We had a bibshort called "The RACE". We killed it in 2019.

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In 2016, we launched a bibshort called The RACE. In May 2019, we stopped selling it and removed it permanently from our catalogue.

The RACE bibshort had its fans. It was also well reviewed by the media. Bikerumor wrote about it and Cyclingtips' Matt Wikstrom put it on his 2016 list of 10 Favourite Products.

The RACE was a bibshort we made for riders who preferred fast, punchy rides instead of longer AUDAX style grinds. These riders wanted a lighter, thinner chamois. We obliged and made a lighter version of the long distance chamois in The BIB and stuck it into The RACE bibshort. Other than the chamois change, everything else was identical. Same fabrics, construction and quality. We made some cosmetic changes (slapped "The RACE" in red on the silicone microdot gripper) and were in business.

race bibshort chamois

The RACE was a failure. For every 10 pairs of The BIB sold, we only sold 1 pair of The RACE. Customers were confused by it. It had a thinner chamois, cost the same as The BIB and it wasn't a long distance bibshort.

The only way The RACE could have sold well was if we marketed it as an entry level bibshort for new cyclists. New cyclists don't ride the ultra distances our customers do and for their shorter rides, The BIB is overkill. The RACE should have been priced lower to ease new cyclists into the RedWhite brand. This would also ensure that The RACE sat apart from The BIB, catered to a more well defined audience and didn't cannibalise sales of The BIB. 

Unfortunately, The RACE cost the same as The BIB to manufacture, so a lower pricing simply wasn't possible.

In May 2019, we made the decision to kill The RACE. While it is an excellent bibshort, you can purchase something similar from many other brands for the same price. RedWhite Apparel is in the niche business of making bibshorts for long distance cyclists. We should focus on that mission.

In the process of writing this article, I have been thinking more and more about producing a cheaper bibshort with a thinner and lighter chamois for new cyclists. The BIB is an excellent bibshort but it is expensive. Very few pieces of clothing in my personal wardrobe cost US$120. 

What is your opinion about our decision to kill The RACE? Do you think RedWhite should produce a cheaper bibshort for new cyclists? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.




I am super late to the party here but am shocked that the Race is no longer made! I have three pairs and they are my favorite bibshorts I have ever owned by far. There is simply no contest! For the me the standard bib, of which I own one, is overkill and the chamois feels larger / too large.

On a related note I was also surprised that you don’t make jerseys anymore! I have two, and they are also right up there as some of my favorites I own.

But, I will continue to buy Red White when I need to resupply.

Nick Phelps July 23, 2021

How could you do this to me!! Back in 2017, I bought – The Bib. I found my perfectly sized most comfortable shorts, except for one thing – the pad – a touch too big. So, despite the cost, I bought an alternative – The Race, knowing the fit would be perfect.

I’d found the Holy Grail !!!!

But now I’ve come back for more. Do my eyes deceive me – Noooooooo!!!
Have I been cursed for not saving up sooner? I am now a grow man crying like a baby – could this be the day that I’ll hang up my shorts😭

I thought COVID-19 was bad enough, and now I find out this! Make another run in size medium – I’ll set up a gofundme and buy the lot.

Yours despondantly,


Al June 26, 2020

$120 is a totally decent price, I don’t know if you need to make a less expensive bib. Also, I don’t think you need to market The Bib as being mostly for long distance. I usually only ride 2-3 hrs, and I love my RedWhite Bibs. I actually have a pair of The Race, and I don’t like them as much.

Ben Arians December 16, 2019

@HORVÁTH GÁBOR : It really depends on how heavy you are. I find size S riders find the RACE more than enough for long rides. Because they’re so light, the pad doesn’t need to work as hard to provide support.

@TOM AMBROS, @STEPHEN SLY : I understand how you feel about The RACE. However, a small company like RedWhite needs to maintain product focus in order to avoid diluting the brand and what the brand represents. Hence us only stocking The BIB now. There could be plans for a thinner chamois bibshort in the future, but it would most likely be targeted at new cyclists and will be at a lower price point.

@BRETT FRIEDMAN : You’re right about The BIB being overkill for shorter rides. However, it is a far more versatile bibshort and because it can be used for longer rides, it offers more bang for buck, which also makes it much more popular.

Yuva | Founder of RedWhite Apparel December 16, 2019

I thought the Race short was perfect for shorter, < 75 mile rides. Longer than that, I reach for the standard Bib, which seems like overkill and too much chamois for most rides I do.

I don’t think $120 is a lot for shorts anymore with Assos, Q36.5, higher level Castelli, etc. all punching over $200. The Race was a quality product at a fair price — what more can you ask for?

Brett Friedman December 14, 2019

I wish I had more than one pair of these shorts.They are my favorites

Stephen Sly December 14, 2019

I wish I had kept up to date on this, I would have bought a bunch before they were unavailable. I prefer the thinner chamois and for the price I don’t think I could get a bib short with as good quality.

Tom Ambros December 14, 2019

Personally, I love these short I accomplished the PBP in it

Horváth Gábor December 13, 2019

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