The BIB Cargo : Prototype #1

The BIB Cargo is a bibshort with 2 tough-mesh pockets on each leg for storing essentials on long rides. The essentials you would stuff into these pockets would typically be nutrition that you'd want quick access to. I've developed a prototype that i'd like to show you below :

Cargo Bibshort prototype

The base of The BIB Cargo is the incredibly popular The BIB Bibshort. The large continuous panels on the thighs of this short were absolutely perfect for stitching a big mesh pocket on. 

Cargo Bibshort prototype

Prototype #1 uses a tough-mesh fabric. As the name suggests, it's a heavy, tough and stretchy mesh fabric. The technical specification sheet suggests that it should be able to withstand a lot of abuse. So far, it's pretty capable of holding a fair amount of stuff without losing shape. Stuffing a peanut butter jar into the pocket was pushing my luck a bit, but a book was relatively easy. Keys shouldn't be an issue as well as the mesh fabric is tough and doesn't snag easily.

Cargo Bibshort prototype

This is still a relatively early prototype. That being said, I am surprised how well made and finished Prototype #1 is. The mesh fabric turned out really well. The pockets are 7 inches tall, which should keep stuff from falling out when you pedal.

This bibshort will be taken on several century rides to nail the final dimensions and features. If all goes well, expect to see them available for purchase in late July 2020. Expect them to cost a touch more than The BIB.

As always, I do appreciate feedback on this project. Do comment on the pockets. Also, please let me know if you need these mesh pockets on the rear panel as well. I didn't include them in this prototype as they increase cost and I just didn't see a need for pockets on my back when I have already have a jersey with pockets on.

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Add the rear pocket ! I often prefer my pedal ed odyssey bibs over my stealth’s because of the pockets , especially the rear. The stealth bib chamois in the pedal ed odyssey would be the best bibshort on the planet !

Glen Ford March 18, 2020

@DAVID BECKWITH : Yup! Food in particular. I can imagine stuffing a few bars in these. I’ll be curious to see how people actually end up using them.

@CHRIS HEREFORD : The pockets lie super flat since they stretch out with your thighs. No issues when empty. Again, these are early days and I need to ride test them and wash them to see how the pockets hold up. Am on wash cycle #2 and they look fine. Going by the feedback so far, I reckon adding more pockets on the rear strap will be a good way forward.

@HARRY LAOH : Thanks for the info about the Compresport shorts.

@HARUMASA : I get what you mean. One problem with moving the pockets up is that is interferes with the hip joint. It’s an area that creases a lot which would make the pocket uncomfortable. I will be looking into this for sure. So far, on my testing, stuff doesn’t pop out because the pockets are deep and also super elastic. Nothing got out on my 2 test rides so far. I had a couple of biscuits, hydration salt packet, a bunch of keys and 1 ATM card inside.

@KEITH B GOLDSTEIN : The band total bibshort length is tailored to include to extra length from the gripper. No issues with fit for most of my customers.

@BOYD NOLAN : Excellent points. If you do stuff something in there that shouldn’t be exposed to sweat, you’d usually wrap it in plastic, just how you’d put stuff into your rear jersey pocket. I’ve had no issues so far with pulling stuff out, so the height isn’t a concern. If anything, I might extend it a bit to allow you to stuff larger stuff inside. Accessibility is key as well, so the final depth of the pockets will be heavily influenced by this.

@EUGENE TUVILLA : You’d slip a hydration pack into a mesh pocket and run the hose to the front, underneath your jersey / t-shirt. The straps will have fasteners to ensure the hose runs tidily along the bib strap. It’s an idea for now though.

@MATT MARTENS : I could make the pocket waterproof or resistant, but this is very expensive and also difficult. Bibshorts stretch a lot, so your waterproofing layer has to stretch a lot as well. We’re talking about a 20% elastane content. Polartec has some of these fabrics, but they do cost a lot to use without the benefit. You can simply solve this by purchasing a reusable weather resistant pouch from a company like Bellroy. Or simply use a ziplock bag.

YUVA, Founder of RedWhite Apparel March 18, 2020

Seeing the comment about sweat would prevent using the pocket for certain items… what about making one of the pockets water resistant or waterproof? Especially for ID cards, cash, and such. I personally picture just gels and bars but a nice slim waterproof pocket might make more sense for these items then a jersey pocket. Loving the idea regardless of this water resistant waterproof idea.

Matt Martens March 18, 2020

Love the side pockets on the sample! If the pockets can lie flat and hold that much capacity,I am already sold. The idea of rear pockets would work if they are deep and unobtrusive. It would be useful if higher on the back and if it is secure that stuff doesn’t roll out.
About the idea of a hydration bladder on the back, how would you access it though?

Eugene Tuvilla March 18, 2020

I’ve recently obtained my first RW bibs and so far they are excellent. I’m a recreational rider, and typically do a few dozen century type rides as part of my normal weekend riding routine through the season. I’m very interested in the cargo concept and would be likely to try some when they are available. Several people have mentioned the possibility of using for things like wallet, cell phone, etc, but that would seem to be problematic because of sweat. With the target of these bibs being for long rides, I can’t imagine that I would want the bulk of those on my thigh for hours on end…there is bound to be some pressure effect of anything with substantial size, especially with edges like keys. As a space for convenient access to food and energy it sounds like an excellent idea. Just looking at the pictures, I might suggest that the front edge of the pocket be a little lower to make it easier to get into without having to either twist your body or force your leg straight down. When I grab a gel or something if I have to pull it straight back all the way out to free it, the odds are increased I might drop it or pull something else out along with it accidentally. Thanks for the preview info!

