COVID-19 & Bibshorts Supply Chain

COVID-19 came out of left field and the recent community spread in Northern Italy has caused some delays in RedWhite's supply chain. With Northern Italy undergoing a lockdown, this has created a lot of friction in the system that aids movement of people and goods across borders.

RedWhite's bibshorts are manufactured in Romania and utilises raw material from several Italian suppliers. Because the movement of goods has slowed down, my manufacturer experienced a delay in coordinating and obtaining the required materials on time. The good news is, production of the latest batch of bibshorts has almost wrapped up in Romania.

The bad news however is the inevitable delay in shipping the latest production to my manufacturer's Italian HQ for extensive QC checks before being shipped to my Singapore warehouse. 

A number of you reading this blog post have purchased my backordered bibshorts based on the promise that they will ship in March Week 3. I'm afraid this isn't possible any longer. The security checks at the Italian borders for incoming shipments (bibshorts from Romania to Italy) and outgoing shipments (Romania to Singapore) and the security screening in Singapore will add an extra week to the earlier shipping date. Bibshorts will arrive in Singapore in Week 3 and will ship in Week 4 of March.

COVID-19 and it's community spread in my manufacturing base is an unprecedented event and I truly am sorry about this 1 week delay in shipping your backorder and in getting the new batch of bibshorts in.

Please note that there are no delays in shipping orders to you from Singapore. This delay only affects my manufacturing supply chains.

TLDR : Bibshorts will ship in Week 4 of March / Week 1 of April rather than in Week 3 of March. No delays in shipping orders out.


YUVA, Founder

RedWhite Apparel



What changes have occurred as a result of Covid-19? Are there any changes in production raw materials?

Administrasi Bisnis October 02, 2023

“Beyond your control” is the important thing… thanks for the update. I’d far rather know what is happening than be in the dark. Good customer relations! I’ll have to wait another week longer before I can write a review… :) Thanks for the heads up.

Mark Thomson March 11, 2020

Don’t have anything ordered at the moment, but great update. Beyond your control. One of the many reasons why my next order will be from you.

Michael March 11, 2020

Thank you for the update on shipping ! Certainly something beyond your control….I will patiently await the arrival of my bibs.

Best wishes,

Patrick Lynch March 10, 2020

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