How does indoor cycling impact demand for winter cycling kit?

**September 2020 Update : A winter specific Thermal Bibshort is available.

Indoor cycling is awesome.

2 years ago, I bought a cheap smart turbo trainer, hooked it up to my laptop and rode on ZWIFT for a few months. The experience was vastly superior to the old dumb turbo trainer sessions. I even (briefly) questioned the need to ride outside in the real world.

The ZWIFT platform has evolved and improved since then and the available hardware that goes along with it has come even further. We've been watching these developments with interest and it has made us put off launching a range of winter gear. If cyclists allocate more financial resources to building an indoor cycling paincave, bad weather outdoor cycling would naturally decrease and demand for winter kit should follow suit. 

I believe our customers, who are hardcore all-season athletes, would appreciate a pair of long distance deep-winter tights from RedWhite, which is the only reason we are developing one for release in winter 2020 (on condition that the prototyping goes smoothly). 

Beyond our fans, the big questions remain unanswered :

  • As indoor cycling gets better and better, would anyone want to ride outdoors during bad weather?
  • Would the demand for winter kit weaken?
  • Will more cyclists allocate more financial resources to building out a ZWIFT paincave?

Do you ride outside no matter how awful the weather is? Or are you meek like Yuva and jump on a turbo trainer hooked to ZWIFT if the weather looks dodgy? Do you even want thermal long tights from RedWhite Apparel? Leave your comments below.


Can’t wait for the long winter bibs. Please base it on The Bib. Currently wear winter tights over The Bib during the winter, (with the pad removed). Thanks

Michael December 11, 2019

I dont think zwift will take away demand for winter cycling gravel riding is on the up adventure cycling,bike packing ect.if anything I think there will be more demand for better winter kit

Bryan steedman December 11, 2019

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