Arcenio Chavez (Albuquerque, NM, USA)

2019 The Damn Championships
Words by Arcenio Chavez | Using The BIB Stealth since : August 2019
In August 2019 a friend of mine talked me into doing THE Damn A Day Across Minnesota a 240 mile endurance gravel ride which starts at midnight with fireworks, beers, and food in a small town of Gary, South Dakota.
In preparing for the ride I knew good bibs would be a must after shopping around I ordered my first RedWhite bib shorts, after a few small rides I immediately fell in love with these bibs so much I ordered one more bib. My plan was these were going to be my go to bib for the long ride.
RedWhite Bibs came through I was sure pleased to have these bibs for being in the saddle for over 18 hours I changed them out once the padding and comfort of the bibs made the ride a bit more enjoyable. After all said and done we totalled 245 miles with a few wrong turns and 8382 feet of climbing.
Customer service with Yuva and crew is top notch they respond quickly. If your looking for a quality bib at a very good price RedWhite is your go to bib. I plan on getting more.