Boyd Nolan March 18, 2020

The only thing I am concerned about is the elastic band on the short’s leg. It is wide and adds length to the short. I am not particularly tall. I find shorts with the band at the bottom to be too long.

KEITH B GOLDSTEIN March 18, 2020

My Tri Jerseys have limited storage so this interests me. Look forward to the reviews!

Michael Flitcraft March 18, 2020

Will love to try the cargo bibs. Have been doing malaysia and Audax ride and this will be the perfect bibs.

Tan Poh Huat March 18, 2020

I don’t think a big size is necessary because it is a thigh pocket that always moves. The contents of the pockets attached to the side move with the movement of the legs, and the contents are broken when falling, so it would be better to put a pocket on the upper side of the thigh. I want something that won’t pop out

Harumasa March 18, 2020

As a fan of RW bibshort, i certainly will consider to have this bib cargo. I think a small pocket in the front that can fit ID card or credit card or some cash will defenitely helpfull. Compresport short has done it.

Harry Laoh March 18, 2020

As a fan of RW bibshort, i certainly will consider to have this bib cargo. I think a small pocket in the front that can fit ID card or credit card or some cash will defenitely helpfull. Compresport short has done it.

Harry Laoh March 18, 2020

Cellphone and gels for the big rides. Always have trouble getting stuff out of rear jersey pockets whilst riding so l would love this idea.

john Clements March 18, 2020

Love it! Can’t wait

@taiwanroadrider March 18, 2020

When I first saw this on Rapha bibs, I wondered why it had never been done. Yes, 3 pockets on the back of a jersey is a good bit of storage, but sometimes the wallet or the phone or the ID card gets buried under larger items, like jackets or arm warmers. Then I have to pull each item from the jersey pocket, trying not to drop anything, while digging for what I needed. As long as the pocket materials hold their elasticity and don’t bellow out when empty, these will be great!

A few companies made mtb shorts with high rear pockets a few years ago. The idea was for the non-jersey riders who needed some storage capability. Not a terrible idea in a road bib, even with the side pockets. Given the the lack of bulk or effect on fit, a high rear pocket could provide a more secure location for less accessed items, of a flat nature, phone wallet, etc.

I’m sure I’ll get a pair of your pocket shorts in the future, I like it!


Chris Hereford March 18, 2020

Have sniffed around other similar offerings – but yet to commit. Definitely see value when you need to wear a camelbak and thus not have easy access to jersey pockets. Also appeals to me in that I’m not really a fan of the ‘bento boxes’ up on the top tube, so carrying food in the knicks is a good solution. Big fan of The Bib, so if I were to go down this path – this would be the pick.

DAVID BECKWITH March 18, 2020

@JASON BLACK IRELAND : Thoughts about an additional mesh on the rear strap for slipping a 3L camelback into? You can ditch your backpack as a result.


@CHRIS : It’s definitely a really new product category and mostly still for the early adopters. I think it can become more mainstream especially as the pockets lie flat when not used and very unobtrusive. I’m not sure how end users would end up using it, but I do plan on making it available for those who do need it. From early research, the gravel and mixed- terrain riders want it most.

@BEN WILD, @TSENG : I might actually just add the extra pockets on the rear so it becomes more versatile, especially when used with a regular t-shirt. MTB chaps mentioned this to me and I was considering introducing a rear pocket only model for them. Might combine both into a single product.

@JAKE PRESTON : I’m as old school as you. Never needed anything more than a jersey with big pockets. However, when you think about riding without a jersey, this becomes much more useful all of a sudden.

YUVA, Founder of RedWhite Apparel March 18, 2020

Super product esp for mega distance ultra cycling and my adventure racing. Will be Great for getting at your course maps quickly putting away with speed – grabbing race food while running hiking or biking with out removing your back pack etc good work R/W

Jason black Ireland March 18, 2020

I must admit I first thought “nah, not interested”, but seeing the prototype here it looks like a great idea. The pockets seem pretty unobtrusive when not carrying anything, which is definitely a plus for me.
Looking forward to picking up a set.

Chris March 18, 2020

As a long time purchaser of your stuff, these are sure to be on my list. I’m also tentatively planning on doing the Race to the Rock, so any additional pockets would be great.

Ben Wild March 18, 2020

Really like the idea here. Not sure how comfortable bulky/ hard items will feel on loooong rides. Await your field test results. I had a pair of bibs years ago with 1 small pocket on the leg. That was great for a gel or bar etc. So…when these come out, will buy and try. Even for 200km rides, I usually find jersey pockets sufficient if there’s a few shops, but having a no weight extra pocket there on the thigh would be sweet.

Jake Preston March 18, 2020

Awesome! Thanks for the preview. Love your comfortable bib shorts and am definitely looking forward to getting these when available. I’ve been using the Rapha core cargo a fair bit and appreciate the pockets on the rear panel, which allows me to ride with a t-shirt on commutes and gravel/mtb rides. I don’t think you can ever have too many pockets, especially for long rides 😂

Tseng March 18, 2020

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