No Bibshort Sale for 2020

November is here and December isn't far away. Typically, this is "Sale Season". Many companies use the end of year to clear excess inventory and you can usually find a Black Friday or Christmas sale running in every corner of the globe.

The end of year is also the time I usually receive emails from customers asking if RedWhite Apparel's bibshorts will go on sale. I understand the very human desire to get the absolute best bargain. However, RedWhite Apparel's bibshorts will not be going on sale for remainder of 2020 and likely for the forseeable future.

Rather than setting a high purchase price and discounting later during "Sale Season", RedWhite Apparel's bibshorts are priced to always give customers good value, all year around.

When you purchase a pair of RedWhites, you also get the following :

  1. Fast Express Shipping. COVID-19 has wrecked havoc on supply chains globally. In 2020, to address this, I increased my investment in shipping services, ensuring that when you purchase a pair of my bibshorts, it will be delivered in less than 8 days, worldwide. Singapore orders get delivered in 2 working days.
  2. Crash Replacement Protection. Crashing is part and parcel of riding. When it happens, you are covered by a generous 50% discount on replacement bibshorts.

All customers can also enjoy a great deal anytime of the year using the Team Bundle. The only catch is that you have to purchase a minimum of 4 bibshorts. The minimum volume allows me to ammortise fixed shipping and fulfilment costs and pass those substantial savings to you via a generous discount.

The Team Bundle was introduced in early 2020 and 15% of all customers have used it to get a great deal for themselves and their friends.

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Hi Yuva,

I totally respect your position and the transparency. In the end, your customers have to decide if the value is there in your product for the price your are charging. I don’t need more at the moment, but I think your prices are extremely fair for the level of quality and comfort. Thank you for all the hard work that you do, and I’m looking forward to the cargoes and buying more of the standards in the future.

Marc December 01, 2020

@RVDB : I understand. Nobody likes paying more for something they purchased during a deep discounted sale. $84 for a pair of RedWhites was during a period where I had made a stocking error and has to clear inventory quickly to raise liquidity. This was poor planning on my part. You can actually still get a great deal on a pair of RedWhites by using the Team Bundle (30% off). The only condition is that you have to purchase a minimum of 4 pairs. The minimum allows me to ammortise shipping, fulfilment and warehouse storage cost across the bulk order.

@BENNY, @SHANNON PETITJEAN : Thank you so much for the very kind words :)


Hello Yuva,

Kinda dissapointing to read that there won’t be a bibshort sale this year. It was my favorite end of the year present for me. New year, new bib. In Decemer 2019 i bought the bib on the sale for only 84USD. I love the bib. No sale means that the same bib now costs me almost 45USD more! That’s a lot more…

RvdB November 16, 2020

I have used various bibs and shorts of similar price and RedWhite is the most comfortable of all even for long rides.

Benny November 15, 2020

I truly believe in your product. I believe your vision is so genuine and generous. I for one believe that you have your customers, and their business in mind. It is refreshing. And appreciated. We get what we give. And you have much to be proud of. Thanks again.

Shannon Petitjean November 10, 2020

@CRISTIAN : Thank you. Do you happen to have a link to your photos by the way? I enjoy good photography and do share the Grubers’ work on the newsletter.

@SEAN BOWIE : I am operating at an advantage compared to larger brands. My fixed costs are low which allows me to run a healthy business without charging a premium.

@SHAN MCVEE : There are some delays in production of the final prototype for the Cargo bibs. My goal is to have them ready for sale by January 2020. This is tentative since my manufacturer is slammed with orders as well and there’s a production backlog at the moment.

@MICHAEL MOORE : You’re most welcome! I’m having your crash replacement bib shipped today by DHL. Speedy recovery!


I always like a great deal, and I honestly believe you already offer that. No need for a Black Friday sale. Keep up the great work. Thank you for keeping it real.

Michael Moore November 10, 2020

Thanks for your honesty Yuva. Personally, I’m waiting for your cargo bibs to be released before I buy a bunch of those / thermal bib shorts, using the team bundle.
Keeping rocking on

Shan McVee November 10, 2020

I think the bibshorts are pretty reasonably priced in any case (compared to some European prices I’ve seen), so definitely understand your view on this.

Sean Bowie November 10, 2020

Hi Yuva,

I totally understand and resonate with you. As a small entrepreneur I do see a lot of things getting in the way, and discounts are the least desired things to do. No bills I have to pay have given me any discounts. Neither the camera manufacturers (I’m a photographer) are willing to spare me any $.

Keep on doing great bibs and don’t stress with the discounts.


Cristian November 10, 2020

@PATRICK : Thanks for the very kind words. I hope the fresh pairs keep you comfy in the upcoming year. You’re right about wanting bibs to last years, but this is almost impossible given the amount of use and stress they undergo. Lycra simply isn’t designed to be durable for many years because of the rubber component within it that degrades with time, sweat and abrasion (with your saddle).

YUVA, November 10, 2020

Thanks for your honesty. I must say that I have tried different bibs and have found RedWhites to be by far the best for me. Would I like any bib to least years, yes, but with the amount I wear them that’s not going to happen. Thanks again for a great product. Just took delivery of two pair.

Patrick November 10, 2020

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