I am Thankful

There is much to be said about the United States' incredible ability to export culture and history throughout the world. Despite being Singaporean and not an American, every Thanksgiving I indulge in watching Youtube videos about the President of the United States pardoning a turkey. I also indulge in some shopping, taking advantage of the Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping weekend. This year, I picked up some replacement bartape, inner tubes, chain lube and tyres. They should last me for a season.

I digress.

This year's Thanksgiving is different. We are in the middle of the first global pandemic in living memory. While this is bad, it isn't as awful as other terrible 4th Thursdays in November from history. November 1940 for example was particularly awful for Londoners during the Blitz. Perspective gives pause for thought.

This Thanksgiving, I have plenty to be thankful for. 

I am thankful that RedWhite Apparel has survived this pandemic (so far). In early 2020, I made the decision to close down the commercial office space I was using and move operations into my home. I also trimmed down RedWhite's product line to focus on my core long-distance bibshorts. This decision was well timed as COVID-19 soon hit Singapore and a months long lockdown started. The lower fixed cost structure of this business gave me endurance.

I am thankful that science has progressed so quickly that we now are on the cusp of having 3 potential vaccines for COVID-19. One of them (Moderna's) can be stored in a fridge for 30 days and left at room temperature for 12 hours. This is much easier to store & distribute than dairy products. This is nothing short of astonishing - that we have potential vaccines ready in less than a year.

I am thankful that none of my family members and friends have contracted COVID-19. I am fortunate. Many aren't as lucky. My sincere well wishes and thoughts go to you if you have a family member or a friend who has contracted the disease.

I am thankful to all the frontline health workers who have been working without respite since the pandemic started. While I am safely cocooned at home and can afford to stay away from crowds, they don their PPE gear daily and go to war against an enemy that is faceless, is everywhere and is merciless.

Finally, I am thankful to live in 2020 where humanity has progressed to an extent where life is generally good for the vast majority of the planet. It is easy to get caught up in the negative things happening in the world today, but all in all, things are always getting better for humans.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a wonderful week.

PS : In case you missed the email notice, RedWhite Apparel will not be running a sale this year. Here's the explanation.

**If you have anything to be Thankful for, do take a moment to write about it in the comment section below**


@SHEMSUDDIN MILLARD : Computrainer is an absolute blast from the past! Being a care giver is a thankless and difficult task. I have some experience in that department and I am happy you and your stepmom could rely on professionals to help. I hope your family members who were lucky enough to receive your father’s old bikes have picked up the hobby in a serious way.

@DEREK : Thank you for the wishes Derek.

@VENKAT GURRAM : Thanks Venkat. I was very lucky to have timed the business moves just before COVID. It added strength to the business.

@JOHN WAYNE WEST : Absolutely. There’s a bifurcation in the job market between people who have to be somewhere physically for work versus people who can work remotely. My wife is in the former and I am in the latter (she’s a pharmacist at a local hospital). We’re both lucky to live in a very small country like Singapore where it was relatively easy to get the pandemic under control. There are challenges to keep it this way though. Singapore relies heavily on trade and the free movement of people through the borders. The current border shutdown is heavily impacting industries that rely on this cross-border traffic.

@TIM : I used to have a dog when I was much younger (my parent’s home was large enough). Living in a small apartment isn’t conducive for a large doggo though so I haven’t adopted a pet since my last one passed on. How old if your german shepherd?

YUVA, Founder@Redwhite.cc November 26, 2020

Thank you, Yuva. As the holiday season begins in the States, it is always a good idea to remember the gifts and blessings in front of the hustle and bustle ahead of us.

I am super grateful that me and my family are healthy, or at least in a comfortable spot. My father is in a memory care home. While Alzheimer’s defines him as not being in optimal health, he is comfortable and safe. My stepmom is relieved of the stress of being a full time care giver. The home has been exceedingly careful in its protocols surrounding Covid. This might be the biggest source of gratitude for me this year, as it implies itself through every corner my life.

My dad was an avid cyclist. I started riding again a couple of years after he stopped being able to be on the roads. I was tasked with dismantling his cycling shop and his Computrainer rig. It was sad, but I was able to gift a few nice bikes to a couple of other family members that ride and are his size.

I am sure if he was still riding I would have gifted him with some RW bibs. As I have enjoyed mine so very much.

Peace to all of you,

Shemsuddin Millard November 26, 2020

I am so very thankful for everything I have, family, friends, health and happiness.
Wishing the same for all of you.
Keep cycling ya’ll.

Derek November 25, 2020

I am really happy for you – surviving RW through these rough times.
My appreciations for you, your courage and your motivation.

Venkat Gurram November 25, 2020

Your words ring so true, and from the soul. The part about the frontline workers tugs at me more than you know. While my wife is not a “frontline worker”, she is a respiratory therapist on the Covid floor of one of our hospitals here in San Antonio TX. As you may have seen, Texas is one of the biggest hot spots in America. This lady is my hero. She goes into work every night knowing that she is going to see nothing but people that are suffering, and more often than she will admit death. I almost envy you being able to stay confined, but there are quite a few of us, myself included, that are deemed essential and have to show up every day. I don’t worry for myself, but I do worry for people I know. Most notably my wife.

My one getaway is to go out for a ride. Out here in the middle of nowhere, that’s where I live, you can ride for hours and only see a few cars. I’m sure you don’t remember, but you sent me an email once wondering why I didn’t buy. I told you it was because we were starting to endure a lockdown and pay cuts. I may be one of the lucky ones. Due to circumstances, I have actually advanced and, we are doing well. I told you then that as soon as I could I would make a purchase. Well, good sir, I can and will.

Thank you for your story and allowing others to tell theirs.

John Wayne West November 25, 2020

I am thankful for my loving family and friends and our health…and my loyal companion, my German Shepherd. 2020 has been a year of new highs and new lows; challenges and triumphs. A year
of reflecting, expressing and venting.

Being Canadian, our Thanksgiving has come and gone, but, the U.S. Thanksgiving is another reminder to not forget, especially since my firm’s home office is in the U.S.

I am thankful for…the list is too long. In a single word – life! Enjoy it!!!! Yuva, thanks for the continued updates, I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness. More importantly ( my opinion of course), I truly appreciate RedWhite bibs. Happy Thanksgiving and safe journeys to everyone, everywhere!

Tim November 25, 2020

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