Christmas & Year End Stock Update. No Sale Notice.

December is here and I usually receive fresh inventory of bibshorts in time for the Christmas shopping season. Not this year unfortunately.

Production & supply chain delays mean the the next batch of RedWhite bibshorts will only arrive after Christmas and potentially as late as Week 1 of January 2021. COVID-19 is somewhat to blame but I too am partly at fault for not adequately planning for delays like this.

The purpose of this blog post is to give you enough information to plan your year-end shopping at RedWhite Apparel. Customers usually wait until Week 2 of December to make their purchases. This year, you might want to consider bringing your purchases to Week 1.

RedWhite's inventory is running low. Here are some figures for you (as of Dec 12, 8.50am, GMT 8) :

If you're in the market for a pair of cycling bibshorts and need it in the next few weeks, I recommend making your purchase soon. In case the item you want is out of stock, do note that fresh inventory will likely only arrive as late as Week 1 of January 2020. If you're not in a hurry, then don't worry as everything will be restocked in early 2021.

No Christmas / Year End Sale.

If you've been holding off making a purchase in anticipation of a Christmas / Year End Sale, do note that RedWhite Apparel will not be running one for the foreseeable future. This is explained here.

You may place your order today. Prices include Free Express Shipping (worldwide).

Recommended Order Cutoff Date for Christmas : December 16

If you are planning to purchase a pair of bibshorts as a gift for yourself or for someone else, I recommend placing your order by December 16th. This will give FedEx and DHL Express the necessary time buffer to get your package delivered before Boxing Day. These couriers handle a spike in package volume during the year end which can result in a 2-3 day delay in delivering your orders.

If you're based in Singapore, we deliver to you by QExpress. There will also be a 2-3 day delay due to package volume spikes leading up the Christmas, so do plan for this accordingly if you need your package delivered before Boxing Day.

Shipping Information

Gift Wrapping : Unfortunately not available this year

Gift Wrapping will not be an offered feature at checkout this year. I truly am sorry about this and did make enquiries with my fulfilment centre. Unfortunately with the increased e-commerce traffic throughout 2020 and limited manpower, they are unable to offer this to me.

If you're gifting a bibshort to a friend or family member, do take this into consideration and give yourself time to gift wrap the bibshort once you receive it.

I hope you have a wonderful December and Christmas :)


@ROBERT : Thermal Bibs with pockets is currently not an active project. It is on my list of items to develop if demand for the regular cargo bibs is strong. This means you will likely only see it sometime in June / July 2021 after the regular cargo bibs launch in Q1 of 2021 and sales data comes in for that.


Yup, I’ve got money ready to go for a pair of thermal bibs, but only if they’ve got pockets, lol. I’m not buying another pair of bibs without them!

Robert December 01, 2020

@ERIK : It’s been delayed until early 2021. I will be sending a project update in mid December.

Yuva, December 01, 2020

Any updates on the cargo bib? Seems no news about it for a while….

erik December 01, 2020

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