The 2024 Lunar New Year celebrations in Singapore start on 10th February.

RedWhite is based in Singapore and as such, our warehouse will be closed during the festivities. The warehouse will be closed on February 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th - a total of 4 days.

During these 4 days, no orders will ship.

If you wish to place an order that has to ship before February 9th, the final day for your order to come to us is February 6th (February 4th for Singapore customers). This will give the warehouse 2 days to fulfil the order before warehouse closure on February 9th.

If you place an order with us between February 7th - February 12th, please note that orders will only be fulfilled from February 13th onwards

Order Fulfilment Delays from February 13-February 17

There will be order fulfilment delays after the warehouse opens on February 13. The cause of this delay would be a 4 day backlog of orders that the warehouse will have to work through. From experience, the delays are equivalent to the number of days closed.

You can reasonably expect orders to only leave the warehouse on February 17th if you place it after February 6th. Please consider this delay in fulfilling your order before placing it.

Our Advice

Place an order before February 6th if you need it quickly. 

If you place it after February 6th, expect it to only ship on February 17th.

For Singapore orders, my recommendation is to place an order by February 4th. Your order will likely ship out on February 5th or 6th and be delivered to you by February 7th or 8th, right before most local couriers close on February 9th.