Richard van Dijk (Schiedam, Netherlands)

Richard van Dijk

Words by Richard van Dijk | Using The BIB since : mid 2015
Richard is wearing The BIB

For 2 years now I am a participant in the BEAT Every Day Ride challenge. This means that for one month (September) you ride every day at least 25km. It does not matter if you ride outside or inside and do it in one ride or in more that one ride. As long as you post it on STRAVA you competing in the challenge.

For me it means on working days that I commute to work on my bike and ride 75km a day. In the weekend I ride with my friends our do social visit to my parent. This particular ride I was visiting my parents at a Indian Summer day in September.

The ride was not difficult but the endurance to participate every day made it hard. RedWhite gave me the perfect bibshort to ride every day and succesfully finish the challenge.