has been comfortable when the rides get seriously long. Highly recommended.

        The only thing missing from this purchase was Brandon Dooley's Affiliate Code. ^^

        Shawn Tan
        Superb quality bibs!!

        This is the most comfortable bibs I have ever own..... continued to get a few more and this isbthe only brands I wear now.

        D. K. (Spokane, Washington, United States)
        Nice Bibs

        I purchased the RedWhite "The Bib" shorts in men's XL with the shorter inseam option. I am really happy with the purchase. Everything I write here is my opinion based on my experience and body type. Shorts are like underwear, and everyone will likely have a different experience.

        The chamois are really quite nice. I wanted a quality bib short that I could use particularly for longer indoor riding sessions during the winter months, but something that would perform well outdoors too. I haven't use them outside yet because the weather has not been cooperative this year. However, I've put them through their paces indoors and have been very happy with them. I can ride for much longer periods of time than I used to without significant discomfort on my sit bones, thanks to nice padding in the chamois.

        I recommend making use of the Sizing Helpdesk when purchasing your shorts. The shorts run small, at least by United States standards, so I would not have ordered the right size on my own. I ended up being two sizes larger than I would have used in the states, where I am a Medium in everything. The first set of shorts came in too small, but Yuva helped me resolve this with a replacement pair. The RedWhite customer service is almost unmatched. For that reason alone, I will likely purchase again.

        What I like...
        As I said, the chamois are amazing. The padding makes my ride so much more enjoyable. Not only is the padding great, but the design at the front of the chamois is incredibly helpful for protecting the man parts. I've had too many chamois in the past that tended to bounce my manhood around much more than I would like, which occasionally led to some rather uncomfortable rides. These chamois are not gimmicks, they really work. I also like the breathability of the shorts overall. They allow a lot of air flow through, even on indoor rides. Lastly the stitching seems very high quality.

        What I don't like...
        As I mentioned, they are still not a perfect fit for me. I concede I may never find a perfect bike short because of my body type, but these are close to it. I'm not a fan of the rubberized "RW" logo on the leg of the shorts. It's not uncomfortable, but it just seems awkward to have a hard rubber logo on otherwise soft shorts. Also, the flexible cuff is a bit scratchy to me, as are the bib straps over long periods of time. It's not terrible, but it could be more comfortable. Lastly, even though I'm a fan of the chamois overall, they do tend to give me a bit of a wedgie when walking around in them or during some out of the saddle efforts. But, I can get over that based on how much I like the chamois otherwise.

        Peter Doody (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
        I keep coming back

        And the quality, the fit and knowing it will be right is the reason. Great product and love the revised look too.

        Josué Santos (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil)
        Good product

        I didn’t have experience with premium apparel and it looks and dress very well.
        It is really like it was described.
        For me who lives in Brazil, having a free shipping is really good.
        Gonna by one more soon.

        Really happy you like them :)