John Emrich (Charleston, SC, USA)

john emrich in redwhite apparel
Words by John Emrich. Customer since February 2019.
John is wearing The BIB Stealth

In September 2019, my brother and I took our 75 year old father on a cycling trip in Virginia. We road 53 miles from historic Jamestown to Richmond on the Virginia Capital Trail. After having some fantastic barbecue and spending the night in  downtown Richmond and we rode 53 miles back to Jamestown. Our father is not a cyclist and has not ridden more than 20 or so miles. He held up surprising well. We had a great time and even made a visit to the Journeyman's Adventure Co bike shop with all things bikepacking, tandems and Road plus.

I wore my RedWhite stealth bibshorts and gloves. I had no discomfort during the 5 hours in the saddle on first day and my hands felt great.  The second day was equally comfortable with 4 hours in the saddle. Theses were my longest rides to date in RedWhites and I look forward to future adventures.