Jason Roth (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)


Words by Jason Roth. RedWhite customer since December 2018
Jason is wearing The BIB
The Epic Indoor Ride:


To start at the beginning, you have to go back 12 years, to when I wasn’t a cyclist and when my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer (he’s fine, now, thankfully). Out of shape, sitting on a couch, feeling sad for my dad, I saw a commercial on TV for a fundraising event for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, a local cancer research hospital. They were introducing a new event called the “Ride to Conquer Cancer” - 200+km over 2 days to raise money and awareness for cancer research. I signed up - and it changed my life. 


In the 12 years since, I’ve helped raise more than $100,000 personally and contributed to the over $213million that the ride has raised since it started. I’m one of only about 100 riders who have ridden in all 12 of these events, and I take my fundraising commitment seriously - every rider has to raise a minimum of $3,000 to be eligible to ride in the event.


Back to bib shorts - in those 12 years I’ve tried dozens of brands, and I classify my bibs by the comfortable distance I can ride in them. Some are “40km bibs” - after 40km the chamois starts to weaken or the seams start to dig in. Some are 80km or 100km bibs. I discovered RedWhite bibs 4 years ago. RedWhite bibs are “unlimited bibs” - I’ve never ridden far enough to find the point that they aren’t keeping me comfortable


Last winter when brainstorming ideas to increase my fundraising for the 2019 Ride to Conquer Cancer, I decided to advertise an “indoor ride” - I’ll bring my bike and my Zwift gear into my office and tell everyone that for every $500 that’s raised, I’ll ride an hour. I figured 3 or 4 hours isn’t that bad - 90 or 100km - not a big deal.


When the fundraising went past $3,000 I started getting nervous. Then one person donated $1,000 and I got even more nervous - I was up to $4,000 raised, and I was going to have to ride for 8 hours! Yeah. It didn’t stop there…


The night before my ride, a colleague from out of town texted me, and asked “what’s the longest you’ve ever ridden before, and how much do I have to donate to make you go further?” I said - I’m already there, you don’t have to donate anything. I’ve never ridden for 8 hours before. I was truly scared of what I had gotten myself into. When I got up (early start), I saw that he had donated an odd number, but it brought my fundraising to $5,000 for this event. So I got to the office, got on my bike, and started riding. 


And riding. And riding. And riding.


Every 3 hours or so, I got off the bike for a few minutes, loosened my shoes, had a bit of solid food and rested for 10 or 15 minutes - but not so long as to lose my rhythm. 10 Hours. 272km on Zwift. One pair of bib shorts still going strong. $5,000 raised for the ride to conquer cancer. An Epic Indoor Ride.


And yes, I’m signed up for the 2020 ride to conquer cancer - it will be my 13th time, my son’s 9th time, and I’m hoping to raise $20,000 for 2020.


jason's zwift ride

during the Epic Indoor Ride

jason's indoor cycling paincave

setup for the Epic Indoor Ride

watopia mileage

After shot - Epic Indoor Ride - 10 hours, 272km

2019 ride to conquer cancer - redwhite bibshorts

Jason and Alex crossing the finish line in Niagara Falls at the 2019 Ride to Conquer Cancer

jason roth

Jason and his son Alex after the 2019 Ride to Conquer Cancer

12th time