If you're a YouTuber who makes content about cycling, this Youtube Creator Programme will be of interest to you.


RedWhite Apparel is a small company. From 2023, my goal is to raise the visibility of the brand on YouTube via this YouTube Creator Programme.


YouTubers who choose to make content about RedWhite's Bibshorts will be given a sample of RedWhite's Bib Shorts & Tights. You may select any 1 product for your video and will be sent 1 pair of that at no cost to you.

Who can Participate in this Creator Programme?

This programme is open to anyone who meets the following conditions :

  • Have a YouTube channel that primarily makes content for serious road, MTB, gravel, mixed terrain cyclists.
  • Most of your audience are people who use cycling bib shorts.
  • Videos on your YouTube channel must have an average of over ~1000 views and over ~15 comments each.
  • Engagement on your channel's videos must be legitimate (not bots / click farms).
  • Have a good idea about the video you intend to make.

Guidelines for the Video

Your video must give the audience useful information about RedWhite and RedWhite's products since the purpose of this programme is to raise awareness about us on YouTube.

An ideal video is one that explicitly talks about RedWhite and my products. This type of video is the only one that actively drive viewers to RedWhite's website. Videos that feature the product but don't explicitly talk about it simply don't work as well.

Here are some guidelines for the video :

  • Primary subject of the video must be the bibshort or tight you choose to receive from RedWhite.
  • An ideal video will be a review of the product. Here's an example.
  • I am open to unique ideas for videos showcasing RedWhite's Bib Shorts & Tights. Feel free to pitch any idea you have. Examples could be a video of an epic ride / challenge you do while riding in RedWhites (and featuring it explicitly for the audience).
  • Do note that videos that don't explicitly talk about the product simply don't work very well in terms of raising awareness about RedWhite.
  • The video can be in any language as long as the target audience are serious cyclists.

How to Apply to this Creator Programme?

 Ready to apply for a bibshort sample for your YouTube channel? Here's how you can begin :

  • Send an email to yuva@redwhite.cc.
  • Email Title should be : RedWhite YouTube Creator Programme.
  • Include a link to your YouTube channel.
  • Tell me a bit about yourself (name, where you ride, about your channel etc)
  • Tell me which product you're interested in receiving for your video
  • Tell me your idea for the video. Please be as specific as possible.

What Happens after you send the email application?

After you send me an email, the following will happen :

  • The founder of RedWhite (Yuva) will review each email.
  • I will be going through your YouTube channel in detail.
  • I will read your video idea proposal carefully to determine if it will be a good fit for RedWhite.
  • I will reply to your email within 1 week.
  • Every application will receive an email response from me.
  • I will be doing my best to approve every application and will look for reasons to send out a bibshort for your video.
  • I will be working closely with you to send you the right size and also provide a media kit with RedWhite's brand assets.
  • On the off chance I am unable to approve your application, I will tell you my reasons.

The Goal of this Creator Programme

It is my hope that 50 YouTubers will come forward every year to receive my bibshorts and produce 50 videos on YouTube about my bib shorts and about RedWhite. 

I look forward to your application emails. Please send them to : yuva@redwhite.cc


Yuva, Founder @ RedWhite Apparel