Gregory Wall (Denver, Colorado, USA)

Gregory Wall

Words by Gregory Wall | Using The BIB since : July 2020

I bought my Long Distance Bibs back in July, after the re-stock, knowing that I had some longer mountain rides in store.  Living in Denver, CO, USA, there are plenty of beautiful mountain rides and many vertical feet to climb. 

I’ve had a goal to ride Trail Ridge Road, in Rocky Mountain National Park, for the better part of a year.  I hadn’t put much thought into it this year as I had a couple other goals to tick off.  Once those were done, however, I was in a good position to hit this one as a timely weekend trip put me within striking distance. 

I knew it was late in the season, but the 32-F temperature in the morning pressed the point home.  Tights over my RedWhite bibs were a must.  From my start point, I had 30 miles of rollers before a steady incline gave way to 12 miles of 5-7% of grinding grade.  I could feel the elevation, and popping above the treeline was definitely an exposed feeling.  In all, it was 106 miles out-and-back. 

As always, the descent is worth the climb.  Trail Ridge Road was designed with a minimum curve radius of 100’ so, switchbacks and hairpins were great for carrying speed.  Then, it was back to rollers and some work back to the ranch. 

My RedWhite bibs held up great on this long day (8 hours in the saddle), as I knew they would.  These are the ones I pull down when I know I’m in for a long day in the saddle.  Well done, Yuva.

(Sorry my tights were covering my RedWhite bibs.  It was cold!)