Vaughan Stewart (Hakuba mura, Nagano, Japan)

RedWhite Bibshorts

Words by Vaughan Stewart. Customer since April 2019

After seeing some online ads for bib shorts and needing some new shorts I decided on RedWhite Race bib shorts.

After emailing and getting a quick response for my correct sizing I ordered a package deal of the bibs. I had been riding on them for about 2 months before I decided to put them to the test on a ride that I had been putting off for a couple of years to fear of the vertical climbing involved, with a 185km ride with just over 2900m of climbing. Normally this amount of time in the saddle i would be feeling numb and sore but to my surprise these shorts are amazing! No sore spots or numbness.



I am interested if they make any winter bibs, as I live in a very snowy climate area and still ride in winter.. and my current thermal roubaix longs ore falling apart only after a couple of winters. If so I would like to try them out!


I am also interested if they make any MTB style long finger gloves. I am looking forward to getting some more bibs for next year as i would like them to be the only bib shorts in collection as they are my day to day riding and racing shorts!


RedWhite long distance gloves